09 April 2019

Red and Gold Prom Makeup | The Crayon Case Matte Book | Made Up by Kirsten

Hey y'all!! 🥰♥ OMAS COSMETICS ••In no way am I trying to bash Omas Cosmetics, but I wore this look for about 5-6 hours. When I took it off I had a small rash ...


my channel so I am back with another problem look a lot of you guys requested it how'd you go and read and this is what I came up with so I hope it's what you guys are expecting if you guys are interested to see how this look they make sure you keep watching so I'm gonna start off with this eye shadow primer and this is the one from morphe and it's in translucent and I'm not gonna put some let's just a little bit right in the creases of my ugly to make seems like right we are alia will crease usually I so now he's a matter girl consider including and somebody asking with the point was and doing both and really the eyeshadow primer keys my life from creasing when I used white colors and then this one just gives me the base so my colors were up here my dignity I'm using the MacBook from the Korean case and I'm gonna pick up the burgundy mr. Pelley at first and put it in my crease so actually I'm gonna pick up the rillette first using the same brush I'm gonna lightly Mullane out the edge isn't uneven lighting I'm just gonna blend them out no I say lightly so that's why I usually see me use the m5 up CX and blend out my

colors because you see when I get like a bigger brush this happiness but it's okay yeah I'm saying the brush set up looking like a silhouette and kind of insect bit over here because I believe it my I said I was like I hate when I do that what is so hard to you know but now I wanna go incident in 506 and pick up a little bit of 3/8 and I'm gonna go to the break India shows out earlier and I'm ready to find brushes that you 17 usually I'll put the dart code out first and then you still gotta want to move it out but because I didn't do it on this I I was kind of scared it wouldn't look the same and I don't look different so yeah but if you want to put the ready now first anything you stay ready to move it out then do that cuz I kind of wish I do you know it's my right kind of clipping I'm just supposed to kind of bother me I'm gonna take the in 506 and balloon is out somewhere because it's not windy how it should be so I'm going to switch to the e 18 and continue with the Burgundy I'm gonna go ahead and cut my crease with the revolution when if I'm still there in C Moines but if you are gonna do this elimination you clean your

feet off first I didn't just look at that person on my on the pink st. day it took but if you want to use like white and it actually be white make sure you take it make it white or something you clean up your alley so when you catch a crazy it will be white in that [Music] and this luck nails I do to helping that mix so much I just paid my today I don't swipe me unless I'm like couldn't it free so I got here to talk mother than AI just paid go up back into the burgundy using the e 17 I'm just gonna take the over here lightly so pulling this out so I'm retaking this pigment from Ole Miss cosmetics it so mas because I said it last I like people look like what but um it's in the shade white diamond I'm gonna check that out my favorite packing brush every day I will link down below it's a birth date from Amazon it's really really cheap money and it's like my favorite but I want to pick this on my okay it's like right here I love you have a thumb break a finger on I'm gonna put some of my do eyelash glue the clear one and that I have Dulce right now come

here is I want to put some I do eyelash glue there and I want to take this glitter from my T's cosmetics it's called pot of gold it looks green but it's like a mixture of chunky and fine gold glitters and I'm gonna put that right in here okay I wanna do my mascara mother she's off camera and you know you got to show you guys how I complete the waterline so for the waterline I'm gonna take a eat I did it every video I swear the e36 was just like a small pencil brush I'm gonna dig into the burgundy and take it like halfway I don't know why but like I said in my other videos I don't like bringing my color all the way around so I just thought I'd meet Lee and I want to take the Jemma pencil from NYX and shape milk which is a white eyeliner and I'm gonna also line my waterline Midway yeah like that you want to try to avoid your eyelash she said she cheated on y'all let's just go back over it um with the Burgundy but now I'm gonna do some mascara and I mistake that I see is when you put on your do other school or whatever glitter primer blue whatever you use don't put it down like in there straight like I did you want to try to

push my glitter down and make up ombre effect so it's not just a harsh cutoff so there's a go however did you see on my face is from the princess I just took up Haley it's like I'm gonna highlight my face and like the inner part of my eyes so this was actually um more sort of a highlighter almost Cosmetics has a pigment and karat gold well if you want to use this wash on you but this one is like way like more dramatic but natural enough if you want or something pop like this that person you don't like using this one for highlighter because you can kind of see the little specks those flakes and especially you guys like a little flaky so right there we're going to take the red up instead of bringing a go down it to make sense but yeah we don't like destroy to the coincident yeah I'm not in some color on my lip so I'm just gonna take this brown with minor Eli my lips and it top it off with some lip gloss what I didn't take a look is already held at Boston I know wipe it off or something I just hate colors on my lips but that was just kiss me wondering it's called cookie butter it's the butter

gloss fornix powder we okay I want to sit on my next mints and spray alright you guys so that is it for this video thank you guys so much between and other guys would enjoy this look if you think make sure you give me a thumbs up and make sure I subscribe look at this clear make sure you guys subscribe to my channel for more looks and I will see you guys in my next video [Music]