26 November 2018


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hi hello today I have a makeup look using the coloured raine vivid pigments and shadow shadows palette I think this is a new palette I bought off eBay on sale and yeah this look is inspired by artists on Instagram Rocio CJ sorry from butchering that but she is an amazing artist on Instagram this is the look I'll link her Instagram in the description box below and also with all the products that I used will be listed and linked down below as well yeah if you want to see how I created this look then please keep on watching because my hair is a mess right anyway today I am gonna be using the coloured raine vivid pigments and shadows palette this is an absolutely gorgeous palette it looks like this it has lots of bright shades I think see there's quite a lot of like similar shades but they're all different in their own way they are mostly matte which is nice this one down here is a little bit shimmery but other than that they are matte and they are very pigmented as well which by then eyelashes just don't want to stick to my face like honestly okay so to start with I'm gonna take the pea Louise

base in the shade zero I'm just going to pop that on the lid and I'm gonna take a flat concealer brush [Music] okay so I'm not gonna set the base I'm first gonna take the shade sauce which is the red shade on a multi M 4-3-3 brush this shade is very pigmented so you don't need a lot [Music] then I'm going to take the shade bossed up on a zoeva two to four brush and I'm just going to apply that next to that red shade in my videos but I never know what to talk about I just like getting things done you know but I do want to start talking to you guys and that was my phone let you know some stuff maybe I'll do a Q&A [Music] and on a blank canvas e 10 brush I'm going to take this shade drip drop and again put that next to the pig water shade I love this brush is very precise and it's such a difference when you pop the shadow on first and then go in and blend it out after because it just adds a little bit more pigmentation to the eye shadows just a little hint for you guys then on the same e blank canvas eat

em brush I'm going to take the shade level up which is the green shade [Music] Edge's Oh which doesn't take long at all with very nice then on a more fee and a 506 brush I'm gonna take party drip which is the bright neon pink and I'm gonna put that on the outer part of my eye above the red and the high like so but now we're going to cut the crease so I didn't take the P Luiza base again on the same flat brush I'm going to build up the color [Music] now I'm gonna take the yellow which is called a lemon drop on a morphe m151 brush and I'm gonna place that where we just cut the crease [Music] take my hand and we'll go away to a different place [Music] okay so after that my hair is a mess stay then I'm gonna take the shade splash which is a nice neon orange shade and I'm gonna put that next [Music] [Applause] [Music] and I'm just going to blend like so okay

so that is pretty much the eyeshadow on the top done now I'm going to line my lashline with a liquid I'm also going to add some black in my upper waterline now I'm gonna take the Marc Jacobs Highliner matte gel eye crayon in the shade popular which is a nice pink love these this so pigmented so I'm going to put that in me now the lashes I'm gonna go in with are the Tassie lashes in tl9 I'm gonna apply some mascara I'm gonna apply the Maybelline lash sensational okay so for prime ed today I'm going to be taking the NYX honeydew meet-up primer this is a very like gloopy consistency like honey ready or not I love the smell this yes I'm gonna blend that out with a duo fiber brush [Music] hey so full foundation today and let me take in the NYX can't stop won't stop full coverage foundation I have the shade and light which might be a little bit too light for me so I'm just going to burn that everywhere yes what ways you're doing [Music] [Applause] [Music]

[Applause] [Music] [Music] he's low for concealer and oldie but goodie I'm gonna take the Urban Decay Naked skin concealer this is in the shade very neutral [Music] with a sponge [Music] be sure to set that or white pasty face into place I'm going to take the Maybelline master fit certain and perfecting loose powder this is the Matt fire once and for the rest of the face I'm gonna go in it with the Rimmel stay matte in the shade 0:05 silky beige just to give some life back to my skin okay so to bring a bit of life into my face I'm gonna take bronzer this is the anyway bronze matte bronzing powder in the shade solo hashtag 110 notice it is on a big brush this is the morphe M 5 to 7 brush [Music] so now for blush I'm gonna take the Milani baked blush in Luminoso of course what else [Music]

now I'm gonna set my face using the I Heart Revolution that fixing spray in the vanilla and coconut scent then it for highlight I'm gonna go in with one of my favorites it's the mary lou manizer it's i'm gonna quickly go off camera into my eyebrows and I'll be right back okay so now I'm gonna do the lower lash line so first I'm going to take the red and I'm just going to buff that and join it with the upper lash line ever I shadow I think I'm just going to put the red under here so so then for the inner corner I'm gonna take the highlight we used I'm gonna spritz the brush because I just prefer to do that I'm going to then I'm gonna have some mascara okay so for lips I'm gonna use the Mac lip liner in stripped iron which is nice [Music] well liquid lipstick I'm gonna take the ofra long lasting lipstick in the shade below which is a nice like pinky nude peachy nude I've got dry okay so this is the final leg I really hope you enjoyed it I did enjoy creating it if you did enjoy it then please make sure to subscribe to my channel and like this video if you did

just to let me know what people think and get an idea of what I should do on my channel I really like the colorful looks so yeah there's a lot of that on my channel hopefully coming soon yeah I love it in the moon and back and I'll see on the next one bye [Music] [Music] you