14 January 2019

Random Lip Product Week 3

Hi everyone! I am partly going to bring back my Weekly Random Makeup Products series, but only what comes to lip products! I am going to pick randomly one ...

hi everyone and welcome to my channel my

name is Katerina I'm super excited about today's video because I am partly going to print pack off my weekly under makeup product if you were my subscriber in fall you maybe remember the series if not let me tell you what my weekly render makeup product series was so it was the series inspired by Peggy loves chaos weekly product pan there Peggy does speak mine product randomly from her makeup collection and Sylvia use that product every day during the next week and many people are actually doing series similar to Peggy's most of those that I watched maybe want to use the product at least once during the week and what I did with my vehicle around a makeup product series was that I did pick three products randomly from my makeup collection and I wanted to use of those products at least once during the week one product of those was a face product that was either a bus or a highlighter one product most an ashram and one product was a lip product and I did really enjoy it first when I started but it is quite much to pick three products and use often at least once during the week and I also wanted to make some progress with my panning

products so at some point I started to film toast weekly render makeup product videos in every two weeks and then in the beginning of December unfortunately forgot about the whole series I had such a PC December and I had so many other videos I wanted to film because the year was ending I knew in the end of last year that I wouldn't be able to continue the series at least like tucked in 2019 I do have appended face palette and I do have her for classes and a couple of highlighters as well and I just think that if I would pick every week one blast or highlighter I think it would make my palette palette suffer little bit too much also I am doing much of my shadow series where I will rotate through my whole eye shadow collection and I will anyways use all of my eyeshadows at least once during this year however I really do not have any project pans or any other rotation team to my lip products and also I do like little bit of randomness when picking my makeup to use sometimes I have just little bit hard time deciding or if I'm panning I'm just going for the same looks over and over again and you know that can be a little bit boring - I like

my go-to looks but sometimes I want to spice the looks up so what I decided is that I will bring my weekly random makeup product series back but I am only going to pick one lip product every week so I'm going to call this in 2019 my weekly random only product and I'm super excited so from now on I try to film every week these videos and I will pick one lip product and my goal is to use the product at least two times one time out of camera or maybe on camera but before filming the next update and ten I want every lip product in the update as well so you actually can see what it looks like when I'm wearing it so I do have at least that all of my lip products they are in alphabetical order and telus contains all of my lip liners lipsticks liquid lipsticks and lip glosses and I'm going to pick a number with random.org and 10 the number corresponding to the number on my list will be my lip product pic of the week I do have currently 70 lip products in my collection and I'm actually really excited because I did take let her in the end of last year some lip products that I really didn't like whatever epic is something that I really do like

whether it is seasonally appropriate or not that I cannot decide but I can always try to make it more seasonally appropriate even if I feel that it would go better during summer okay so that is what the series is about so let's just pick the lip product for the week tree so as I said I do have 70 lip products in my collection and I will generate a number from 1 to 70 and I did get a number 50 so let me check what it is oh my god okay so number 50 is NYX matte lipstick in sweet pink and when I was saying that I may get something that in my opinion is not seasonally appropriate I think this is exactly like an example of that so I do have my mix matte lipstick in sweet pink over here it is like a pride Barbie pink but it's like warm they also do have a shade called shocking pink that is like more cool toned and this is definitely for me way more a spring or summer color but I will wear this at least once before my next update and today I will be wearing this on my next update so I'm actually super excited I think this shed will go beautifully with some eyeshadows I do have currently or my rotations and one thing I want to mention is that I

try to post pictures of me wearing this to Instagram and anyways I have tried to be more active with my Instagram I'm not the best with it and to be completely honest Instagram is not my favorite social media but I think it's nice to post makeup looks there once in a while if you are interested I do have my Instagram linked down below it's Monday I will be updating you about taste lipsticks and of course I do have a lot more of mediums coming before that so if you did like this video please put thumbs up remember to check out Peggy's channel of she does have some really awesome unique ideas and t-series is based on her weekly product pan thank you so much for watching this video and see you in my next one bye bye