27 November 2018

Purple Glitter Cut Crease |Makeup Tutorial

Hello my Golden Beauties! Welcome back to my channel. In this video I'm doing a full face tutorial with a Purple Glitter Cut Crease. #makeuptutorial #makeup ...

hello my golden beauties it is me miss

golden and I am back with a makeup tutorial if you are interested in how I created this masterpiece then continue to watch I am starting off with the pure cosmetic midnight masquerade face palette I'm using a dark brown color and placing it on the outer V of my eye and I'm also making sure that I'm blending that color into my crease area next I'm using the light pink eye shadow and placing it right above the brown eye shadow while blending the pink color into my brow area you want to make sure that both colors are properly blended into each other all right now I need you to hold your breath with me because I'm getting ready to cut the crease I'm using the Mac concealer in the color NC 50 with a flat brush to complete this process it will benefit you to cut the crease in small sections because you have more control key word is control on where you are placing the product [Music] next I'm using a black eyeshadow to darken the outer portion of my eyelid and this will create a more depth to the look after I've cut the crease I'm taking a light pink eyeshadow and placing it directly on top of the

concealer [Music] once Tom finished with everything I'm going back over all of the colors that are previously used to ensure that everything is blended up properly and to make sure that I have the desired pigmentation of the look that I am looking for next I'm using NYX two glitter glue and place me directly on top of the light pink color [Music] [Music] once I'm done I'm using the NYX loose glitter in the color purple' and placing it on top of the glue I am using a patting motion to make sure that the loose glitter will stick to my eyelid and not move do not swipe swiping can cause the product to be swiped off your face using the NYX jumbo pencil in the color milk I am lining the inner portion of my waterline once I've completed that I'll be going in with a blending brush to blend out the color [Music] [Music] once the color has been properly blended out I will be lining my waterline with that same pink color

I will also be extending that color to the outer portion of my eyes next I'm using the benefit cosmetic roller lash mascara and I'm client I'm applying it to the upper and lower portion of my eyelashes I'm then using some of the left of them consider that was on my brush to clean up the outer portion of my eye this will create a more defined appearance of all the eyeshadows [Music] I'm applying the mac matchmaster foundation in the color 8.5 and placing it all over my face I will then use a damp Beauty blender to blend out the foundation on my face as well using the same concealer I am now highlighting underneath my eyes between my eyebrows the top part of my lips and then my cheekbone area I'm using the same damp Beauty blender to blend everything out as well [Music] next i'm using the laura mercier translucent powder to set all of the highlighted areas while I'm baking I'll be moving on to my lip area using the matte lip liner pencil in the color chestnut I'm outlining my lips and then plate taking that same lip liner and

smudging all over my lips and I'm concealing it with a MAC lipstick in the color taupe once I'm finished I'll be brushing off the excess translucent powder using both a fluffy brush and a kabuki brush I like to use this process because it creates a more natural look you want your makeup to look natural at all times [Music] next I'm using two color brushes first I'm starting off with a light color paint brush and then I'll be using a dark pink blush as well I'm repeating the same process of blending everything out with the Kabuki brush for the highlight I'm using Becca in the color gold I'm placing that highlight right above the brush area and above my cheekbone [Music] using the same highlight color I'm placing that color in between my tear duct area and this is the final look I want to thank you all so much for watching don't forget to give me a thumbs up and comment below on what topics you like to use see you my next video [Music]