26 November 2018

Red Glitter Holiday Makeup Tutorial Jocy Reyes

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hey guys welcome back to my channel so I finally filmed this highly requested makeup tutorial perfect for the holidays I hope you guys love it and let's get started okay so for this makeup look I am going to be using the BH Cosmetics take me back to Brazil palette and the first color I'm going to be applying on my crease it's going to be this red eye shadow and I do start very lightly and then I just start building up the color I am doing windshield wiper motions and I am using my morphe m4 for one brush you guys know I live for this brush the next color I'm going to be applying on my crease is going to be this black eyeshadow and I'm not applying a lot of this color just because I don't want the black to take over the red and I still want both colors to be able to be seen so I literally just tap the brush on the eyeshadow once and that was it so just be careful when applying black eyeshadow because it can get really dark and you wouldn't even notice to like later on just remember to start blending it very lightly and to not apply too much color and you'll be good oh by the way i am using the morphe emma 4-3-3 brush to

blend this color i'm going back with the first brush i was using which is the morphe emma four-for-one and i'm just going to be blending in both colors together so for the eyelid color I'm actually going to be using this eyeshadow from the desert does palette by hyouta beauty and it's called desert sand and I'm just going to be applying this all over my entire eyelid so for the glitter I'm going to be using this one by urban decay and it's called a Midnight Cowboy I'm also going to be doing my eyeliner and the eyeliner I use is from pretty vulgar and it's my favorite it's so creamy and it doesn't dry I'm going back to the crease and I'm applying a little bit more of that black eyeshadow just a tiny bit more not too much and I am using the e36 blending brush by Sigma I'm going in with this girl's eyeshadow from the dezerter's palette by hyouta beauty and I'm applying it on the inner corners of my eye and on my brow bone I'm also going to be applying this highlight by fancy beauty it's called trophy wife and I am obsessed with a I

love using it as an inner corner and brow bone highlight it just makes everything pop out a lot more and I love it to finish up this look I'm going to set my eyebrows and I am using my brow gel by benefit but once that is done I am all done with this look make sure you give this video a thumbs up before you leave I love you guys and I'll see you guys on my next video [Music]