07 May 2019

Shop My Stash || Monthly Makeup Basket - May 2019

Hello and Welcome to my May Shop My Stash. Join me as I show you what products I want to use during the month of April. I like doing these kinds of videos ...

hello and welcome my name is Jocelyn and

today we are doing a shot my stash for the month of May if you are unfamiliar with what to shop my stash it is let me give you a little rundown Before we jump into it essentially shut my stash is where I go through my entire makeup collection and pull things out to focus on and use for the following month this ensures that I don't neglect products in my collection that I have eyes on everything that I own there's a lot of sections in my collection that aren't that big that I have a pretty modest amount of products in and there's other sections where I have some might say too many products such as eyeshadows and lipstick for example I got a lot of those two things shot my stash basically just means that I am circulating through my collection frequently I do have quite a few project pans going on right now which means I'm working through older products in my collection and trying to either hit pan on them or use them up so because of that there are definitely gonna be some sections that I won't be pulling anything new from because again I'm trying to work really hard at using up something or hitting pan on something also the vib sale just happened and I

have received all of my packages I will be pulling into some of those things I do have a haul video up on my channel so if you want to see everything that I picked up during the spring sephora vib sale I will link that down below so you can check it out I will be pulling some of those new fun items into my makeup basket for the month of May to try out test out I don't like returning things but if I have to return something I only have a certain amount of time to do so particularly a foundation spoiler alert I have one foundation to try out that I just picked up and I wanted to get a jump on that foundations one of the few things that I do return if I just really don't like it in my lifetime I have maybe returned to foundations so not that many it doesn't happen very often but just in case this is a foundation that really doesn't work out for me at all I would like the opportunity to return it and exchange it for a different foundation so that's probably enough rambling on my part you are here to see what makeup items I am going to be using for the month of May so without further ado let's go ahead and jump into

it all right so speaking of foundations we are starting in my foundation concealer primer and powder drawer I do have two powders and project pants I don't need to pull for any of those same with primer and concealer I have concealers and primers in two project pans I did pick up this Bare Minerals concealer in the most recent vib sale so I could try this out oh man I feel okay yeah I'm gonna go ahead and pull this in to use a couple times I do want to focus on the concealers that are in my project pan but same as with the foundation I want to make sure that I don't absolutely hate this because again if I do I don't really want to have to use it up eventually so I am gonna pull this in at to try out no I guess I can take it out of the box can't I this is the bare minerals bare skin complete coverage serum concealer in the shade fair it comes in a standard concealer packaging with a doe foot applicator again I haven't tried this yet but I would like to get a couple tries out of it just to make sure that I don't absolutely hate it I do have one foundation in a project pan but it is a little bit too dark for

me right now so I can't use it until I get a little bit more of a tan but this bad boy right here that you can see is still in a box is the foundation I was referring to earlier this is the one I just picked up in the recent vib sale I have the concealers that partner with this this is the Tarte rainforest of the sea water foundation I have the Tarte aqua concealer and really really love that so I thought I would give this a try let me pull it out of the packaging again we don't need the packaging anymore I really really like the bottle on this I know this isn't what's important but I do really like the bottle on this it's a nice glass material it has a dropper type of applicator one of my best friends used to love this I don't know if she loves it still I'll have to ask but I really am excited to try this I've been really into a more dewy natural hydrated kind of look on my face as opposed to very much foundations so I think this is going to deliver but again I want to make sure that it doesn't absolutely suck on my skin and so that's why I decided to pull

this one in I don't think I'll pull anything else in right now I'll go ahead and just stick with that one foundation for now the one I just pulled in the one foundation in my project pan that I think I'll be able to start using in the next month and then the two concealers that I've been using all over the face for days that I want a little more of a natural look so that's gonna do it for this drawer alright so on to my highlighter blush bronzer a face palette drawer I have one new product in here can you guess what it is if you guessed the Effendi highlighter right here the you would be correct this is another thing that I picked up during the vib sale this is the only fenty product I have I used to have the foundation used it up absolutely loved it will for sure repurchase it someday but I had never tried any of her other products before but I have a couple of friends who really really like a lot of her products including these highlighters right here I don't know if they have this one specifically I picked up the lightning dust and fire crystal duo and I am so excited to try this I don't think I've

ever used any of the Fenty highlighters before and I really like her brand of course and I really love the foundation so I thought it was time to try something else let me open her up for you this is what the inside looks like lightning dust is the more bronzy oranjee side and then fire crystal is the more pinky toned side I am so excited to use these I think that they are just so pretty and I'm excited to finally have another thin tea product in my collection I think that me and this bad boy right here are going to get along really well so I am pulling this in I do have a couple highlighters and project pans one of them is too dark for me right now the other one I've been literally using for probably two months straight and haven't used anything else so I need a little bit of a break from that one I do love it I'm not exactly sick of it but I'm excited to try something else so that's the only highlighter I'm going to pull in I do want to pull a blush in and I think the one I want to bring is this Mac blush I haven't used this in such a long time and if I ever want to use it up I need to actually use it this

