18 May 2012

Review: Kirkland signature travel size makeup brushes

i bought these makeup brushes at costco for $25. these are good quality brushes and affordable. if interested in purchasing this set of brushes check your local ...

hey youtube so today we're going to talk

about some makeup brushes that i bought from costco recently so in the past i have bought some brushes from them and the brush set that i got from them was by borgese i don't know if that's how you pronounce it but um is this one right here and um for Christmas I also got a brush set from them and this is by kirkland signature and this is just an eyeshadow brush and so the brush said that I bought recently is a nine-piece travel set and this is what it looks like and this is the back side and this was $25 so in total there eight brushes and these are synthetic and natural hair brushes okay so the first thing that I'm going to show you is the bag just the travel bag where you store your brushes this is what it looks like inside so it comes with um pouches so you could like you know store your precious in there and stuff like that it will be easier to carry them in the bag which is really nice I like the fact that is black and small to just quickly just toss in your bag you know and on the go you are so the brush is also came with a brochure where they just explained what the brushes are used for and tips on how to use them to apply your makeup and stuff

it also gives you like cleaning instructions and how to take care of so this is the brochure and this is what the inside looks like okay so let's go ahead and start with the brushes so the brushes looks so nice and sleek and this is the angle foundation brush and um it's really soft so the next brush is a all over face brush and this is what it looks like brushes are very soft like I really really like it it kind of reminds me of the Real Techniques brushes that's how soft it feels the next brush is a cheek brush and when this brush you can pretty much use it for your cheeks bronzer and highlight so the next brush is the crease brush and this is what it looks like so the next brush is a concealer brush in the next brush is an angled brush and this is for your eyeshadow the next brush is your angle liner brush in the next brush is a lip brush and this is what it looks like which comes with a top I like the fact that this brush comes with a top so yeah so I think that um if you have

purchased Kirkland brushes in the past and I think that these are no exception I think that these are not making brushes especially if you're like me that cannot spend over sixty dollars on a set of brushes then I think that this is a an affordable alternative you know to try out so I really like them and they would last a long time if you take care of them so yeah so hope you guys like this video and I'll see you guys next time bye guys