25 October 2016

Ride or Die Makeup: Sephora PROs' Must Have Products | Sephora

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hey guys I'm Kellan and I'm David and

we're with Sephora Pro and today we want to go over our absolute must-haves or ride-or-die products so to speak and these are just like things that are you know maps yeah they're must-haves in our kit all the time and non-stop yeah we just have them in our kit I also use them personally so I mean some of these products like are just great and very versatile for everyday so first off is the Clarins Beauty flash balm and this guy I am absolutely in love with it's just one of those things that's nothing new but it's a moisturizer kind of I would say it's more like a primer there's everything yeah that's how I use it as more as a primer and I think it's just a really great texture and it mixes well with things so um it doesn't tend to make your makeup separate at all really really brightens and tighten it really does what more could you want from who doesn't want brightening and take me yeah I feel like those are like two major things with priming besides mattifying you would want so yes I definitely use this product all the time and you can also use it as a mask I have really only done that occasionally you can put it on like a little thicker and

basically wear it for 10 to 15 minutes and it's supposed to like brighten immediately and I would say that it does really brighten immediately it's meant to have makeup over it though so I just do a thin layer and then throw makeup on that's really I vote I did not know that there was a mascot yeah there's a nice option asking I love that well my first product is also a skincare product so if you've probably heard me talk about this in multiple videos I love a skin mist something to hydrate the skin something to sort of set the makeup hydrate it get rid of texture and my new favorite for probably like the past like 7 or 8 months I would say so this is the Tarte rainforest of the sea marine boosting mist and this is so good seriously one the smell is phenomenal it's like there's a lot of citrus because you see a lot of that orange peel there's like an orange peel oil in here there's like lavender oil lots of good antioxidants it's tastic skincare so it hydrates the skin it definitely helps reduce redness which I know like if I'm working on a model and she comes in and her skin is really red I can spray this on the face and

it'll almost instantly tone down a lot of that redness which I like because then I don't have to use as much product to cover it up but it hydrates it once you put your makeup on spray it on its gonna separately it's amazing it gives it such lifelike like skin like quality and texture to the makeup it's so beautiful and my little trick is they have tart cells like little travel-size um kits with a lot of their products and what I did was I got the kit and basically I use this guy because it opens up for full refill so I just take the big size guy and fill this one up this way I can have it with me all the time it doesn't weigh a lot a little bit of this goes a long way so you don't need this with you for a daily application unless you're bathing it but this literally will last you for a long time and just you know you can use it everywhere this is my car spray car spray clean le traffic just New York traffic wherever I'm telling you this stuff is really good give it a try it's really great for sensitive skin too so I know a lot of people out there always ask is this good for sensitive skin absolutely good for something like

natural natural products in there in central's yeah so I am it's no secret really that I'm obsessed with this foundation that's your face for in this way I'm going to do another plug for it is my absolute favorite foundation I mean I might be a little delusional about the shade that I wear this is one name um it looks gorgeous on you maybe he wears it too it's okay though cuz it looks like I was born that way so it is a great yeah it just kind of feels a little bit I want to say but it doesn't feel like that it feels really light and I feel like you can play with the texture a lot or in the coverage so it's like yes you can go super dewy or matte with it it just depends on how you set it or what you mix in with it and then it also can be you know very sheer you apply with like fingers or sponge and then you can be get pretty full depending on the brush you use so you actually souls me on this you sold me on this because Helen as you guys can tell his gorgeous skin to begin with and when she was like I love this to face I was like you love this this is not a tinted moisturizer and she told me how to play with it and honestly I put

