31 October 2018

SHOP Cosmetic Glitter GlamwithT

Hello everyone as you may have watched I celebrated one year of my business anniversary but I have never showed you guys every glitter that's available!

okay you guys welcome back to my channel

and today I'm going to talk to you guys about the difference I think leaders that I said I have available on the website and it's www.levitt.com here is the first set of glitters that I have available to offer I have holographic iridescent matte chunky glitters and then here comes the second set where you can see some of those matte glitters also some of the chunky glitters and also the holographic glitters you know very pretty the first individual we have here is called glam glam is a silver with different colors in it is not technically chunky but it's a thicker could and then here is money moves it's a green of course we got that night from a girl cardi B and then who doesn't love a gold isn't it's called 24 carry carry anyways here is flaming it's a deep read very pretty own you guys will love this one go cop there the next one we have is violent haze violet haze is a very deep purple once I'm a more purple weed with it I got so many compliments so many people ask me about it sold a lot of that and then the next runner-up we have pink team's paintings is a pink with different colors in it but it's not like

the glam it's not like a thicker cut is a finer cut you would want to use this with the glitter glue that I have available to sale next up we have wave wave is a deep blue kind of reminds you of the ocean candle or what you think the ocean will look like so that's why it's kind of wave next one up we have J and I wanted to name this one job because one of my classmates recently passed and I wanted to pay tribute to her her favorite color was yellow and you guys this is a very beautiful yellow it also has some different type of colors to it kind of has like a green pigment to it and then we have here blushing blushing is a beautiful beautiful blush pink definitely need to put this on your lease like you need thing we have peachy here peachy is like a peachy Brown type of colors not like a light peach perfect for the fall so here we have showstopper you guys showstopper is exactly what the name is it's a showstopper it stops everything stops everybody in their tracks it's a gold holographic glitter kind of like the glam but just gold and then here we have pure and it's pure

because it's a pure black this is a true black right here so you need thing y'all need this in your life I wore this before and I absolutely loved it I'm very elegant like and then we're going to happen to the chunky glitter is this is winter it looks like sunset but it had when you put it on it's like blue so yeah and then this one is called actually called sunset it looks blue but when you put it on it has like this sunset undertone to it so it's kind of weird you have to put it on yourself to know what I'm talking about and then next up we're going to hop into the mats this one is called Beach please and it's a bronzy brown and then we got a lily lily is a lavender it is also Matt I have not played around with these but I will sooner than later and then this is bubblegum bubblegum is a pink and it is beautiful so yeah you guys need a copy thank you guys so much for watching again the website is www.miamikettlebell.com