02 February 2018

Purple monochrome makeup | coloressence eyeshadow pencil|

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hi guys welcome back to my channel today

I'm going to do this makeup look right here so now to start off I'm using this foundation I don't know which foundation is this but I'm going to link each and every product if I don't mention them in the video so I'm just going to take this foundation and apply this all over my face and to do that I'm using this really nice and pretty buffing brush and with the help of that I'm going to apply the foundation all over my face onto my eyelids onto my forehead and everywhere else [Music] and now moving on to the powder the powder I believe it is the Lakme rose powder in the shade pink and I am just taking that and I'm going to apply this all over my face to set my foundation [Music] so now that I'm done with my powder I'm gonna move on to my eyes and for my eyes I'm gonna use a lighter concealer and I'm going to apply it onto my eyelid so that the eyeshadow I put on next would be more opaque [Music] and setting that as well and now I'm moving on to the best part the eyeshadow and so for the eyeshadow I'm using a

sort of burgundy purplish shade from the color sense eyeshadow trio and I'm gonna apply this onto my crease actually onto manhole I am eyelid using a blending brush and I'm going to blend it out really nicely so it looks really seamless and it does not look like at all harsh [Music] then from color sense I'm going to take this eyeshadow pencil it has two sides on one side it has a complete purple shade and on the other side it has only on purples later so I'm taking the glitter side and I'm going to apply this all over my eyelid I'm not going you know past my crease I'm just applying this below my crease line and onto my eyelid and now moving on to the other side as well [Music] you so I aligned I'm gonna use two eyeliners first I'm gonna use a blue eyeliner to create my winged eyeliner like topping of the eyeliner and second I'm gonna use a black eyeliner to create the rest of the eyeliner so right now I'm just creating a winged eyeliner actually only the wing of the liner so I messed up a

little here so I'm just going to clean it up with a concealer so yep now I'm going to create the rest of the eyeliner with a black eyeliner and this is the Lakme one and now I'm gonna fill into my eyebrows well the this video is in no particular order because I you know do whatever I feel like I never go in some sort of friend order so you have to bear with me I first did my eye shadow than my face and it's just I'm just filling into my eyebrows I found [Music] so now I'm using a brown Kajal and I'm going to apply this one to my lower lash line this car is by lack name [Music] you and I'm gonna blend it out using a smudging brush and I'm going to smudge the eyeliner like the lower lash line using this brush and by the way this brushes by profit [Music] and once I'm done with that I'm gonna move on to my eyebrow ball and I'm gonna highlight it again in no particular order and then moving on to the contour and for the contouring I'm using a

bronzer of course and I'm using a stippling brush for a really light effect and I'm gonna apply this one under my cheekbones like onto my neck somewhere there with a stick in version I'm gonna contour bronzer my nose a little bit and that's it and once I'm done with that I'm gonna move on to highlighting and I'm gonna highlight like as usual [Music] and for blush I'm gonna use this really tried pink blush from the case Beauty blush palette I'm going to apply this one to my cheekbones and if you want to see a review I have already done one on this blush palette I would link that below if you would want to and then applying the lipstick so here is the finished look and I hope you like this video and this makeup look and if usual you did like it then please subscribe to my channel and comment down some good things and that's it for the video [Music]