09 April 2019

SACE LADY Full Cover Concealer and MAANGE Makeup Sponge | Aliexpress Review

The Concealer: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/cNhu6Css Other Concealers: http://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/c7JRL4kY Well, what do I have here? I wanted to buy ...


hello hello hello welcome back to my channel where we look at Aliexpress products and review them what do I have here I wanted to buy some concealer or foundation whatever seemed interesting to me and I went on Ali clicked on beauty and health then chose makeup then I was curious what makeup product had the most orders and there it is I found a foundation that had so many orders it looked quite reliable so I bought it and here it is now in my hand I chose number three and number four natural and wore natural it has expiring date also and let's go ahead and open up number four oh this bottle is small but it looks nice what is that what is this print coming off I can rub it off with my finger well I don't know about that kind of weird both my hands are so dirty now okay let's see what's in the package number three is this label coming off as well no it stays on excellently as a matter of fact the bottle material is slightly different from each other okay let's try them on my hand this is number four Oh little too much came out this is way too much product luckily it has no smell it is without the doubtful cover and thick I don't have any place

to spread it okay let me test the other one I'm trying to pump this concealer damn it okay oh this is nice as well lighter are they little too shiny I am going to test them on my face and see how it's going to look they're going to use this punch that I also bought from Aliexpress I have another video where I use this punch you can check it out but let's go and apply this product I know it says that this is a concealer but I will apply it like it was a foundation just to see how it stays on my face oh it covers really good and even I'm not doing my whole face only a small section to test it out and this is the final result I fancy it it's nothing like on my hand on the hand it looked really heavy and shiny but if you take a reasonable amount then it turns out wonderful you can't even tell that I'm using a product on my face which is precisely what I want I didn't remove this makeup until I went to bed at night and it wasn't worn out it wasn't patchy if this color is not for you then you can choose like natural warm ivory natural warm natural honey ivorie san a beach or medium-dark I

actually like that this puddle is tiny I don't usually use up the bigger bottles and they will expire and also if you order a room color then it could mix it with lighter or darker tone to match your skin color I will approve this concealer foundation if you also want to buy it for yourself or as a gift then go to Aliexpress link is in the description under this video this is it I will see you next time please like and subscribe bye