20 December 2018

Shop my stash makeup collection | Rachel Rosen

HI HI Friends thanks for stoping by. I have been going through my makeup and shopping my stash for a long time so i thought i would share it with you. if you ...

hi guys welcome back so in today's video

you can tell by the title I'm just showing you what was in my everyday makeup drawer which I'm swapping it what I'm swapping out and then we'll go and I'll take some new stuff from the stash so let's do my everyday makeup drawer shot my stash like slush video I'm not sure what the title is going to be but we'll seal know before I do I guess except for not really but let's go ahead and get into I'm going to show you what I pulled what I'm taking out I'm actually looking at one thing that I think I'm gonna keep in because it's the holidays and just a disclaimer this video on my youtube channel is a cruelty free youtube channel but I still have stuff in my collection that I purchased previously before I went cruelty free and is not cruelty free so some stuff I will pick like I always pick a Mac blush and Mac is not cruelty free so I always have a Mac blush rotated out because I like wanna use those up later not like but cheapest blushes on the planet so and I have quite a bit of them so first thing I'm gonna show you but I'm gonna put it right back in but is my um I stay Lauder pure pure color heatwave powder gelee and it's just really really pretty

nice nice gold color but it's like so perfect for right now Christmas right I'm gonna keep that out and put this over here for later times and then the next thing that I have that I'm putting back into my stash is these American Beauty which I found at Kohl's and this is an Dixie peach this is a really nice kind of subtle blush it's perfect for summer I'm not sure if it's right for right now this is a Physicians Formula blush I'm healthy view booster pink really really pink was really nice for summer but not for right now and then this one I had out for Halloween and I was using then is the this is the old limited edition palette from Fergie the Fergie line and this is in photo op just got a really nice orange and colored I really like for Halloween time and then I have a couple shadow palettes I had the original Naked palette that I was playing with mine doesn't have that big of dent in it because I was using it sparingly when I first bought it because I was like this is my first really expensive makeup palette so it doesn't have a lot of dent and using it has a lot of use but I use

sparingly and then this is um one that I had this is a moment the Morphy always golden palette really nice kind of girls look the look that I need it to be that video should already be up if not it will be this one will be going back as well so just gotta have a flip and then this is the Atlanta palette I got this hot with just one day and then I used it and I was like this is really dumb I have to leave why am I using something that so kind of crazy so I just kind of put like a shimmery shade and the kree in the on the lid and blend it down was good it was kind of funny and then um I have a math question here that I'm putting back this is the whole lotta love blush from Mac that I'm putting back into my collection for a rotation and this is a single shadow that I have it's really really pretty it's like a topi purple tone it's a very it's like taupe with ships purple and this is in from Beauty basics this is in the shade satin taupe which is pretty funny it's really interesting packaging it's almost like an indie packaging this is like plasticy kind of thing really interesting it's not bad but it's just interesting and then this I think I

actually want to put back and through the rotation this is the lorac baked matte satin blush in the color Hollywood it's almost like one of those things I just would not like some people made with my skin tone I'm not even think to use this but I like using it because it's so interesting if you use this light handedly you'll get something really really cool so I think I'm gonna put that back in the rotation so far just two things these two I'm going to just put back whenever I want to use them I just pull them out but they were in there so I'm just gonna put these back this is the makeup jelly highlight from I'm a unicorn light and mermaid light mermaid magic mermaid edge so things are really really fun I'll open it in case you have never seen one of them that's what it looks like mine's been sitting flat for a while so just perfectly Marbley inside of there I just love them like we were doing Halloween thing I use them for like kids birthday parties they're just like so fun to just be like I'm crazy fun huh really really interesting product especially for Melanie I never would expect something