it in my kit I definitely have it in my kid it is definitely a hundred percent manipulative you can change the formula and everything so I love that and I just want them I just want more shades that's all just to carry them all a thousand shades everyone okay so now for my color I've spoken about this a million times and I will speak about it to the day that I die these are and these are literally mine guys these are the Sephora collection everlasting Kohl pencils and as you can see they are worn to nothing this is probably like my fourth set and they're they're very like you can see they're all in different sizes I did get a new one because I needed the green color so you can see they're actually quite big when you first get them it's a really big size these are like there are no words for me to describe these first of all this color the nude in the waterline is the absolute best eye brightener on every single skin tone out there let me repeat that every single skin tone out their waterline I brightener like I have seven of these well I think it's cuz it's that nude shade and not white so it's not white it's not too yellow it's like the

perfect nude shade for brightening the eye and literally works on everybody the other thing about them the reason that I love these so much and that I have them in my kit is the texture is dry like it should be for a Kohl pencil so they last in the waterline really well but they also work as a great cream shadow so like I use them this is like the purple tone so you can get really intense pigment but it has blend ability I mean you can blend this out into a cream shadow so easily or like a base for a shadow so easily and for me when it comes to like I look sore eye makeup so I thought I always base everything with a cream and this is my go-to so for me for collection everlasting cold pencils must must must have try them you will love them clearly they've seen a lot of you they've been they've done with red and now they're about to do thanks offset exactly I love that so I think the next thing I'm going to go into is my ultimate hair product this is the bumble and bumble thickening cream contour and really this product it's sort of it does the main thing it does is separate I would say so it gives you the kind of

that tousle look but I use it in my hair personally aside that's how I get that separation that's also how I get the volume so basically you just like work in I would say maybe a dime sized amount between your fingers and I like push all the hair back even it's long hair and I'll work it through I think what I like about it is that it gives the separation but it doesn't give like Whaley like you know how sometimes you have too much product in equated oiliness and it's like too shiny at the top and this does not do that at all so you can really get like a lot of money from it too so it's definitely thickening and volumizing but it's also a separation which is awesome well I made I literally just watch to use it before he came out here and it was you did it so quick I love you like they're gonna perfect hair I was like okay for flyaways yeah cuz it doesn't it instead of using an oil like oils can leave that like shiny right at the root which is like not hot then it looks like you an oily hair and so I would say like this guy is my go-to for a fly it's awesome anything really it's amazing that's so good alright so I'm gonna go

to a tool for me I know and I know this is one of your personal favorites too I love this top so this is the Sephora collection Pro small shadow brush number 15 and this is I think I have four of them in my kid like I hoard them the same way I've heard everything that I love there is a reason why this brush is so fantastic one the size so it's not too big so it's small so you can get detailed in there so it's great for any eye shape so even if somebody has a very small lid you can really use that to pack on so you have the ability to use it flat and really get a packing technique going but you can also turn it so you can turn it sideways and you're going to get a very thin narrow precise placement so you can use this to smudge under the eye even though you would think this is too big really can get under the either you can do amazing crease work just literally just using it on its edge like that you can almost get as sharp as a cut crease I mean obviously you're not going to get like those super sharp cut creases but you can really get some amazing crease work and then if you turn it sideways and kind of use it you can use it as a

blender yes that's exactly how I use rays this fresh fruit for everything tire eye the whole entire eye can be done like if you had to give me one brush and said you have to do an entire like really detailed eye with like lots of blending and structure and everything I would pull this number 15 brush and I would say I got it I've got it under control and I actually coach artists in store to do entire eyes with this because I think it's so universal of a brush like for me perfect size perfect bristles perfect shape perfect everything cannot live without this brush must have must have must have yeah yeah cool I think that's that those are are those are a little small selection of our writer dies our must-have products I hope you guys really loved hearing what we use legitimately because these are literally from Arquette's we pulled them out of our kit um and I hope you guys really get a chance to go and play with these products I think you will fall in love with them as well yeah totally I really think you will fall in love with them and they're all like pretty easy to use

I feel like actually all of these make our jobs easier so yeah give him a reel and if you guys have any questions or comments don't forget to leave them in the comment section below we'd love to hear from you guys especially if you've tried these and you're in love with them just as much as we are let us know let the world now because they're good products and don't forget to subscribe so you can see new videos from us every week and until then bye guys you