27 November 2018

Purple Smokey Eye w/ Silver Glitter Makeup Tutorial | Night Look

Hi Everyone, This is a Purple Smokey Eye Makeup Tutorial. This is a bold purple smokey eye. I think it's still very wearable and versatile even though it's ...


welcome back to my channel so today the look I'm thinking of doing is something very bold so the palace I'll be using is from Judy's place and also Anastasia Beverly Hills I have already primed my face so I'm just gonna go ahead and consume my upper eye I'm using the Maybelline instant age rewind concealer I'm blending in with my finger press because this gives me more coverage and then I'm gonna blend it with a Beauty Blender if you haven't subscribed to my channel yet go ahead and subscribe yesterday was the bird Thanksgiving sale I just went in the nine-time and I just went to Ulta and Macy's and then came back but they had by the time I came I went around like 9 o'clock then I started the $10 mascara at Ulta they still had it and also the understands that Beverly Hills said a highlighter kit I got one I got one of those the regular price is $40 the one on sale for $25 which was good but using that and block it while raising this while doing this look so first I'll be using Juvia spice palette and I'm going to use the color Zobel I'm going to take a lot of it on

my brush and the brush I'm using from out I'm just gonna tap the color picking this hover obsidian from Anastasia Beverly Hills I like this color which is black I'm just gonna apply it on the outer corner of the eye I'm just applying in a tapping motion I'm not blending it right now a little bit of that black color and in my knocking up the eyes so taking my concealer brush I'm gonna do a card piece I'm just doing a halfway cut crease I'm using my Maybelline concealer I'm just adding my concealer with Maybelline get me loose powder from juvies place palette I'm taking the color McKay writes this color and I'm taking this color with it's from the Anastasia Beverly Hills loci now I'm Dan karat doing my second both as of now because I'll correcting my face only the places that I have dark spots recently I purchased a drunk elephant night kid and I've been using it like for two days now and it's been only two days there's no difference actually but I do see my acne is going away using a damp Beauty Blender I'm going to use this to face foundation this is my first time using it I've been don't know if I got the

right color this foundation is very creamy it goes on very nicely it's actually not glowing at all which I like do you see how quickly I did that and it gave me it gave me a really good coverage like this with the Beauty concealer that I've been using that one is too drying and I have to like prime my face really good and then I can use that foundation if I don't use it like if I don't prime it that good my mouth areas I get creases in line which I don't like even though I if I set my foundation but still I get it using my Maybelline concealer I'm going to apply it under my eyes this concealer even those drugstore it get it works like a high-end concealer I'm done blending so I'm going to take the columns over from the displaced power again and I'm going to apply it on my lower lash line I'm not taking the black color from the Anastasi palette taking the next eyeliner pencil I'm going to line my waterline I'm going to do my eyebrows and I'll be right back so recently I got this still a glitter and glow liquid eyeshadows that are taking

this color pair Alayna I'm just gonna apply a little bit on the inner corner of my eye oh my god do you see it it's so pretty so the eyelashes I'll be using today is from Vegas snake collection it's called golden goddess which is this one but I'll apply the lashes and I'll be right back so I'm back doing the lashes now I'm going to contour my face using the hoola bronzer and taking that hot blood I'm gonna apply a little bit on my cheeks now is the time to apply the highlighters so I'm going to use the color thinking which color should I use so I'm gonna use the color unicorn since I'm going to call I use this color unicorn I'm taking it on my highlighter brush I'm applying it everywhere that I want to highlight I'm actually looking like a unicorn right now with the purple color eyeshadows and then doing the pink highlighters since I have a very bold eye look I'm gonna go with the nude color I'm taking the Kylie Jenner lip stick it's in color buoy bar so this is the look I was going for and I hope you guys liked it and if you

haven't subscribed to my channel yet go ahead and subscribe and also like this video and thank you for watching [Music]