28 February 2018


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hey guys welcome back to my channel

today's video I'm going to be reviewing and testing out the aoa brushes that i just purchased from shop misae if you guys saw my last video I have it linked down below but a lot of you guys request it then I chest them out and I bought the I set two and they are $10 sets which means they're all $1 because both sets have ten brushes now this one is the AOA Studio I set and this lunch is ten to fifty five because this one is the pawpaw charities I said they give money to animal charities so that's why it's called the pawpaw charity I said something like that but yeah they come in pink because all the products that they give money to the animal charities come in pink just like their sponges and this one is mine and it's dirty but I love these sponges and they also have these and they give money to animals this one is the AOA plush faux mink set and this one is mainly the face brushes and then they have some eye brushes and it is funny because I was already recording this video and I was doing my face with these face brushes and I noticed that I wasn't recording so this is the second time that I'm doing this but it's okay so far so good

I am loving the brushes besides the foundation brush and I will show it again since no one saw the first time I tried it but they won't see it again and I have my little foundation tray already mixed up and I already have a primer on I like to use the Milani prime protect the 30 SPF and even though it is nighttime and I'm not gonna go in the Sun I really do like this one at the moment and I like my L'Oreal True Match that I'm gonna be putting on with some la girl white foundation to make it a little lighter so I'm going to jump right in and use the AOA foundation flat top brush and this one is the F 23 and I was not really enjoying this one too much only because I wasn't seen that it was blending my foundation like into the skin and it was just settling it and putting it on top not really blending it in so I wasn't - excited about that and I was getting a lot of mixed reviews from this brush that actually some of you guys said that you liked it and then some of you said that you really did it like the felt make ones so I can understand why I've seen so far the ones that I have used I

love some and I didn't like other ones mainly just this one at the moment that I didn't like like I usually dab it on like this because I like to use the AOA studio the high definition brush the f4 I'm using this one currently for my foundation like everyday and I love that one so and it is a dollar as well if you guys want to I'll leave that one down below and I did review on that brush set as well I'm not a big fan of just this one so far so I'm going to move on to concealer there isn't really a concealer brush that I can use to apply my concealer so I'm just going to use my L'Oreal pearl glow and then I'm going to use a brush that I normally use to blend it out but I will set my concealer with one of these brushes so I like to use the morphine ii8 to blend my concealer out okay I'm going to use the AOA f25 to set that and then use my crease private fine powder it looks all jacked up and I need to get a new one but I haven't found Catrice sold at Ulta and I knew they used to have it out another Ulta that I went to you by my house but they don't have anymore like what happened take a treat in store I am good idea so I have to look where they sell it now

now when it comes to brushes to set my under eye I really like them not so dense because that will pack on so much product underneath my eyes and I have really dry under eyes so I like the fluffier the better and this one works really great since I already know what it felt like the first time I dried it out now moving on to powder all over my face I'm gonna use my Rimmel stay matte powder and I'm going to use the F 21 and I really didn't like this one too much just because I like a more dense brush to set my face and I'd rather use this one for like I really like fluffy tapered brushes but it is a really nice brush and I'm going to use an angled brush in f-22 I'm going to use this to contour with my benefit hoola and this cuts right into the cheekbones like a tin will brush it blends that out really nicely no patchiness no harsh lines really like this if you can get a deal on brushes and love how they work like why not you know makeup is expensive already so you get cheap brushes that you love and we're good heck yeah I'm gonna go for the cheaper ones so I really like this one I'm going

to use the f24 to bronze just because that's why isn't the first time so I like my chocolate Soleil that I went back to I really like this one too bronze I don't normally use a size like this to bronze like I said I like a more tapered fluffy brush but this one works really nicely it keeps the bronzer exactly where I want it so I might have to use this as my new bronzing brush this type of shape I normally use for blush which I will also for this one I like that brush I'm going to use it again to apply some blush and this is the Neutrogena Healthy Skin blush in Rosie and this is why I like this one for blush because it gets right onto the cheekbones and keeps the blush right here now I'm going to move on to my brows I'm going to use my la girl shady at slim pencil first and then I'm going to go in with the pink brush set and I'm going to use the eyebrow brush and this is the e 133 and I'm going to use this with my Milani powder but first I will come back when I have this on because I like using both products at the moment to do my brows and this one is nice I really love how my shape is coming along on this one

growing amount has been a pain choose this one has just gone off the rails I have stopped plucking this one and it's just not going back how I want it to so this one needs like a lifeline any support and needs something but I'll be right back with I have my brows on okay so my browser on now I'm gonna go in with my Milani brow powder and use this one so I happen to lose my favorite brow brush then I had four more feet so so glad I got a new one because I know I let my sister use it when we were getting ready for a bridal shower and I never came back home with it so I don't know where that so it is pretty thin I like a synthetic brush to apply my brows so let's see how this looks I'm not too picky about him I just don't really like a thick brush if I normally use like a pomade or something you can definitely tell more if you really like it a brush but I mean everyone has their preference that looks nice okay cool I found anyone I guess I don't have to buy my morphe one again it's just like helps me fill in the patches that the pencil didn't get because I have such a

