12 April 2017


HEY GUYS!! Just wanted to share a couple tips and tricks I've learned from having a shaved head but could also work if you have short hair! Hopefully one or ...

hi guys so today I wanted to share a

quick video as you can see from the title about some tips tricks for my bald ladies and men who wear makeup because I've had my hair like this for probably well as you know I've had my hair like this for seven years and it took me a while to figure out that I have to do certain things differently now that my face is always the center focus there ain't nothing else going on but all of this right so when people look at me it's all face so I have to change a few things so I wanted to quickly go through a little tips tricks for makeup and having short hair or being bald so if you're interested at all keep watching I brought a mirror with me so that I can continuously make sure there's no lipstick on my teeth because it's you know habit of trying to record entire videos and be like you have lipstick all over your cheek okay so the first tip I have is going to be a little bit controversial I feel like so definitely do your research watch other video see how you feel about it if you don't want to do it if you disagree with it totally fine don't do it it's just what has worked for me so I noticed a while back that I have hair that grows down my

face just right here I'm sure everyone has it I'm not sure if I have more or less than regular people I don't know but it's like peach fuzz that just covers here now when I had long hair you really didn't notice that it wasn't a big deal I never noticed it but a little while back my friend was like listen you guys you gotta do something about this so I went on like a rampage I was like you're right because what's happening is because I have peach fuzz here my makeup gets stuck here so it looks like there's a line it looks like I have not been blending properly when I have but there's so much little peach fuzz here so much peachfuzz here that my makeup is getting stuck no matter how much I blend it so I'm like okay this is what I'm going to do I'm going to wash my face okay I'm going to wax it hurts like moles okay was not into it but I was like I'll do it beauty's pain let's do it so waxed it I was like yeah it's soft I'm into it when to do my makeup and it would not lend past here it's like by waxing it I took like a layer of skin that now had a different texture than the rest of my face and my makeup

continued to stop here it was horrible it was horrible the same thing happened when I use like a removing cream for your face if I keep touching my face like I'm gonna have anyway I used a removing cream same thing it takes like a layer off of your skin so it's a different texture and your makeups not going to blend so I shave the sides of my face say what you want about it it's worked well for me my makeup blends flawlessly um I actually use this is probably funny but I use that bikini razor that has two ends to it I'll show you it has two ends and one is like the bikini trimmer I would say that's what I use because it works really well and I have not used it on my bikini and then on my face so nobody needs to get weird about this but I just do it just lightly very lightly on the sides of my face just to get rid of that kind of peach fuzz and so that my makeup blends Pro Leslie that brings us to tip number two tip number two is probably the most important tip I mean it's important when you have hair but it is ten million times more important if you have short hair or you're bald and that is blending please you need to blend your life away

okay like if your arm is hurting you've succeeded okay because you have really short hair or you're bald like me everybody can see every angle of your face so if you stop blending where your face is they can still see behind your ears this is you know if you've watched other videos this has been a struggle for me people be like the body tears is so white and I'm like great lesson learnt so I'm here to help you before this happens to you because it's an awkward moment blend in places that you didn't have to blend when you had long hair behind your ears very important because it is a completely different color than your face and that is normal the only reason you can tell that now is cut your hair short so blend it behind your ears the back of your neck down your neck then chance girl like blend it all let's just blend because yeah all angles of your face are visible and you just need to be like it needs to be seamless number three my eyebrows I've come a long way I've come for harms my eyebrows they you know when I had long hair I didn't even touch them I didn't do them that's because you know one I was young and I

really wasn't that experienced in makeup yet and two I had hair and I had bangs that always were like this and I was like and so you couldn't really I'm like you couldn't see my eyebrows that much right but now fully exposed so eyebrows are so important because you know face is bare and so out there I feel like eyebrows really give definition to your face and really you know set the tone for the rest of your makeup and even if I'm doing a no makeup makeup look and I'm just covering my blemishes popping on highlighter and leaving the house I will still do eyebrows because I feel like it's just involved and then I need to give my face definition so something I recently started you is so browsin I have hairs on my eyebrows that always want to party like they are ready for the party and these eyebrow gels out here they're not here for me they're not helping me they're not they're not they're not helping me so I turn to so proud now important fact about so proud is you have to use hypoallergenic soap you have to use like for sensitive skin soap because if you don't there's a high probability that you will break out

these soaps are not meant to stay on your eyebrow all day and they can calm your pores and you will break out so I recommend getting hypoallergenic sensitive skin I put my spoolie just into it a little bit and I just comb over my brows and this will set your brows for the rest of your life so anyway I bully my eyebrows down I let them dry I let them set before I go in with my eyebrow products then obviously I go in with my anastasia beverly hills dipbrow and i just start filling them in some days I do light brows some days I do intense brows some days I do natural brows ya know I don't I really have not mastered the natural brow look but uh I'm like working on it maybe someday I'll like do natural brows I don't know but however you do them however you fill them in it's just important to just kind of fill them in so that you have a little bit of definition to your face my fourth tip um is not necessary whatsoever I just like it I wear false lashes all the time because as we've discussed I have three lashes they phase down I don't know how I got this gene because my mom my sister of my grandma like my dad everybody has flawless

flashes not me so I wear false lashes because I feel like it brings emphasis to my eyes and that's what I want to bring emphasis you know a lot of times I have situations down here if you know what I mean little breakout season and I feel like because I don't have anything going on in my hair and my face is such a vocal point I feel like by putting false lashes on I'm just bringing emphasis to my eyes and I feel like it's not the worst thing so if you're into false lashes definitely pop them on might make you feel good if you don't like them don't do it if you know amazing lashes put mascara on and like thank the Lord fit tip this is probably something that's the most important thing that I've learned over the years like the most important tip I can give you about having no hair and that is lotion at the end of your makeup so a lot of times I'm busy blending I blend everything away I'm blending blending blending and afterwards you can see in my hairline because my hair is blonde you can see all the foundation gets stuck in my hairline I hate that and I didn't know how to get rid of that for so long

because if you use water you can see where your foundation and then I still want it to be blended it's been a struggle so what I found works the absolute best is I wait till my entire face is done I pump the lotion into my hand rub it around and start to massage it into my hair when I'm doing that I pull back on where I see the foundation is and I pull it through my hair so basically what I'm doing is I'm using a lotion to blend the foundation back into my hair so I'm not creating you know a harsh line between my hairline and my foundation but I'm actually taking the foundation and blending it backwards so it's going to blend flawlessly into your hair and you're not going to have like the orange foundation line all right guys those are the five tips and tricks for makeup and having short or a shaved head that have really helped me and that I've discovered over the last seven years if you guys have any tips or tricks that have worked for you please let me know down below I hope you guys enjoyed this video and maybe I can take one or two of the tips that I use and if not don't use them anyway

guys don't forget to give this video a thumbs up and subscribe and I will see you in my next video bye guys