09 April 2019

Sally Dress up and put Makeup JoJo Siwa for a birthday party!

Sally Dress up and put Makeup JoJo Siwa for a birthday party! Sally transform into her favorite YouTuber Jojo Siwa!!!! thanks for watching.

hi Sally wow you look so pretty so you

got judges ready with the hair so you are so ready where are you going to the party yeah [Music] Wow your nails look guys what color is this Sally pink and sparkly so pretty [Music] [Music] kick makeup case do you like it do you want to put it on look at the Bojo just us Bo yeah you're having the same Bo so many colors in the cupcake Sally yeah what are they big red color milk and a peep and yellow again it can open your makeup case Sally look guys this is so pretty sparkles to Sally there is a brush to color and blue blue red where's Herman this is blue to red okay red color this is lipstick and this how about this lipstick orange this one for the ice call it eye shadow so cell is applying the pink one she is going to match her shirt nice so pretty pink color I'm gonna put in the other I look at Sally's so pretty [Music] that's nothing sleep mommy fix it for you okay eautiful can I see it sure Sally nice nice nice okay lipstick

time okay good job look magic whoa Sally's done and you are ready for ya [Music] whoo good job Sally [Music] nice daddy it's time to go to your party you're late bye guys give me a big big thumbs up yeah you were faster and you didn't give this video thumbs up if you like bye guys take your microphone bye [Music]