like that from them not that they couldn't come up without but you know they're really kind of um a um I don't know what be sick but like straight to the point you know I'm not sure I'm not sure how to say don't to make anyone look bad but this is the TARDIS Pro to go palette this cuts too highly curves and bronzer I really really like this palette it smells really really great but I'm gonna put this back and get something else and then I have the pop Beauty Sunkist bronzer in the secret sunshine this is really pretty but it's not something in you to use right now and then this is the Clinique handli pop cheek pop blush it's purple I'm not sure that's something I need to use right now so those are the things I'm gonna put back and switch out these are the things I'm putting to put back in this basket and take back into my makeup room I will post a picture of my vanity that's in my bedroom on Instagram I'm not gonna film it right now because that's where my husband and the kids are and so will not show that so I'm gonna switch the camera angle and then we will be right here is like my single shadow kind of drawer I

have my little basket I don't like to fill this basket up too much because I don't have very much space on my own herb and I yeah because it's tiny so I'm kind of looking at this and I think I'm gonna pull this out this is the city mini palette from Maybelline and this morning chill brunch neutrals I'm gonna pull that out and then these are like my Mac single shadows here I'm gonna pull this one this is mulch I have to pull this one this is saffron I remember this came out in a panic collection your lighting no anyways this is the color saffron and this came in a palette in a collection for Mac and I missed out on that and then like not the next collection with the neck like to collections after that this came back out and I just rushed over there I bought it without thinking about it so excited about that and then oh I'm going to hold this product they talk about it all the time and I really miss it this is any Maybelline sun-baked neutrals that you can still buy this it's absolutely a fabulous neutral palette from the drugstore I don't know why people don't talk about it I don't know why people

aren't using it it's the only thing every time I talk about I say that so that is that oh if you're wondering I'm going to be back here there's a shadow right here but it's actually just paint deep and I'm just leaving it because they have to fix a shadow that is not in any of it so these are a bunch of color choices as I'm not talking about any of them and these are some like neutral shadows some blue shadows from elf that I only have like no only have like none and so I think I'm going to pull some of these there's just something I really like to pull around Christmastime because they're super fun to play with so I'm going to pull one of these out because I love the purples in them this one's really kind of smoky but I'm gonna pull this one because it's like super berry toned so I think we have some good shadows that's a for me right now and then this is the bronzer and cool highlighters I have Mac ones back here and then I have some other like ones I'm going to pull this one this is like the oldest one I have oh my goodness it says light flesh it's just another yeah it's just some really nice kind of pinky golden highlighter so I really like it

I'm gonna pull that out I haven't used it in a while I'm excited to play with that again and then I also have the one from UM Estee Lauder we should probably pull a third one that's how I met I'm gonna pull one of these ones from Maybelline I'm going to pull I'm actually I'm gonna pull this one from Vince that long as I've talked about in the past it's super pretty something that I've almost tried to declare and then I was like what do you talk about it's almost the most it's a subtle pinky highlight but it just gives you a beautiful beautiful healthy glow I'm trying let me trim this right off yeah that's pretty bitter so I'm gonna pull that so that's enough for that two more scenes but I will pull this cuz Chinese's NARS Laguna it's just like simple not curly fries but I keep into mates because it's it's not a bad product I will pull this out for my everyday use I've haven't used this in a while and it's darker so I like to use it for right now or not for so much for summer because I can blend it into a blush and it's just nice and I don't really care

about stuff like that for like summer new summer stuff like that and really care I'm going to pull this one cuz it's from covergirl and covergirl just recently became cruelty free and it's really pretty really two blushes so this is actually almost like fuchsia purple this is passionately tempted from Mac and then and it's really really pretty I love that and then this is one that I bought and every time I open I just kind of get chills cause it's so cool it's from Lancome Lancome stop cruelty free they're great like that this is a shimmer Cam Cameron I'm not sure and it's just such a beautiful flush so I have so far for blushes I have that Lancome covergirl Mac and then the lorac one that I pulled so those are the things that I have and those of what I'm going to put in my makeup everyday drawer it's a so if you guys I did like this kind of shot my stash video you can see what's in my makeup drawers I just have one alex thingymajig of Maryland or shorter six drawer so I'm guys Alexa do go ahead give it a thumbs up I like to film them the love going through my makeup and I like doing it with you guys

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