27 November 2018

Recrateing makeup looks fail p1

what's up you guys it's Sadie I'm really

frustrated right now but I just sound - I love you guys but they did not work so what I got to do is show you guys my so DOS what I'm doing well then stand stand by this is the look I'm going to try to recreate remove these s smart stupid Pringles out of the way that's kind of shape you guys that probably will be a little bit too much speak but this one I'm going to be trying to reclaim and make it look okay I mean no - you guys look at the small talk to you so as you guys know I'm 10 so I don't have a lot of makeup cuz candy and be wearing tons of makeup I just like to play them so we got back to be trying to recreate this look so her look look straight to it so you guys see you pop it up below if you think I better be able to do it make you to like a bunch of go if you take I'm gonna make like a Mini Cooper once you put them on and off campus so let's get to it but I'm gonna make up a bag hold one so as I said I have tons of makeup but here's some and then I'm sitting at my vanity let me fix my this cuz you guys can't like switch okay I'll show you guys let me get it all set up

alright so I have to make sure I can see it do you guys remember it so the sad thing is that cutting off on any red lipstick so I'm going to try to use a different one so it sucks here we're just gonna have to repair this so you guys are about to see me attempt so here's one convenient use of accent yeah you can see that she has on some gold eyeshadow so first I have this just gold little palette and I'm gonna be using this eyeshadow palette I don't think I need this little powder last thing I will probably mean this it's like it's like like a little cold and I see the chef a little bit of cold our trip and I'll see that she has some at bat gear on hold on hold on okay okay so I'm gonna try to make it work with the pink lipstick and this oh look or this lipstick so I'm not sure so but we're gonna make this work okay so let's get started so first I'm gonna start with eye shadow so me up my ten little I should be push right now you can see she has foundation on I'm gonna put it on this it's fit me powder okay let me stand by you guys okay one second all right so I'm gonna use this fit me powder a little I have a mirror

in front of me by the way I'm gonna give you guys a close-up like at the end in case you can't see maybe I can zoom you're not put this much okay I'm gonna have to you baby you guys guys - one second one second can you see how face better now right over the camera closer [Applause] okay so now you can see muscle anything but is this a good setup look I know you could see like my my scribe and stuff but this is just going to be you guys if you want so let's go start it except first I'm gonna start with my eyes I don't so I see you then she has like a little gold like increases so I'm gonna go with this palette ba la colors and thank you that some of this makeup for my grandmother so yeah I'm going to go bit and cut all right so you got it stitches see this little tiny blue it's a small so I'm going and with this old right here I don't know if you guys can like see it's like gold gone with that and I see she has like around her pieces for the Michigan as the picture she has it like in her creases that I'm trying to give you guys a close-up like when I get good and some good lighting good natural an

envelope opens oh hi comets waving at me she had like way up there cuz I know it looks funny I'll put the way up good but that's where she has it so that's why I shut up so I see also I'm gonna go in with this other eye shadow pellet with what's this little brown color right here because I see this she's like you know creature has a light little but little brown and right there so color is this little old their little brown look see it so I'm done with eyeshadow I think I did good but do you let me know what you guys think in the comments section and then let me go off camera for that alright okay so I did the other eye shadow off camera you know what you guys think I'm ready to show you guys her eyeshadow hold on so this is her passion um and no words like I thought I heard a peachy color but oh well okay so now I'm really excited for this part but I'm really kind of sad because I don't have anything to it I'm gonna have to do like pink bracelet be swatch let me swatch and see it looks more like a red hey my treated like the closest trip all right maybe similar and pretty in okay cuz the good dog I can't I had it but I can't find it wait this guy is

closer in where's Chloe do you think it's closest to written okay so I think I want to do the pink one alright so we're gonna try the pink one so let's see what you guys I know this is done like eight minutes on it's okay though oh my god it's so pink it's okay oh my gosh you guys so pick look how pink that is like a Barbie huh all right you guys I said my gosh I'm struggling okay okay okay you guys look how pink that is you can't tell me that doesn't look like a park P that's right because now I'm not good at this it's my scare mascara mascara I'm struggling out oh no a 60% less you should see much light blush see much chefs Anne Burrell here on ok so guys you should turn this pink it's red please cuz like I'm so sure I can find please forgive me oh yeah post artist case Janet goes to Brittany rip up Brittany smothers [Applause] [Applause] setting spoon oh yeah I definitely got this with my grandmother she got a little every week this is sitting this pretty so I'm about to give you guys a close-up so I know flea please don't give any don't be harsh to me okay let's

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