patchy brow on this side and my hairs are really like spread out so I like to fill this in with powder instead of going over and over again with the pencil and then it sometimes collects too much product in the brows so then it doesn't look good so I like to just go in with a powder and then it fills in and it looks a little bit more natural ish you know I'm still using product in my brows but they don't look so crazy so I really like this cool moving on to eyeshadow I'm going to use I think this I set I might as well just put some of these in here so I can use all of them but I probably still won't so I'm going to use the e 137 to set my lid and I'm using my color pop I think I love you palette really like this palette so I'm taking this cream shade right here and just to make sure there's no creases just set this lid this is a nice flat shader brush and I really like a fluffier one so this works nice set that okay I like that one I'm gonna use the pink set and I'm gonna try the e 127 I'm going to pick up the shine right here for my transition shade just blend this all out what I like

about these so far they're really really soft so let's see if they blend out really nicely I don't like a brush that I need to really put in the work and it also depends on the eyeshadow so that's why I'm using products that I know I love and I literally use this palette every day so I know how it works and how it should work so the brushes should make it for an easy application because these eyeshadows blend really nicely and so effortlessly so the electric here is what type of brush I'm using this one works really nice now I'm going to use a smaller blending brush the e 130 and I'm gonna use this Marshall palette that I just picked up so pretty like look at this this is called the jewel crew this is the 9c so I'm going to use chocolate diamond right here pick up a little bit of that deepen up the outer corner again this is the 130 that blend it up so nicely in that outer corner I really do like these ones these brushes are really nice and they help animals if you purchase I'm gonna try this blending one on the other set to try it out it needs a little bit of a hidden gem it's like this deep burgundy shade with a little

bit of glitter and edges and I might have applied a little bit too much but let's see if this blends out I feel like I had more control on the pink ones um this one looks a little bit patchy of course I haven't blended it out I'm gonna use the e 126 instead to see if this will help blend it out this one is already helping a lot better than that one so I don't know if I like these ones for eyes but I do like the face ones yeah like these blending out so much easier I'm going to put on this fool's gold color right here little fact about me I love the movie fool's gold it's one of my favorites so I'm going to play this one with the e 131 so off the bat on this one I'm going into the color and it's not really picking up too much and I don't know if it's nope it's not the color because I have pigment on my finger let's try one of these now these pick up a little bit more yeah they pick up a little bit more I mean this is really a nice color let me go back in and try this one out yeah like you didn't even apply color and it worked with this brush so I'm gonna use

this one it said it's the e 138 and this one picks up at least a little bit more and the other ones I really do like the pink ones besides this flat shape that didn't pick up any pigment maybe let's see it was just the shadow mm it did pick up more on my color poplin maybe was just that shadow that had something wrong with it I don't know I'm going to use the pink one the E 132 and I'm going to get some of this one this color right here that I used in my color pop palette I'm going to smoke that underneath no I really have my favorite forever favorite Morphy it's like the e 138 or six or something so that one is like my favorite go to you so let's see if this one I like yeah it's nice what's the job done but the other one just like is smaller and it blends it out I feel like better then I'm going to use this one to apply of some of the black that's like eyeliner this one is the e 134 just to apply some one top I've been liking to smoke out some like eyeshadow on top as my liner one it's way faster and two it's not so hard I really do like this one for this and highlight I'm going to use the 120 five as my highlight I don't normally

use a brush like this but I don't really have anything else to put a highlight on unless I use this one so we tried both of them money is my Kiko makeup Milano eyeshadow in 208 and it's just the gold one and I've been liking this as my highlight network nicely I don't really like a fluffier bigger brush but look at that shadow I mean this does keep it just exactly where I place it but the other type of brushes like mine I'm at 501 this one blends it out you know it blends it in to the cheekbone that's what kind of just keeps it there I'm gonna put on some mascara now this is the essence volume stylist mascara I love this mascara and I'm gonna put on some lipstick this is the I love side AE x color pop satin lip in 951 and that completes the look I really did like these face brushes - the flat top one I feel like it was just placing my foundation on top not really blending it into the skin and I really do like the rest of them the eye shadow brushes of this collection they're all right and just like the flat shader brush and maybe this tiny one but I really did like the pink set way better for eye brushes these ones they're bomb the ten

bucks heck yeah and they come with a little brush holder like this is so good for traveling I'm currently just keeping my brushes like since I go back and forth from rooms I'm keeping them in this morphe bag but I'm definitely gonna keep my eye brushes in this now and these I loved I love these ones maybe not this one the flash shade brush on this side just because it was not picking up the pigment so I have to give that one a shot again but I really did like the blending brushes on that I set I think it worked really nice and for ten bucks if you like some and you don't like some you're still saving way more money than buying a whole brush set even from morphe they can be thirty bucks sometimes I think like the cheapest may be lower vegans set is a little bit cheaper but they only have like face brushes they don't really have I brush is so if you're looking for good eye brushes I suggest give these a shot I'll keep the links to everything down below if you guys want to try it out and don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe down below if you haven't already and I'll see you in my next

video bye