21 December 2018


WATCH IN HD welcome back to my channel guys! Today I have a simple make up tutorial for you and I really hope you enjoy it! btw I'm not a pro at make up!!!

hi guys and welcome back to my channel I

Miriam don't forget to subscribe today I have a makeup look for you and I just want to say I am NOT a makeup professional but let's get to it so I like to stuff by moisturizing and cleansing my face then I was going with a spray just so everything looks nice and dewy and then I like to start off with my eyes so I like to prime them and then put some concealer on them and I like to blend them in with my fingers I use my fingers over as I feel like the warmth of my fingers like really helps to blend it in so nothing looks dry or anything like that I'm really really like fussy when it comes to my makeup so once that's blended I like to put a setting powder all over my lips I then like to going with this change for the shades for boys just like the light light very light pink just for the base [Music] and then I go in with this pink color and that's gonna go all over my lid so I'll just be using this one but I then decide to deepen the color so that I go in with a darker pink but you'll see so we like to blend that all over my lids now I'm just thinking about it's not pink enough and that's when I decide to

have the darker pink but I didn't show it but it's just just a darker pink now I blend that in so I wanted to look really just Sol and like not really bright if that makes sense I like everything to look just nice and blended then I go over with some concealer just so I can clean up my eyebrows [Music] [Music] and then like to stop my eyebrows so like to comb them out and then fill them in I don't like the German look so I like everything to look really just natural and I'm the lighting kit it's kind of like overpowering so my eyebrows don't look as thick so I just feel that and I just want to say you might see some looking like dandruff on my hair but it's not I basically had sprayed my hair and then all the powder I realized at the end I just gone and see my hand stuck there's on there but yeah then I see who brush my eyebrows outs with no harsh towns or anything like that I then like to go in with a gel just so it stays in place [Music] and I like to just clean up my under-eye and just making sure there's no fallout

and I like to go in my foundation so what I like to do is I like to put the foundation in the middle of my hand then it warms up so that when I apply it it's so like silky like it's not it doesn't make my skin look dry basically normally if I don't do this I feel like the foundation just look so dry on my face but with this it looks nice and just I feel like Chloe basically I like to blend all that in with my fingers because if you like to blend it well with my fingers and with a sponge again it goes dry I don't know why but yeah [Music] and I'd like to go in with some concealer under my eyes on the bridge of my nose and my lip and my shame and my forehead and again I just like to use a little and I don't like to pack it on I'm gonna blend all that out with my fingers again [Music] well I don't really set my concealer as I don't find a problem like it doesn't crease or anything like that so we just leave it I used to say it but then that used to make it really dry and now if I don't say what I do eye makeup is fine I then likes it going with the first

color shades I used I wanted to pull out under my eyes just to brighten it plus I don't have that color in a eyeliner anymore the lines are going with a pinky shade and just blend all out under my eyes [Music] I hate miss Farah and it's even awkward putting mascara on on camera as you can see I messed up a bit but then I cleaned afterwards [Music] [Music] so with my contour I like to blend everything really well close I don't want it to be a major contour look so again I want it to be like a so look and so I'll blend everything wrong like I don't know if you can see but you can see a little bit for my head now it's horrible [Music] I'd like to just clean the little console look I've got going on and I guess I'm not just a bit more and I like to blend everything together so nothing looks harsh and then I like to use my highlight [Music] [Music]

so now that the contour my lights don't I like to set my face and then go in with my lipstick [Music] [Music] [Music] I thank you so much for watching I hope you enjoyed it if you want to see more looks like this then comment down below and let me know and I will see you guys in my next video thank you and I hope you enjoyed don't forget to subscribe and like [Music]