26 November 2018


SATURDAY NIGHT VIBES OUT ON THE TOWN LOOK Hello bombshells i'm so glad to bring you this new look for the night out on the town with my girls if your ...

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ok a life of a bombshell and today I want to do another tutorial I'm just going to be using in between my palettes I'm gonna be using my dubious place palette this is called the Nubian by Julius I've already used this palette I love it I this is like one of my first palettes that I've bought that was like a actual not a drugstore palette because I was using like BH Cosmetics palettes before I don't know exactly what type of look I'm going for I'm just just like messing with some palettes like really like messing with some colors today and then of course this is my 9 a always golden Oh like oh my god this just like fell out that's horrible [Music] I'm sorry y'all like I'm like really shocked like my morphe palette it just like fell out but yeah this is my own my 9 egg golden always going in palette buy more feet I'm going to use some of these colors in here and then use my 9 be bronzed babe by morphe as well I will be going back to work soon and the next I might get back in there I'm gonna get some more pellets carry here it's like suppose I don't know exactly what I want

to do like I said but I do want to do a tutorial for you guys I'm sorry I'm looking around who's risking lotion because every time I do a tutorial of my hands be dry and I don't want nobody to come at me and don't come at me about my way I know my weight is lifting on the right side I wash my face and it like help lift it so what I'm gonna do is I'm a little off line and I'm gonna do my eyebrows imma taking get ready to put some lotion on my face and what I'm gonna use for my lotion I'm definitely gonna use my Clinique lotion I'm gonna use my Moisture Surge by Clinique this is just a free sample so if you do go to a counter I want to tell you guys that you if you you go to a Clinique counter they nine times I think they do got samples and you can try it so you just gotta go up like hey I've seen this product that I like is there a way that I can get a tester you should get a tester like I said this is my Moisture Surge it 72 hour our finish hydrator so I love this stuff I'll put this stuff on my face every day and then I'm gonna use my Clinique Clinique hydrating not lotion I'm the one I use is the gel because

have a combination skin so it puts more moisture back into your skin and then like I said I'm gonna do my brows and I'm gonna come back on line and we're gonna get this started so stay tuned but before we start this tutorial I need for everybody if you're not already subscribed I need for you to subscribe thumbs up for this video I need big thumbs up and also leave a comment like hey Therese I like this or at all if there's some pallets out there that you guys know that um I'm sorry sing something one here if there's like some pallets out there that you guys are like oh I want to see you try give me a howl let me know like I said I don't know exactly what I want to do today I'm just gonna just do what I feel and I want to use those pallets that I've already showed you guys so stay tuned and we're getting into this video okay actually no I'm back I've already done my eyebrows so yeah I know I was a little crazy at all that's a sealer aroma um I need to get a light up a sealer because this concealer that I've been using it's not as light as I want it to be um but yeah anyway I'm back did my eyebrows so now what I'm getting

ready to do is just start putting the shadow thing so I just got my brushes here y'all know me yeah I'm cleaning my brushes but I found my little thingy what is it caught the top oh right here I'm sorry y'all know me I'm never really organized that's probably why y'all love me because I'm not I'm like in real time my daddy's calling so this is the thing that saved my life I bought this at Sally's Beauty and it is a shade switcher it's a cosmetic brush shave remover so like my brushes up I'm gonna use I'm just full flash there's just a little bit that color on them it's because I'm really embarrassed by it really and I've had time to like wash my brushes so see the texture cut off not cleaning but it just helps it so that it doesn't change there but any who would bring it right into this video because I got tired to be talking [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] watch it [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] so I'm here with the finished look I'm so excited I love this look I hope you guys do too if you do you already know what you need to be doing you need to be given this video a thumbs up also if you are not already you need to subscribe to this channel and hit that Bell notification so that you can know when I upload because I'm gonna be doing a lot of uploads here with a a lot of different looks now anyways I hope you guys enjoyed this look I enjoyed creating this look I didn't even know what I wanted to do I just know that I just wanted to go in and just create a look for you guys and bring you something different I wouldn't necessarily call this a holiday look I definitely call this like I don't get ready to go out with my girls or you know you can even like we're like going on a date with

your boyfriend or husband significant other yeah I love this look like I'm like really excited that it turned out like this so I love you guys so much thank you so much for your support and to my new subscribers I love you guys thank you so much we just had like a subscriber party and it was like a sub before sub and this was over are one of my favorite youtubers channels Sparkle Marie if you guys are not already you should be following Sparkle morning and also follow her mom Landry uh Landry oh babe life of Landry oh that's her YouTube channel I love this family they have a hair company and they are so dope like it's a mom and daughter duo and they have this hair company and they've had this help yeah I think since 2015 if I'm not mistaken some of you guys know I have intercompany I have gotten so much inspiration from these two on how to run my company some ins and outs like what to do or not to do but yeah anyways they are so dope you guys so if you're not already you need to go subscribe to their channel hit the bell notifications and be a part of their family I'm telling you it's dope there don't they

are so dope but anyways I'm gonna get ready to we take this makeup off and get ready is y'all lay it down I am exhausted but I love you guys so much thank you again for all your support you guys I love you hit that Bell notification so you could be bill notification gang and like this video and comment let me know what you like about it alright I will talk to you guys later I love you so much bye bombshells