23 November 2018

Review on MUA Professional Makeup Academy All Over Shadow Brush | stephhxx

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more than three years and like uh five

years like all together hi you guys back with another video yeah sorry that I'm so sumed in I can't talk but I'm doing a review on I'm sorry it's too hot in here I'm doing a review on the Nu a professional makeup Academy all over shadow brush and this is what it looks like in the package sides and the back it it's an all over shadow brush full and rounded natural fiber brush from perfectly even wash of color from lid to brow bone superior shape and deeper bristles light shadow over a large area creating a flawlessly even distribution of pigment in one easy street perfect for an all-over wash of shadow highlighting the brow bone or tucking color into the eyepiece it says perfect for playing a wash of color all over I use brush to swirl and blend color so these are not typically the brushes I use to I'm just gonna take out the package honestly [Applause] it's kind of pretty much a flat kind of rounded top it's pretty fluffy as you guys can tell not that much pretty regular brush it should cover most of my lid like just it should cover it pretty quickly right so that's usually what I

use these brushes for a just for the lid I like this one it's really thick long you just done you know done deal but um basically and then I would going with a rounder fluffier I guess brush for the crease but they apparently want me to use this for the crease I don't know how you guys will do that a little bit too harsh in my opinion but on me that's what it says I'm not really sure but I really like this brush it's really long and it feels like light I just think you need to use kind of thing but yeah so that's what I'm doing today um let me show you guys how it applies if it picks up the color a lot and just so you guys can go out and buy it if I do recommend it for you guys or if it's a total waste of your money you know what I mean so I'm gonna try out this product for you guys because I plan on keeping it I mean I saw it I thought this perfect for my lid you know packing on the color because I have gotten this one from elf the elf eyeshadow see brush and if you guys can compare them the elf one is quite a bit shorter and quite a bit flatter I would say turns out that this wasn't relieved to back on the color because as you can see it takes quite a

while it's so short and they kind of point it's kind of steps the point for this one it's actually the smudge brush so I can see how that would make perfect sense and it would give you a really nice smile try it one day if you guys want to see me try that with this you know reviewing this some elf brush just see some common stuff you leave a comment down below so I can know that you guys are interested in that I do like this one better but I don't know why this one feels obviously it's longer and also I don't know I just like that it's so rounded it sounds kind of like tapered this just easy to hold I don't know how to explain it guys but this is like so easy to be not harsh if you know what I mean with the brush sorry I'm trying problem let's just put this bad boy back because we're not using it today in this video so I'm gonna pick whatever this is literally the only palette I have I really want to call it pop yes please palette but they hadn't restocked this is literally the only palette I've ever had in my life I got it I don't know a long time ago as a holiday pack I think it was it came with

the black eyeliner and i usually use black eyeliner so i was like why not I probably lost it already but anyways these are the nudes and I actually like nude colors I really do because they go with everything like I don't really like blues and greens and purples because I'm like I'm never gonna use them to be honest I don't want to look like a clown so it's just like a Newton's palette pretty much from Maybelline it's pretty good so I'm doing really pigmented right but like I said I'm waiting for the yes please palette so I can grab it real quick but yeah so we're gonna be using this coloring here it's kind of like a gray but yeah but see how much color so whoa that picks up a lot of color as you guys can see anything I'm pretty sure you guys can see I'm gonna love this brush pretty sure I'm not even doing this right but we're murderous just pretend I am I do like two swipes by the way so enough this would be a review and demo kind of thing but I like how it covers a lot of area she didn't see I'm not sure that I picked up a lot of product to be honest but it does cover a

lot of area so I do like four or five swatches so hopefully that's enough to just pack on the color [Music] I'm not liking this oh my gosh do I see that the hairs it's moving hairs hopefully this isn't shed like crazy because that would be really annoying like why why would you do that to me but it really does a pilot color as you guys can see animal really nice you do need a lot of swatches but it does apply it really quickly and it's pretty like yes it's losing quite a bit of hairs I just I hope it's because I didn't wash it like the first time and it's like him make sure that's Mike but none of my version that ever done this and this one's like shutting like crazy but I never heard bad things about these brushes but um can I have high hopes for this um I hope it doesn't it should stop shedding but seems like it did but anyways as you guys can see my eye shut up occasionally packing on the color and stuff I can always blend it out more as you guys can see this is how I use it from here I love this

blend it out and it looks I'm looking at the mirror over there it looked fabuloso so I'm keeping this brush I just hope it doesn't shed on me again but yeah you guys um thanks for watching and I really do recommend that brush except for the show part um so at your own risk thanks for watching and leave any comments questions or video suggestions that you may have and I'll see you in my next video bye come and mow that in my direction so thankful for that such a person yeah turn every situation in the heaven