26 February 2015

Review : Nivea makeup removers

Nivea Daily Essentials Sensitive 3in1 Micellar Cleansing Water: Cleanses deeply thanks to its extra effective yet mild cleansing complex .Moisturizes and ...

everyone welcome back to another review

this Thursday and this week I want to talk about makeup remove but the brand I'm going to concentrate on is Nivea now as you can see I have three makeup removers the first being the masala water and second one here is the double effect I makeup remover and the other one I'd also like to talk about is the gentle eye makeup remover somewhere it's stuck with the masala water first so miss someone has been on trend for the past two years two and a half years now I first started using the vitamin E cellar water or as it's called the binder about Scentsy view of h2o I first started using that maybe one and a half year a little more than one and a half year and it has become my holy grail of makeup removers but the one that I want to talk about today is from Nivea this is the three-year one to sell a cleansing water and sandhya it's for all skin type if cleanses deep be gently removes a face and eye makeup and refresh the skin that's what the bottle looks like it is clear liquid and you get this in a 200ml size bottle so the new episode of water does remove my makeup but it does take time normally when I'm using the bio mass at Seaview I

need around 100 cotton towels or with this one it does take me three to five photographs to move all my makeup from my face and my neck also this masala water does not remove waterproof I mean so after I'm using micellar water my skin does not look refreshed also it leaves my skin a little sticky so I have to wash it off and that defeats the purpose of using a Miss alone like I said in the beginning this can be used by all skin types including sensitive skin it is cheaper than in any other big brands to sell alright you're spending big bucks just for makeup remover you can go ahead and try it is forests at 25 grams or a 200 ml bottle as far as I've seen you can only get one size and it's available at any major supermarkets and drugstores in and across Kiwi the next makeup remover from Navy I want to talk about is the double effect I makeup remover it says here that it effectively removes waterproof mascara and protects these sensitive eyelashes that's what the bottle looks like I want to tell you how much I love this makeup remover it effortlessly it quickly

removes any waterproof mascara from your face also it is oil-based but it doesn't sting in burn your Ani so just wet the cotton pad with a couple of drops hold it against your eye for a few seconds and wipe it off as easy as that it does leave my skin soft and moist unlike other eye makeup removers I know some people may find this a little crazy for the eyes but I have dry skin and I think it kind of balances alone do remember that this kind of removers needs to be shaken and fixed in order to see result I find this run better than the expensive brands I've tried before a definite repurchase for me next I'd like to talk about the Nivea gentle eye makeup remover and that's what the bottom looks like this works perfect for normal makeup again it's not recommended for what proof make I was really hoping for this to be a really great product but it doesn't work for me because I normally wear waterproof eye makeup so it does remove my eye shadow so for those people who way contacts who wear sensitive eyes and would like to buy this I would suggest try this before you buy this because this does have benzyl

alcohol that may sting open your eyes firstly I won't be repurchasing this but if you are person who is looking for something very gentle and you were very minimal make-up try this it is priced at 25 grams and you can find this at major supermarkets and drug stores in and across UE well guys that's it for today's review thank you so much for watching and I'll see you all next Thursday with another new review to let you take care and I'll see you soon bye you