27 November 2018

reviewing my KARA BEAUTY eyeshadow & glitter palettes | JESI MCJIMSON-ANTHONY

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hey guys welcome back to my Channel

today we are gonna be talking about all the car beauty palettes that I own so I'm gonna break down every single palette the pros the cons the good the bad whatever and I'm going to share my thoughts with you on all the palettes that I own I actually have quite a few here I have four of the nine pan eyeshadow palettes here and I have one of their bigger palettes and two of their glitter palettes so we're just gonna go ahead and jump right into the video because I don't wanna make this too long so first I'm gonna start by talking about the nine shadow palettes that I have and I'm gonna start with my absolute favorites which is the fiery and nine by Carr beauty and all of the nine shadow palettes look just like this same you know carton and on the back they have all the shadow and names so I think that's really convenient now this one is my favorite simply because of these shades in the palette so we open this up like my eye is automatically drawn to this mustard yellow this red this orange this gold here and then this brown shade and I really really really love like those more fall warm tones so this fellow just like it's my go-to

palette I don't have anything bad to say about this palette all the shades and you are very very pigmented so I'll just show you my favorite ones like look at that so beautiful I really appreciate having deeper tones and apologize just because for the outer V I usually like to have a deeper tone so I really love that they have two of these in the palette in the last matte and the palette is this white shade down here it's literally a pure white shade so I think that that can come in handy and then we have three metallics in the palette and here they are so toast is honestly it's so beautiful this is toast right here and you can actually use this as a face highlight and then you have these two metallics which are absolutely stunning so this whole palette gets an A plus plus for me I absolutely love this palette this is one of my favorites in my collection and definitely one of my most reached for moving on to my two next favorites I can't really decide which one I like more than the other just because I like them for different reasons so now we're going to go ahead and talk about the essential 9 palette and

it has the same deal obviously all the shade names on the back so when you open it up you have all these beautiful brown tones some are more cool and some are more warm which I appreciate and then obviously you get some deeper and Matt's which is great and then you get some really light mats as well as these metallics right here and they're absolutely stunning as well try to figure out where I can swatch these for you beautiful you can even use this as a highlight in this palette so really good palettes to travel with and they're just stunning this one I don't have too much to say just because it is a more natural palette for me but I definitely do find it to be like an essential palette to have on hand just for more natural days or if you are traveling and you just want something that you can use on an everyday basis this is an awesome palette to have shadows blend beautifully and they are very pigmented yeah that concludes my thoughts for the essential 9 and now we're going to go ahead and talk about the classical 9 which is another one of my favorites and this one here it's just it has a like a lot going on in it which is why it's one

of my favorites but I think the one thing that kind of holds me back from it is the fact that these Purple's are not really my favorites I think that they definitely did better with the purples in the car Beauty es tu palette but the Purple's in both the heavenly 9 in the classical 9 I'm just not a fan of I don't think that they blend well I don't think that the pigment is really there but I do love this palette for pairing with other palettes that's the only downside of these two palettes here I know I'm getting ahead of myself but I just feel like you can't really do a complete look at least I don't feel that I'm really capable of doing a complete look just because I don't really have anything Byrd shades to work with now this purple here it's more like a I don't know it's like a pinky purple this one is absolutely beautiful and I love the shade here and so these are the other metallics in the palette and let me just show you guys they are freaking beautiful car Beauty has done it with the metallics I don't know what whatever they're doing they're doing I mean I'm kind of like here and there with this pilot I really do like like

this portion of the palate but like I said the colors don't really coincide enough for you to create a complete look with this palette which is my only downside but yeah great palette just don't really care for these two shades next the heavenly and 9 palette by car beauty so this one here you can see it's a lot more cool toned than the other palettes that I've shown you again the Purple's not too pleased with but every other shade other than these two appear I think are great the only downside that I would have to say aside from the Purple's not being pigmented is that these are mainly all shimmers so you don't really have matte shades to work with which I need matte shades more than I need shimmers so you only have these two matte shades right here you just don't really give you a lot to work with with this palette which is why this is my least favorite so I mean if you're really into shimmers and you don't require a lot think this would be a good palette for you but for me it just doesn't really fit all of my needs so I just kind of pick up this palette it's for like one or two shade I don't really reach for this a whole lot but the

