30 January 2019


I did not know where I was going with this look but I made it work. Do you guys love smokey eyes or prefer more toned down looks? Let me know below ...

hey guys welcome to my channel my name

is Angela so today I'm gonna be creating this quake get ready with me video I won't be doing a lot of talking cuz clearly I don't sound great I am slowly healing will be creating this brown smokey eye with a little bit of a blush leap if you want to see how I took this little just keep on watching guys I already did my eyebrows off camera now I'm gonna get started with everything now in the winter time my skin usually gets a slightly dry although it's very oily you know when I'm always out and about tends to get a little bit dry so I always use the Melanie males gleam body Raiden's radiance products and I'm gonna be using this in the shade dip gloss just I'm gonna put a little bit of that on should I use my fingers alright so when I like to say it while I do my eye shadow and then we'll get back to the face later now I'm gonna go ahead and prep my lid with bjelica Kinsella in fawn it was just this it's okay if you do a little too much see how my eyes look very dramatic that's fine because you get employed everything in so now I'm gonna go in with my chosen colors let me see what I

want to use I'm gonna start off with I'm gonna mix this together this is my multi 15n night master palette I'm gonna mix them both together I think I already mentioned that okay my bit too dark I think it's too dark just doing mixing in the darker color this so I'm just gonna use this [Music] so because I already use the darker color in this I'm gonna do the same thing here but I'm gonna put on just a little bit cuz I don't want it looking at your Matic have you guys noticed every time you have a cold after doing your makeup you just set to have a runny nose it happens to me all the time it's almost like it's not a body allergic to my makeup whatever cold it's annoying especially when you've timed where I do highlight of your nose then you have to blow it up and then I'm gonna go in with our buns by Mack in the very auto corner and just deep in there now try to stay by the crease you definitely don't want to go a bit higher than the crease because dark carla is like black he's a very difficult to blend so you want to have as much control as possible at the brush

[Music] and then I'm gonna go around my bra area and just make it a little bit lighter it's looking too dark and I'm just gonna go in with the blending brush and just make sure there's no harsh lines hey guys so that's it so now I'm gonna work on the lids I'm going to prep them just a little center area I like this I'm gonna go in and apply this color this is for my multi 305 or two brushes this rosy color [Music] I'm going to blend at the top and then I'm going to go back in with the black color and just dab a little bit more than the Otto point in the inner corner so I couldn't land everything now I'm just going in with that light purple running blending you blend everything I'm gonna put a little bit of the black in the outer corner an inner corner I'm going to add just a little bit more of the leg color at the top I'm gonna do the same thing for the other eye okay so I'm gonna blend all right so now I'm gonna do lashes I'm using my Adele 6-pack pizza for that

a pack died off by putting mascara I using 1c by Lancome I just personally got this mascara I love it so long if you need a mascara that gives you volume and length and emphasis on volume and lend this mascara will do you justice you will definitely do your lashes justice so while I wait for the glue and no eyes just to dry up I'm gonna do Foundation I'm gonna be using my Clinique foundation to stay matte foundation in the shade 29 Sienna and when to nerd strong last weekend to replenish and get a new foundation got out ran out and they denied my shade so this woman at the counter told me to try a different foundation it's full coverage I think it's cold beyond perfection I was like okay it was like to see how my matte finish is like yeah cuz I'm not finished it'll give you good coverage I was like oh gosh it's all being full coverage and matte finish because I like foundations that have a matte finish oh my gosh I took this foundation home and I hated it I was like oh hell no I mean I looked so shiny I hated my life I was like no way there's no way I'm using this foundation so I returned it and I

said you know what let me just stick to what I know I mean it works this foundation is amazing so now I'm just putting eyeliner slightly by the lash line I'm now gonna wing it it's putting in slightly a little bit [Music] ok so now I'm going to highlight I'll be using but la go consumer [Music] [Music] so be Zima and why it's finishing powder in the shape nano to set that cleanup Eric so money to set below that area yeah all right now I'm gonna contour using my thin tube UT my stick in espresso [Music] I have such a small forehead that when I'm contouring I want to make sure that I'm not leaving little space for the highlight Joline so now I'm going to blend everything into powder be using my mineralized math powder you know like skin finish and shade dark then I'll be using the Anastasia Beverly Hills powder and mahogany to set the contour I'm just gonna pull everything in [Music]

[Music] I'm gonna for blush and Ruby is a raisin by Mack phasing the Irate assigned glow highlighter by Mack now finally I'm going to work on your lower lash line I'm going to go in carbon I'm gonna start fuller corner like this these pull just need way and under the same thing here [Music] then I'm gonna go in with the dark purple or used earlier and you just smudge that black in gonna be using the same gold rose gold color we put it in the lid I'm gonna ply mascara so that it's done Leslie I'm gonna fly lipstick I will be using Barracuda by colour-pop it was just this color then I'm gonna apply pencil first let's set my look with the choppa water by Mack [Music] [Music] [Music]