29 July 2018

Sculpting A Nail Extension | Gel | Glitter

everyone welcome back to another video

so as promised this is me putting a brand new nail onto a natural nail I went live in group on Thursday I was gonna do this then but Facebook was being a bit of a pain in the backside Andy it threw me off it wouldn't save my video so I decided to do it on YouTube instead so I have a new ceramic cuticle bit never use a ceramic cuticle bit before and I'm just sort of getting to grips with it and I'm not I don't know if I didn't if I i've not i'm not used enough to decide that i like it or not basically so beginning of the video i was just showing you that this nail unfortunately was due to a break and the skin underneath my nail so it's a high panic IAM and looks a little bit so it's not it's fully healed there's been no mail on here for 3-4 days and there is sort of a little red slash black splint you can see that is not anything sinister that is purely a little bleed that was underneath my skin caused by the high panic IAM so when they get that one out of the way so I've removed the cuticle from the nail plate using money cuticle bits and I was working upstairs on the top of a craft box so I'm not entirely sure the hell I'm doing I don't

know probably trying to find my new efile bits because I put things down and I'm like Debbie McGee I can't let you all find them Oh No No I might have been checking my nail then oh I know what it was so my previous cuticle business I do them I use I'm quite a low speed but I found with the executable bit needs to be a touch higher and I think I was just fiddling to get the correct the correct speed on my T file so I'm going in with a 180 grit file from harmony and I'm just actually nail plate I'm just gonna tidy up the free edge and I'm quite impressed you know because I have a 50mm b12 deficiency and it's quite it's quite a serious one it's quite severe it is anemia pernicious anemia it's caused and my nails normally if I have a break or anything like that or I've got nothing for my nails they will just move too great right back into this into the hypnic IAM and they look horrendous this nail is held up for four days and I last had an injection to chew a week ago two weeks ago so that tells me that it is you know that I'm not deficient at this moment in time which is really good just

thought I'd share that with you all I don't mind sharing that some point of nail for man so I've taken ill form off put the back put the middle on the back pinch the tip put it on like a hat and close it up I've just gone in with harmony and brush on dehydrator I have really scrubbed the nails but whatever I always going to brush on as well after I put the elf forms on and then I've gone in with a coat of cjp acid primer and now I'm just fiddling around cleaning my brush and doing all stupid things like that while I've got that nail on that this gel is is just brewing I've got glitter in it in all sorts I'm just gonna put a really thin layer just like the natural nail just for adhesion purposes and I'll cure that in my lamp and now I'm gonna build the what's the word the extension what's the word what's the whole point of this I'm extending the nail um just the word wouldn't come to me so yeah so I'm going to extend nail I'm just doing my thin clear base and then I will cure that in my lamp for 60 seconds and I'm using a new lamp I have the NSI dual lamp I really love it

I'm confused by its dual function um but I'll address that in another video if anybody has the dual lamp and can explain to me how to get it to do LED or UV or what that'd be great because the instructions say when you turn it on for UV the light comes on automatically and just stick your hand in and it says for LED to turn the lamp on select the time and then the light will come on when you turn the lamp on the light comes on regardless so I would just a little bit confused if someone can explain it to me amazing um yeah so I am just putting on spring ducts from spring nuts spring dream dots from Diamond glitters this is the same that's what I've got all the others so I'm just literally matching it I've cured that in my lamp again well I think I've cured it in my lamp again if it's curing under the correct one for the correct time I don't know and now I'm just going to encapsulate them um and as I sit here now on Saturday the 28th of July having done this nail two days ago on the Thursday I sit here with with different nails so should've done this now really but you know we drive me insane looking like a bit of it I call it a bit of a year but

ever trum when you've just got rammed and broken messy nails it I think I just it looks awful for me and I just knocked the whole camera and I do apologize and the tripod was then doing it same thing so 180 grit file I've cleansed over that nail and I I'm doing this with a hand file because I just want to get the rough shape but I've got my shape and I'm happy I love an e file over at the top of the nail using my new ceramic bits so I normally use a extra coarse cut an extra coarse ceramic safety bit which looks like a standard carbide safety drill bit I used the flame bit a couple months ago and as I have got a bias on anyway I came across this set of them other thought would have them so I I'm just doing the surface of the nail and I'm using the coarse bit the speed will have been anything between 15 and 18 Oz to say miles per hour that's ridiculous reps a minute Jesus came out if we master our four nails um yeah so I'm just wanting to smooth at the top really and I'm not taking any you know any great bulk down just doing a little bit of length chop in there and it looks like I'm being really really harsh I'm not this video

is in double time so I'm getting back in with my hand file which is just a 180 I probably could have used a softer drill bit just now but hey ho I'm just gonna file that nail in that shape until I am happy with it and I don't know when that is because all I can see on the button my screen is that the file continues so I must have been really unhappy or really picky probably the latter having really picky and if you want to see what now is I've got on now if you go onto the nail tech HQ Facebook page I'm gonna live feed today which is 28th of July and you can see me redesigning and we sculpting onto current product you can watch that great that like you can watch that video back if you are joining group please make sure you answer all three questions we've recently decided that we were not going to approve people unless all three questions were answered because we just unfortunately do not have the time to go searching to find out if you are qualified except check cetera so I'm just getting the top coat this is the last little bit of my crystal nails top coat this is the cool top gel I have found that this one is scratched I'm

sorry I'm looking for a new one and my nails have cooled down oh sorry it is late on a Saturday night I do apologize I did my life for you came up about 10 o'clock that's about cost 11 now um and that is the finish now I've put my cuticle oil on and you can see the shape and the structure there so thanks for watching I hope this is a helpful one for you and I will see you in the next one