05 June 2019

Rude Girl Cosmetics Eyeshadow palette review

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hi everyone welcome back to my channel

thank you guys so much for joining me in today's video so today I'm gonna be reviewing the rude girls cosmetics the badass food girl book 6 makeup palette now the first time I ever heard of it.where was when kiss and makeup messaged me asking me if she could save me this palette because I think she might be the first person in South Africa to actually bring these palettes in so I was like just girl of course I definitely want to see what this palette is about and before we go any further I am going to log on to the website and kind of read a little bit of what this brand is about it does look like comic book based also it comes with a really steady sleeve and the packaging is actually really decent if you ask me like this is proper book binding type packaging you know what I mean ok so this is what you see when you open up the website and it says shop our book series this is book number 6 which I have and it seems like they have a variation of like different books or palettes which is quite interesting ok they have plenty of products on their website as well well this is actually really decent though ok let's go to the

one I have which is this one right here and this is called the badass would go book book 6 it retails for $21.50 kiss and makeup is selling it for five hundred and fifty grand and yeah it's cruelty free and they have really like decent other palettes which is quite interesting as well so I am going to get off the website I literally just want you to see what this was about it doesn't really give you like an about page where you can go all about us oh there we go sorry my bad I kind of look for the about us at the tab but basically it says why be nice when you can be rude rude cosmetics was funded in 2016 with the sole purpose of offering cutting-edge high quality products at comfortable prices located at the heart of Los Angeles California root Cosmetics believes that makeup is the best tool to express your inner you convey yourself through our art and become bold fierce and rudely stunning whether you are going for a natural bold fierce or rude look our goal here is to simply let your imagination loose without regrets never look back always look forward because you are wearing makeup with an attitude so that's really

really cool and I'm gonna read the description of this palette from the back it says the world is under attack but there is no need to panic thanks to the badass rugal destroy all evil with the mighty power of 35 deadly weapons no villain will withstand the hue of color coming his way the power of mattes mixed with a bang of shimmer hold no mercy on those who dare take a chance justice will be served guaranteed smudge free so I mean can we talk about it or lock can we so this is what the palette looks like super beautiful the colors are poppin I mean there are some unique colors like this one right here that one right there which is like a gray color this blue is absolutely beautiful as well I actually have this greeny blue on my lids today super stunning and they actually have like duochrome shades as well now usually I kind of like swatch the shades yell on my arm but I'm gonna swatch them here row by row so that you guys can easily see the shades and I can explain them to you guys as well if that makes sense so let's get into smudging now when I swatch I literally just go in once to each of the shades and that is

how I will swatch these shades don't have names so we're gonna go color by color okay so these are the first seven shades we have like a matte brown we have two shimmery purples we have another matte Brown this isn't on the cool side we have like a pale matte color as well we have a pretty bright pale matte as well and then we have a really intense silver shimmer color which is super super beautiful and this is the first row of shade then we're gonna go into the next row of shades okay so I will say this mat and this mat in particular a quite creamy I mean the mattes do different in consistency but so far none of them are actually drying if that makes sense so we have this like matte purple color we have this beautiful jewel chrome lilac II gold we have this dual chrome green brown color this beautiful gold this matte nude this is like a creamsicle color we have this dual chrome pinky gold and then we have a matte in the pan it looks like pinky but on my skin tone it's looking like a pale I know you guys sometimes my swatches are just not the best I'm not gonna lie okay so the third row of

shades we have this dark glittery purple super beautiful for like nighttime where we have this bold blue color then we have this is like a topi bronze we have a green we have a gold another nudie brown shade this is also like in the orange family obviously because I am brown you're not going to be able to see it would like its full potential but yeah it's pretty much blending into my skin tone and then we have a rose gold color okay so starting from the top we have this beautiful pinky shimmer color next we have a another variation of a matte Brown we have a bronze this is like a warm bronze we have this bluish green color and it might be looking a bit more like dark blue camera but it certainly got a hint of green in it then we have this cocky green color we have like a mustard yellow and then we have like a rusted orange color this is just one finger swatch from each you guys super pigmented okay so the first shade is like this charcoal II matte then we have like a metallic silver shade next we have a black with some shimmer in it so it doesn't look black I'm gonna go in with us just once

