30 July 2018

Secrets I Learned in My Home Study Makeup Courses

This month, find out what QC Makeup Academy graduate, Stephanie Wyatt, learned from her home study makeup courses. From the importance of lighting to ...

hi everyone welcome back to the QC

makeup company YouTube channel my name is Stephanie and I make videos for this channel what every month and today's video is going up to you are you talking about all the bits and pieces that I have learned from home study it well my makeup courses so there's a few little makeup techniques I absolutely love that I've found that I sort of figured out how to do and conquer by doing home makeup courses really it's just some simple little bits and pieces like armor when I was a lot younger maybe like 14 15 when I was trying out with makeup I tended to apply my orange foundation in the most awful lighting and I did happen to learn a little bit obviously from the courses with the lighting so I used to even reply it especially when it was winter and it was really dark out only had like my bedroom lighting or it go into my bathroom and then I'd come out completely orange and I just felt with this course it does cover you know you need natural lighting or if you do have them studio lights but if you don't know how to do lights or if you don't want to purchase them or bring lights or anything you can use natural lighting especially for YouTube videos on my own

channel before I had studio lights or a ring light I did used to say in front of my absolute massive window that I have a right here because it brings in all the natural lighting you either have to take pictures or film tutorials if you are a youtuber as well when it is during the day obviously during the evening the content gets a little bit more grainy I find it no matter what Camry you use even with a really good camera sometimes evening ones especially if you've only got like a bedroom might I'm not natural lighting it kind of obviously alter how it looks so I just find natural lighting is really flattering and I normally just used to take pictures on my iPhone and I'd either use the front-facing camera or the back facing camera now with the back facing camera you can't necessarily see what you are actually looking at but my little trick that I like to do because I grab a little handheld mirror and what I do obviously I have the increasing this way and the mirror in front so I can see on the mirror what is on this screen I just find the back facing cameras obviously are a lot better quality than the front face and the front place is really good as well

but the back facing cameras are just out of this world nowadays so if you don't have the fancy camera or if you don't even have say an iPhone or Samsung any phone with a camera is ideal just make sure you'll get in that natural lighting make sure it's not blurry make sure sometimes cameras do have a focus point so focus on so if you're taking a picture of just your eye look I definitely recommend maybe toughing if you do have the focus setting under your actual eye on the camera screen and then it will focus on that eye and it would just look stunning I used to take really awful makeup pictures for my little portfolio and my Instagram and it just they just weren't that good but then I found obviously but you don't have to do like some natural lighting is gonna be your best friend I'm gonna say it so many times in this video there is honestly gonna be your best friend and also if you do have a mirror to hand it really really helps just having it there I also find as well sometimes when I used to make eye makeup look specific I would just have my eye completely open or completely closed I would never do the little trick especially forgot

lashes on it looks fantastic I will insert a couple of pictures as well where your eyes half-closed for your lashes are like on point and you can see a bit of eye shadow you can see underneath your eye makeup everything it just looks fantastic really flattering it also looks sometimes if you don't do a lot of eye makeup use 6 and lashes on I need you know a little position it's gonna make your pictures look out of this world honestly say she's not having it a bit like that it looks really horrible here don't get me wrong this is why I cut out this part of my face and you only see the eye but it just looks fantastic I cannot recommend it enough I definitely think as well as the position or say your phone so if you are going for a fun a front-facing one you're gonna be able to see your face a lot better and I definitely don't think you don't want to face and because you can get shadows up here as well so you want to either parallel or even a bit higher and it's really really flattering as well for your face sometimes it makes my face look a little bit skinnier especially with the contour as well I'm having it up and then

especially if you've got the Sun I know America's Sun is like completely different to the UK Sun I swear it's fantastic especially that peak time in the evening I think I don't know what time exactly but it's just amazing apparently and it makes your skin look flawless she looks like Todd everything it's lovely so you're gonna want your highlight to pop in that Sun as well and I just can't express how much a picture makes a difference as well especially if you're going out and you're trying to find an employer for a makeup artist or just anything in that industry if you turn up and your portfolio pictures aren't the best oh that blurry or they're too dark or they're grainy or you just can't see and they're just not well quality I'm not saying go out and buy an expensive camera and studio lights I'm just saying maybe use a really good phone camera if you do have one if not you can still make it work lighting is key and I cannot express that enough I always found as well when I was doing my master makeup artistry course that I was very chilled and laid back were there and because I had three

years to complete there I did sort of chill I did have a full time job as well so I would go back to admit some pieces and I always found I did what I could so I did all the written assignments if I didn't need to do a practical with them to follow up for that I would always do them first because I'm very much even back in my school days I was very much a course wife person I'd get really good grades my course up because I'd be so committed and put so much into my course work rather than an actual exam but in this case instead of an exam it is more like practical like tutorial assessment that way so it wasn't necessarily as difficult at school anyway but it worked and I always found I'd be able to do obviously on my written ones really quickly and then I could focus and prepare and make time for a model or clients necessarily to come over or I go to them to do the practical assignment on but everyone is different some people would rather do the practicals fast and then do the written after because not everyone is as confident with coursework or written assignments necessarily so it does work differently for other people but from my experience especially with

my previous school educating years I always found that the written assignments I would do instantly and if they weren't very good I would redo them or touch up or anything however ones my practicals I think in all my entire unit assessments for practicals I only ever redid one once and that was because I really wasn't happy with it and that was one on me so every other look that I've done whether it was just making IRA rules bride or anything like that I always did it once there and I'd send it off and looking back now I probably wouldn't do that because well I don't know obviously now I'm more experienced with completing the course but I definitely think maybe that at the time I would do another look because then you can take pictures of the first one you did and maybe the second one isn't as good as the first one but you take pictures you then decide which one is better I definitely think having like two different looks or even three or four however many you want to do don't just think oh okay I've done it once I just send it off like I did it wasn't bad I

did get good grades out of it but looking back now sometimes I kicked myself thinking I could have done that smokey-eye darker I could have done that better I could have blended it out better that's just me criticizing myself so you don't think obviously that you have to that is just what I would do so I think I have sort of covered the little bits and pieces that I have found out with studying the makeup courses at home and my little tips and tricks I'd say necessarily especially with my little with tips and tricks that I've found some people may already know this some people may already do this some people may have already been told by either their tutors or other people or if they follow people on YouTube anything like that but this is what I would recommend this is what I find and yeah try it out and let me know what you think so that's the end of the videos I hope you enjoyed it if you did please give this video a big thumbs up don't forget subscribe to the QC make up my youtube channel and I'll sleep a brand new video next month bye [Music]