21 December 2018

Recreating James Charles' Makeup Looks

Welp....we failed to say the least, enjoy! instagrams: @mcauffman31 @meryemzduman.

freaking balling really thriving ok

sorry looks so ugly right now but we're about to be glammed up and beautiful in about an hour so however long this takes us to do this this is gonna take me forever we're gonna try today to recreate James Charles makeup looks and will screenshot and put the ones on the screen like who is doing who so I'm gonna try and do this purple look and Maggie wants to do this like a honey one look and I'm gonna be extremely hard because we don't really have all the materials like we don't have his new palette or anything that's gonna be a bigger challenge in itself consider we don't even have to make up for it or the talent mine's gonna be a Pentagon on paper very hello hexagons no that has a one two three four okay it's not excite I can't draw a hexagon normally on paper very well imagine trying to do that on my face like taking it on you really put a lot of accidents think it will all come together I just know it okay does my face look less right now yeah I just I did have a pump I have the pump this just smells like tea tree oil anti-aging Maggie

but you 18 your I can't do a winged liner and realizing that now that I picked up this makeup look I don't even I can't do that I don't even three wing with eyeshadow you know it gets all over my face okay oh my god eyeliner I need tape you know no cheating okay so that's gonna have to be the yellow yeah this is way better but I can't [Music] [Applause] [Music] but I was trying to do James Charles eyebrows and his are super dark then I realized my hair is super light but like it's fine I look like I am the girl from Willy Wonka and she's turning into the blueberry it doesn't look right see yeah yeah I really made a big mistake just a little bit maybe I should have tried to do this and every time I would over line one side the other side would be bigger than that side so then I just kept going trying to make it even and then I just ended up really big wait can you over line my lips please Maggie tried to overload my lips and look at where my noses

[Music] typical difficulties like I think I want to fly away with this purple eye right now [Music] [Music]