more so we can see yeah this is a black with like shimmer in it so it does mean more to gray then we have a topi gray matte and we have a lighter green shimmer we have this really pretty rosy shimmer color and then we have this warm can you guys even see on my skin we have this warm tone orangey brown shade so I will say that this palette has a really really decent amount of like matte shades highlight shades colorful shades and I mean I didn't think I needed another eyeshadow palette in my collection but for those of you who love color out there I highly highly recommend that you guys get one of these palettes I created this eye look what you guys will see in a bit with this palette and so far I am super super super impressed I did use my P Louise eyeshadow base on one eye so that you guys could see what it looked like with a really good eye shadow primer and then I used my typical everyday concealer on the other eye so you guys can see what the true color and pigmentation looks like on primer and concealer if that makes sense so yeah let's hop into the demo I'm gonna stop with a rambling so you guys can see this

baby in action okay so I'm gonna be priming my right eye with the P Louise eyeshadow brace this is in the shade rumah one okay so first year I'm gonna go in with is this blue right here and I'm gonna pack the all the way from inner corner to outer corner of the eye so far pretty decently pigmented this is like a blue-green color very very pretty and let's see how it performs on the concealer side okay not bad okay so far this eyeshadow is pretty pigmented like regardless of whether you use an eyeshadow base or just to consider I mean it does look slightly different on each eye based on the the canvas you have underneath you know okay next I'm gonna go in with the shade right here just take a pencil brush and blend out any harsh lines also use this as a transition okay I'm gonna go in for this matte shade right here and I'm going to use this to set my brow bone and blend out any harsh lines I'm going to go in with that blue and just blend it on the lower lash line by the way the concealer that I'm wearing on the left eye is my wit and wild photo focus concealer I'm gonna be taking my pillow ease I shadow base

and cutting my crease blending the outer corner so there's no harsh lines I'm going to go in with this beautiful dual chrome shade it's like a lilac Goldy color it was just so whole beautiful and then I'm gonna go in with this beautiful poppin purple Oh pigmentation right now is real on another level I'm just gonna pack that on the center blend it outwards into the blue taking that purple also on the lower lash line and then also taking that dual chrome shade and also just like carrying it on the lower lash line okay and then to finish up this I'm gonna be going in with switch beauty liquid luck just drawing some wings okay so I'm gonna go ahead off of camera finish off this eye makeup cut my crease with normal concealer and I'll be right back okay so the regards to my first impressions on this palette I mean why haven't we heard about it before the pigmentation is actually really decent for 550 rand and the fact that I was able to achieve this I makeup look and it looks the same on the primer like the P Louise side versus the concealer side I mean this is not like one of those palettes that you need to finish in a

specific way in order for it to work in your favor if that makes sense so I'm really excited to play with this palette more I really want to do a 5 looks 1 palette video so you guys can create various different eyeshadow looks or you can see what you can create with this palette because I mean the opportunities are absolutely endless at this point so I'm really excited to sit down and kind of brainstorm a few looks and create them for you guys comment down below let me know if you guys are really keen on that video and I will push it up my priority list so yeah definitely such an amazing palette my favorite shades are definitely these duochrome shades the ones that the one I'm wearing on my inner corner so so pretty so stunning I was absolutely blown away by the pigmentation of these shades and I can't wait to use this like greeny brownie color like it's calling my name to be honest so yeah is it worth 550 grand I would definitely say yes it is I am going to leave kiss and make up Instagram page down below in my description bar so you guys can go ahead and have a look at all of the other things that she has to offer on her make

a page and all that good stuff thank you so much to kiss and makeup for sending me this palette so I could review it for you guys and yeah I am shocked that there are brands we haven't heard of that actually work really decently so comment down below let me know are you guys shook as as I am with regards to this eyeshadow look I'm not gonna lie I was like sitting on the fence with this color combination but it's growing on me and I'm really not mad at it so thank you guys so much for watching I love you guys so much don't forget to stay all day every day with and without makeup there's so many bugs in my room right now like some parks are filming late at night I love you guys so much don't forget to stay all day every day with Ellen our makeup and I'll talk to you in my next video bye