metallics in here are really really good and I feel like the metallics are unique shades like this pretty purple here and this one here I don't really have those in my collection so I do appreciate this palette forward the metallics so all of these palettes were sent to me in PR and they do a retail for I think $12.99 let me double check you can get these palettes for $12.99 each off of card beauty comm and I do have a discount code with them it's Jesse Jes eye for 10% off if you are interested moving on to the carb Utes 2 palette this is honestly one of my favorite palettes from them just because of the shades in here so this is a shade range in here and so look at this and then just look at this for a second I don't know if you guys have noticed or not that morphe has discontinued their 35b palette and honestly this palette is literally like identical like literally it's identical so this is honestly a great option if you never got your hands on the 3rd 5b by morphe but you still but you still want quality shadows we still want that same shade selection so honestly that's why I picked this one up and this is my first introduction to car beauty and I

fell in love and I just I love their shadows I think that they do a great job so anywho I'm not really much to say on this palette I think all of these shades are great the Purple's in this palette are a lot better than the ones in the heavenly nine in the classical nine I think this just covers all of your pops of color needs so I think this is a great option for anybody wanting to play with a little bit of color but say more on the affordable side because this gives you a variety of everything and it's just a great palette it's like blendable pigmented it's just overall awesome palette to have this one here is $19.99 on a card beauty's website now I'm gonna go ahead and move on to the glitter palette now we're gonna go ahead and talk about the car beauty es4 9 at galaxy palette and for a second let's just talk about the packaging because oh my goodness it's absolutely stunning and what I love about it is like you can rub this palette and the glitter is not going to transfer onto your hands or onto your clothes or anything like that so really beautiful packaging then when you go ahead and open it up you get these

amazing sized pans and these very unique shades first and foremost what I really really love about these glitters and what I really really appreciate is that you don't have to use glitter glue or like a glitter primer to get it to what stay on to your lid or ever you're putting it and you can like hit the pan upside down like you can do whatever flitter is not falling out of this thing which I appreciate I I love glitter but if I can have glitter in this form I much prefer it because loose glitter is just messy it gets everywhere it just kind of like sticks to your face whereas this one doesn't this one is this one is so easy to work with it's unbelievable you can literally go straight into a pan and it's on your finger and you can go directly on to your eye and just kind of like Pat it wherever you want it and you're done I prefer car beauty's glitter palettes over anything honestly and this palette here retails for $34.99 but it's definitely well worth it because it just saves you time it's so convenient and it's very forgiving if you do like a mess up or if you're trying to go for a cut crease

you can get a little bit above your crease you can go in with like a more stiff brush and just like dust it away and it comes right off but at the same time it wears forever I don't know how they do it but they did that so that concludes my thoughts on this palette I love it nothing bad to say about it whatsoever and I highly highly recommend if you want glitter here you go so now we're gonna go ahead and talk about the last palette that I have here and this is the car beauty es 17:35 color galaxy palette so this one variant actually purchased for me as a gift and this one retails for $39.99 this is the inside of the palette I really appreciate that it comes with this huge NIR and honestly this is a good quality near like this is one that's not gonna make you look all weird and assorted like this is a very decent mirror to have and I like it because if I'm traveling or whatever the case is not only am I able to do a bomb look because I have all of these glitters to work with if I want in one palette in one place but it also comes with this huge mirror so if I am traveling I can't kind

of like set myself up right here it's just a win-win cuz I got my glitter I got my mirror I'm good so this is the same concept as the last palette that I showed you I do think the last palette their consistency makes may be better by like a slight slight bit but this one is still great and easy to work with so I just take it straight from the palette and then kind of just like put it wherever you need it perfect for traveling I think just because like I said it's a win-win you kind of get everything and it's also really slim just kind of like fits in your bag really nicely and all you would need is probably like one other palette or a couple just like single shadows to like work into the crease or something like that so honestly love this palette and nothing bad to say about it so that concludes all my thoughts on all of these palettes from karp UD like I said I do have a discount code it's Jessie J ESI for 10% off and before I close up this video I do want to say that I really really appreciate respect and love Cora beauty as a brand they really a special place in my heart just because they were the first brand to

actually contact me and happy to their PR list which I really really appreciate because I do work full-time I pay bills I just have a lot of other places for my money to go so I can't always go and spend money on makeup so for a brand to send me free product that way I can create a better content better looks using quality products I appreciate it so so much so I am just so grateful that they that they allowed me to have this opportunity to share their brand with you guys it just blows my mind how they came across me and obviously I don't have the the biggest following there's plenty more people doing the same thing as me who have tons of more followers than I do but the fact that car Beauty allowed me to have this opportunity it just means everything to me so thank you card baby if you are watching this thank you guys so much for watching this video and I really do hope that you guys go out and support card Beauty because they deserve all the love they are an awesome company an awesome brand and they create awesome products so it definitely go check out their website and I will catch you guys in my next video bye