06 May 2019


Hello loves , welcome back I hope you enjoyed this video on this sephora haul so much fun shopping for your faves w discount farsali rose gold skin mist ...

hello everybody welcome to my channel

thank you again for joining me first of all I want to thank everybody for all the wonderful comments it meant so much and you know keeping us in your prayers at a difficult time we're losing a pet it's like losing your baby I had a look for 11 years and you know it was just really hard losing him so we did adopt a little girl she came in from Haiti and she was been or she's been bouncing around from shelter to shelter so we got her and we were actually able to bring her home the same a day so right now she's wandering around eating everything her and Stella get along really really good they play around a lot and let me see what she has in her mouth oh look it's my hourglass a lipstick so I'm gonna introduce you to her so this is MIA she is five months old we think she's a little younger but she is a big she's going to be 40 pounds we originally wanted a smaller baby but when I saw her I automatically fell in love she is so incredibly sweet and loving and I'm just really happy that she's home with us she smells like puppies and I love it okay baby so she's eating everything in the room anyway today we have like a little haul from

Sephora I have two other orders coming in so I just want to show you what I have and anyway let's get started okay so the first thing I bought is from Sephora it's the freezing mess this is good for dryness loss of firmness and elasticity and for puffiness so I'm really excited about this so we'll see how this works out we'll let you know because you know I'm no spring chicken and it's always good to have stuff like this okay the next thing I bought were these little Sephora cleaning or wipes I love these I talk about these all the time I keep them all over the place I keep them in the car in my purse and my makeup kit these are nice because they're not too oily and they're not drying like sometimes I buy some wipes from like Marshalls and TJ Maxx they get dry really fast they don't really do anything but these are actually quite lovely I keep them in the car like I said I take my makeup off at the end of the because I'm like sweaty and gross from working outside all the time so these are actually really great the next thing I picked up was from ona and Rickson I think I'm saying that correctly I'm a

huge fan of this stuff I have all kinds of stuff so when I saw the banana bright based primer this is the vitamin C banana powered hold on me away you're eating baby okay you can play with that sorry okay so this is a banana bright face primer with vitamin C and banana powder inspired pigments this is awesome I really really do a like this it smells kind of like citrusy and it has a beautiful little golden shift to it you see if you could see that so you could wear this underneath your makeup you could wear it over as a little highlight or you can mix it with your foundation and it just gives you like a really pretty soft glow to the skin so I'm like a little obsessed with this I don't use a lot of primers for myself but this one I've been like a really loving lately okay so the next thing I picked up is the makeup forever and this is a light capturing self setting concealer so I wanted to try this and I've newly been enjoying it I want to use it for the rest of the week to kind of give you a little bit more of an update I just wore yesterday quickly for the video and I'm wearing it now well actually that didn't really make sense did a world like that

for video but I didn't like the way that came out so I'm redoing it this morning so I'm wearing it it is a medium coverage it is a buildable it is like a skin like finish and I really been enjoying it so I will give you an update on this little guy right here okay the next thing I got here is summer fridays and this is a jet lag mass this also has a clean approval little check by Sephora so it has everything inside of it is clean really good for your skin everybody it talks about this so I wanted to see what the big deal is okay so I got the little mini the mini is $25 they do have two other Macs I'm really interested in trying out so this right here is very hydrating you could use it underneath your eyes you could use it as an overnight mat and you could also use it as a primer for your makeup and can I tell you I love it as a mask oh my goodness you wake up in the morning in your face is nice and plump like people are not exaggerating when they're talking about this I'm so in love with it that I need to buy the bigger one and then I needed by the other ones cuz this is like absolutely amazing and it

has a bunch of good stuff for your skin so we like ëthat okay the next thing I picked up is from who - beauty's so this is a foundation I bought this when it first came out it was the wrong color so went ahead picked it up again it took me forever I don't know why because I got distracted by other stuff but I'm in love with this foundation I'm wearing it right now it is so pretty the scent doesn't bother me as much because it did before because I had the hood of powder that I absolutely love so I'm really really enjoying this foundation again and I got it and I'm ready okay so the next thing I have here is from fresh this is a sugar lemon hydrating lip balm if you guys have not tried the lip balms from fresh it is a must I have them everywhere I have the caramel I have the sugar cookie and now I have the lemon now the lemon smells like a lemon tart oh my god it's most just like lemon tart so if you are not into scent and this it's like a then you probably won't like this but it's lightly scented it's not overpowering or anything like that it leaves your lips super soft and hydrated and I'm just like obsessed with these oh my god I love the way it smells

okay the last thing I have here is from first Sun sorry oh my god I choked like on my own spit the next thing I have here is from verse Olly this is a roast goat skin mess I was so excited when I saw this I love settings first I talked about it all the time I know most of the time I don't show you that I use them because usually it's around 1:00 or 2:00 in the morning and I forget to spray my face because I'm but can I tell you how much I love this it comes in this bougie a little bottle and it does have 24 karat flakes inside of it so when you shake it up they go floating around the bottle is the last I love the little mr. thing on here because it goes a long way and it sprays evenly on your face it's like a bougie little bottle and I love it and most of all I love the way it smells it smells like a light scent of creamsicle like like oranges and cream it smells so good it's just a light scent but it takes me to a place when I was a kid and I used to play in my cousin's you know little tree house with all this fake food and we used to drink like cream soda it smells like cream soda and I love where it takes me when I was a kid so love

this stuff love it and it is hydrating you could use it as a primer I need to use it as a setting spray anyway that's it for now I hope you enjoyed it please give me a thumbs up please subscribe and I'll see you again for my next video bye