is the warm sole baked getting a baked blush mineralized blush this is a very classic Mac product this is what it looks like I don't know if you'll really be able to see the sheen on there but it is a really beautiful peachy Sheen blush that's it's a really pretty color and formula and it's been a really long time since I've pulled that in so we're gonna pull it in today I have an hourglass face palette that I still haven't used for the second month in a row and I really do want to use it so I'm gonna go ahead I think and leave that in oh hello sir I'm working through a bronzer right and oh my gosh you can see Felix in the reflection of this right here hey hello sir how's it going so I'm working through a bronzer right now so I'm not gonna pull any bronzers in I'm also working through a blush hence why I only pulled the one blush in and then I do have an hourglass face palette that I'm still trying to use and still have failed to use for the second month in a row so I think that's gonna go ahead and do it for this drawer there's a lot of these that I want to pull for when the warmer weather hits such as the Becca Jaclyn hill palette right there this

flower Beauty palette and back here I have an a BH glow kit so there's a lot of things I want to pull for when warmer weather hits so for now I think the hourglass face palette will be fine alright so moving into the mess that is my palette drawer normally this is very cohesive and put together but not right now I mean the big elephant in this drawer right now this bad boy right here I kind of cheated and put this back into my drawer but I have been using this for the last week or so and I've really been enjoying this again this isn't technically something that I picked up during the vib sale I cashed in two thousand five hundred Sephora points and got a hundred dollar gift card to use to buy this right here so I only paid twenty nine dollars for this which i think is pretty good this is the Natasha Dona Gold palette this is what the inside looks like if you have not seen it already I have been really enjoying the looks that I've been coming up with this has been really perfect for me for just everyday work casual easy to where looks I have used most of these shades I haven't used I don't think anything in this row or that blue and I

haven't used these two very deep gold shades but all of the rest of the neutral shades in here I have worn because I've been at work a week and I've been playing around with it just to see what kind of easy to put together looks I can get and have really really been enjoying this so I do want to hold on to this and keep using it I'd like to dip into some of these more fun duochrome bright shades right here to see what I can do and how much fun I can have with this palette so definitely gonna pull this in to get some more use out of I am panning quite a few shadows right now so that does make me a little bit hesitant to pull too many things in but I definitely want to pull some more in one that I'm thinking that I haven't used in a long time is the two-faced sweet peach palette it's been a really long time since I've pulled this and to use and I really really like this palette sure enough it still smells really really good like peaches I'm really excited to get some use out of it and it feels very appropriate for May for some reason it just feels like a good palette to pull in for this month

so that's two so I think I'm gonna bring in the color pop kathleenlights zodiac palette I just I feel like I need some more color the palettes that I have currently sitting in my monthly makeup basket or the two that I just chose are very neutral so I want something with a bit more color to it so we've got some purpley pink shades in here we have a fiery orange red shade and then I got these couple blues down here so I think this is gonna be a good addition to the palettes that I have pulled in already pretty excited about this okay so that's gonna do it for palettes let's move on to lip products and single shadows all right so I'm not gonna pull up my entire drawer out just to show you these two products that I'm pulling in excuse the cattail cert excuse no don't chew on that no oh all right so I'm not gonna pull at my entire drawer out of single shadows just to show you these two that weren't even in the drawer in the first place these are the other two makeup items that I picked up during the vib sale these are products by kasha they have this really cool iridescent shift to the packaging

but let me actually pull these out these are sparkling eye pigments and one is in the shade of magic it is this really cool duochrome purple color I don't know how well you'll be able to see it through the packaging I did swatch it in my vib sale haul video but this is a really cool shadow so I'm gonna bring that one in and I'm gonna bring in and the other one that I purchased this is a teal color this is in the shade cosmic so this again is a very blue teal color I don't know how well again you'll be able to see through the packaging what that color looks like but it's a really pretty blue gel ish pigment with gold glitter in it so I'm gonna bring both of those in to start we'll go ahead and get rid of the boxes alright moving into this first drawer right here in this drawer I do have some single eyeshadows over here as well as some lip products I do actually I do think I'm going to bring in one of these I think these are pressed pigments yeah pressed pigments by morphe these two right here shattered actually my cat shattered them big surprise a while back but I did manage to kind of like push

them into place who knows how stable they're gonna be probably not I can already see them kind of shattering again inside of there but I am I think I think I'll probably just bring in both of these so both of these are the ones that shattered if they just give me too many issues I will probably just throw them away but I did try and repress them a bit and I have the shade the afterglow as well as coffee and drama both of them are really cool shades man this one's already starting to fall apart so how annoying but we'll give it a try we'll see how well they work so we're gonna bring those two in and then back to this right here I'm gonna go ahead and bring in this NARS audacious lipstick if this is in the shade Audrey it is a really really pretty shade look at that go ahead and give it a little swatch right here it's a really cool rich berry color I really do like this shade so we're gonna go ahead and bring that one and it's been a quite a while since I used that and I actually think that that's gonna be it for this sure I don't want to pull in too many lip products I do have quite a few lip products in my project pans right now so

