31 October 2018

PURPLE eyeshadow 💜// makeup// Maggie Ayekpam

Hey Loves, I am back again with this purple eye look. Purple is one of my favourite colour to wear. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as i did filming this tutorial.

hey laughs welcome back to my channel

for those of you who are new to my channel my name is Maggie I do skincare and makeup videos so if you're new here please show me some love and subscribe to my channel right away and if you are interested to know how I did this purple makeup please keep on watching to start off the look I am just going to prep my eyelids with the makeup revolution concealer and after blending all the concealer in I'm going to set it with a powder for eye shadow I am going to use my Jovi's plays masquerade palette and I'm taking the shape called Burkina and I'm just applying it on my lids like that [Music] next taking the called Makeda I am just going to apply it on my lids with a smaller blending brush taking a light hand you know you can always build up colors so first take a light hand and you know roughly apply it and then you can always build it up next taking this matte purple color with a pencil brush I am just going to apply it in the outer V [Music] going back to this purple shade I am just going to pack it on my lids with the help of my finger and going back to

the shade Burkina I'm just going to blend all the harsh line with the help of my blending brush moving on to the face I am first going to prime my face using the back pore primer and for foundation I'm taking the NYX total control drop foundation blending everything in with the help of my wet Beauty sponge this sponge is the back beauty sponge if you are interested you can invest on this I really like how this sponge works on my skin now taking the makeup revolution concealer I'm just going to conceal my under eyes and areas where I want some coverage and again going in with the same Beauty sponge [Music] to set my face I'm taking the Cote airspun and I'm just going to set all over my face and taking my sense matte bronzer I'm just going to bronze up my face [Music] and for blush I'm taking the wedding well color icon blush this is in the shade mellow wine for highlighter I'm taking the master chrome highlighter in molten gold and I'm just going to highlight the high points of my face and off-camera I'm just going to fill in my

brows using the brow powder and going back to the same eye shadow palette taking the brown shade Burkina I'm just going to apply it all over the lower lash line now moving on to the purple shade I am applying it closer to the lower lash line next I'm using the Kiko Milano gel lasting gel eyeliner [Music] [Music] now going back to the highlighter I'm just going to apply it in the inner corners of my eyes [Music] and also highlight my brow bone and next I'm taking this supernova eyeshadow from colour-pop and I'm just going to line it on top of the black eyeliner that I've applied you need to take your time doing this because this is quite tricky and yeah take your time and just build it up slowly stroke by stroke you know don't just try to finish it up all at once [Music] and taking a clean blending brush I'm just going to plant all the harsh lines and moving on I am going to apply my falsies off camera and also line my lower lashes with this mascara from L'Oreal and to complete the look I am

lining and also filling in my lips with the essence lip liner [Music] and I'm going to top it off with this Mac matte lipstick in the shade well that teddy so guys here is the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed my video and purple is one of my favorite color and also comment down below on what color eyeshadow you want me to play with next time and yep thank you so much for watching guys and all the product details will be listed in the description box below so please don't forget to check that out and yeah please stick around subscribe to my channel if you haven't shown me some love and see you guys next time bye bye [Music] [Music]