we're gonna be a little light with lip products all right next we have most of my liquid lipsticks so we have some Stila colour-pop we have a Kylie right here some ultra more mini color pop whoo - Beauty s'more Oprah's up here I think I'm gonna pull in for Wednesday this is a Stila liquid lipstick it's a nice warm toned nude color so we'll bring that one in I think I'll also bring in this blotted lip this is a color pop blotted lip in the shade soda pop from what I remember it's been a while since I've used this but I really like that formula and that color so we'll bring that one in and then I think is that gonna do it yeah I think that's gonna do it for this job Oh is something else that I haven't really used but I did purchase a while back is this Kasia lipstick this is one of their cushy vibe lip products in the shade silk robe it's kind of like a lip stain I want to say this has more I mean it's a little bit darker but this has a bit more of a like a satin formula this is a really nice muted kind of rose color so we're gonna go ahead and bring that one in Oh something else that I was just sitting on top of my drawers over there

I am gonna bring in this Oprah liquid lipstick this is a bright red color with I think an orange-ish undertone to it this is in the shade for a million it's really brilliant red I want to try this and see if it's something that I like something that I'll wear so we'll see I have no idea what kind of eye looks to go with this so if you have any suggestions please let me know down in the comments below so I'm gonna pull this in and see if it's something that is wearable for my tastes in my preferences and I actually don't have anything else to pull from the last two drawers so we are gonna go ahead and fill up my beauty box and then I will show you what the end result looks like all right so here we have my beauty box in all of its glory so it is pretty filled to the brim right now I really like the way that it looks so if we start up here in the first drawer you can see all of the lip products that we chose as well as a couple roll overs from last month as well as some project pan lip products then we have the eyeshadows that we pulled in back here and then some again rollovers from last month as well as to

a project pan eyeshadows so that is the first drawer next drawer down we have some more special eye products as well as some miscellaneous tools as well as everyday products like mascara eye primer and brow gel so we have a special eye stuff over here so we have all of my zodiac pigments Micajah pigments at art chrome pot and hourglass scattered light eye shadow and then the two kasha shadows that I just recently purchased and we pulled in to use for this next month they actually fit a very nicely right here I was pretty proud of the way that this worked out this is probably one of my favorite sections in my whole makeup collection I love just nifty fun little eye shadow formulas and products so that turned out we're really good moving down we have my our there's three concealers in here actually these two are in a project pan actually technically it's just this one right now because there's less in here and then once I use that up this will be my second goal but I'm kind of using them both in conjunction with one another this primer is in a project pan and then this is going to be an approach I mean technically it's in a project pan but I

can't use it yet because it's too dark but these two are the ones that we just pulled in so we have the bare minerals concealer and the Tarte foundation very excited to start using both of those and then over here we have the two new products that we pulled in so the fenty highlighter in the Mac blush and then a Tarte blush that's in a project pan and a color pop highlighter that is also in the new product pan I told you I've got a lot of stuff and a lot of project pans so we're gonna be seeing a lot of that but there's only one more drawer left so the last sure I usually have a divider in here actually I've still got it right here but I pulled that out to move some more stuff down here because a lot of these things were up in this drawer but I pulled in a couple too many things and they don't really fit as well so I fold the drawer out I'm not too mad about it I do have my two sprays over here this is in a project pan and this is an aprotic pan this is in a project pan and this is in a project pan holy moly yep so all of those are in project pans so I thought I would just kind of leave them here and work through them so I have a highlighter bronzer and then to a powder

so this is what this last drawer looks like let me show you how the palette organizer came together alright so here is my palette organizer I really love the way that this always looks it just always looks fun and exciting so I have project pan the sweet peach palette that we just pulled in project pan the color pop palette we just brought in this little Z palette holds some single shadows but I do need to switch them out for new ones back here we have a palette that also is in a project pan and my lethal cosmetics palette and then this has a project pant item in it the hourglass palette that I was talking about earlier and then of course the nataschab don't own a gold palette way back here which I try and keep it so that I can see them all so I put the shortest ones here and the tallest ones up in the back and that way I can see everything so but we like the way that this turned out it is pretty a fold there you go that is how everything came together alright and those are all of the goodies that I will be using a throughout of the month of May I am very excited there are a lot of new fun things for me to try out I really want

to do a palette bingo this month or palette roulette is sometimes what I call it so if you have a specific palette that you would like to see me use in a palette bingo please let me know down in the comments below because I would love to accommodate you and if there's anything else that you've seen in this video that you would like to see me use in some kind of tutorial or get ready with me also let me know that down in the comments below and I will again do my best to accommodate if you like to shop my stash videos or you just liked this video please consider giving it a thumbs up and if you want to subscribe for more content from me and don't forget to do so before you go all buttons are down below it and I think that's everything I have for you today thank you so much for watching and I will see you in the next one you [Music]