24 September 2018

purple & blue sunset eyeshadow tutorial

eye products used: abh dipbrow (dark brown) tarte shape tape concealer (light medium) morphe 35b eyeshadow palette vanity box lashes (who's the boss) ...


you don't really thought that I was going to stick to neutrals and red tones for my entire life but no you're wrong so today I'm showing you guys how I got this look here it looks like kind of inspired by this album I don't know okay here we go oh if you guys want to see how I got this look then you guys can go ahead and keep watching [Music] [Applause] okay so I already did this I have like some glitter fallout because I was going to do glitter I did it on this eye but it came out terrible so I took it off and now we're going to do this look which is totally different from what I had originally planned but it's cool beans goes to show that sometimes things don't turn out who you want what they come on better anyway so um all the story it is I don't mean we're gonna go ahead and climb our is our music point I'm going to abusive this little brush it's just like a random brush that I got off Amazon and I'm going to put a solid layer of my Tarte shape tape this is in the shade light/medium I'm just gonna apply it with a brush just so that I get like a thicker layer on there

this eye is a little bit sensitive because I did just do eyeshadow on there and wipe it off like harshly so it fits a little bit red that's why so I'm gonna make sure it's covered and then I'm going in with my morphe 35o palette this is the only palette that we're gonna be using today it's one of my favorites I know that they dont sell it anymore but I think Coastal Scents has a palette that's super super similar to it I'm pretty sure like all of the shades that we have in here you can there and they saw that when I hold tie no I seen it it's like they take me to Brazil Pilate something like that I'm getting this white shit what the fuck we're getting this white shade here since we're working with really bright colors you want to keep it I want to keep it clean keep it white you know not many times I'll say that but today it's one of them my brush looks so grating this is the morphe m5 one for as you guys know this is my favorite crease brush ever and we're just gonna use this bright pink right here pop this onto the brush and then we're gonna put this right onto the crease and I want this to be pretty like opaque so we're gonna go

in with quite a bit and just use what is this this is a windshield wiper motion so I'll assume you guys in and we're just gonna built that up and then we're gonna go in with purple but you just want to make sure that the pink doesn't like get lost in the sauce you know means so that's why you want to make it like pretty solid please not like my nose pimple please spare me [Applause] [Music] okay so now that we've built up the pink you could see that I took it like pretty much all the way up to my brow bone just because that's like the lightest shade that I'm gonna use and we're going in with the boulevard b9 brush this is one of my favorite favorite brushes I use this one and like pretty much all of my videos just so I'm going in with this purple shade right here we go and then we're going to put this right into the crease we pick in the crease you don't want to blend it up too much but you want to build it up if that makes sense keep it in the same area but just keep adding and adding until you get it to like the depth that you want but don't move it around too much and to put this

in I use like a mix of like little circular motions and I like windshield wiper motions you'll see once I zoom you guys know me [Music] okay so I don't really do like all the purple that I plan to do I just get like a a solid blend and now I'm gonna go in with my morphe m13 8 brush and then I'm using this purple shade right here which is a bit more of a blue purple mixed with this but most of this one I'm gonna put this one right into the outer third and then just blend it into the crease we're not blending up so this is gonna stay focused right up here and then blend in but not up that's just what I'm gonna keep doing for like the next 15 minutes just keep adding those purple shades until I get them to the depth that I like and you want to keep it focused out here for the darkest part and then move in where it's most of the time I won't put as much shadow in here but I want to make sure that this whole like okay I'm using you guys every Saturday oh I want to make sure that this part for through this part is all a really opaque and dark and the only part you want to keep light is around here

where we're gonna put the blue you just keep adding the purples and then mixing it in and every once in a while I go back in with my very first brush and then going with the pink and just give it like a wash over to make sure that it doesn't get lost [Music] a big baller tip that I have for you guys Oh champ that's like saved my life Oh many times Israel do looks like this that I want sorry what I'm doing looks like this that I really like you need a super good blend I look down I look down and then I'll hold my brush like this and then go back and forth and do little spots that I need and you guys can see the difference in the blend when you like hold your wrist above if you're going like this it won't really work as well but once you like this you get the brush right in the spot that you mean put that down so just keep adding the purples and then what I mean by going in with like a wash of pink is get a DAB so back in with the purple and just keep building back okay so now that I have that - pretty much the depth that I want I'm going with this marquee brush

it's just like a packet brush and then with this shade right here which is the blue shimmery one I'm not going to wet it at first I'm just gonna apply it dry and we're gonna see how this works it's not carving anything out just because I want it to be like a bit more of a soft blue if you want like a cut crease you could go ahead and add the concealer but got two days so I'm just setting with this I just put this on to see like how it's coming together because once I see like how bright the blue is I know how much more purple and how much more pink to add if that makes sense now that I see that I want the purple darker and the paint got a little bit lost I'm going to go ahead and add some more everything and it just easier to see like what you mean so let's super see the same thing I need more purple like inside here and I think I need any more pink and I pretty much know I think I want the purple darker so I'm going to add more country and then to blend like the purple and blue together a little bit I use a mix of these two shades the purple MN the blue that's right under the shimmery one it's like a navy blue

kind of but it looks super pretty once you blend it in there so I'm gonna go ahead and get a makeup wipe and then clean up the edge a little bit then I'll be back I'm gonna wait for my face to dry and then I'm going to do my face makeup yeah really excited face makeup is like my favorite part my makeup and I actually really like how this came out I feel like what the add lash isn't everything it'll look like better too I'm using my Maybelline Baby skin primer only because it matches my eyeshadow this all over my face super super essential to moisturize your lips because you do not want to be Christie dusty misty so now for a foundation I recently got the Kat Von D lock-it foundation so I've just been testing it out I've only used it one time by recently I mean yesterday so I'm gonna try it out today again this shade is a little bit too dark for me so I mix it with my NYX total control foundation this one is like super super liquidy and this one is a little bit thicker so mixing the two consistencies is good for me I'm gonna get one pump of my luck why am i holding

things like this I'm gonna get one pump of my Kat Von D and then go in with this next one I already feel like I have to blow my nose what I always have to blow my nose I do my foundation what kind of scam and I know it's still gonna look dark on me but once I do like my concealer and my powder and stuff it'll it'll match trust I won't be looking like an oompa loompa forever just for like a minute or two [Music] these are my my free m44 shouts and rosy and blending this out one of my last videos said that my Spanish was busted and you know what says you're right but am I gonna get a new one probably not I forgot to say what I've been doing but I just used my concealer I use the chart shape tape in the shade light medium and then I blend it back all over my under eyes like my jawline and then put on my forehead a little bit just because my foundation as I said is a little bit too dark so I just want to even it out okay now I'm gonna use my pen teach on Toulouse and pop why am i sounding like a frog what 50 year old smoker and I'm gonna be using my friend translucent powder and I'm just going to set my

entire face [Music] excuse me now I'm gonna be using my Real Techniques brush and just dust off but personally I like to finish my eyes before I go in and do the rest of my face just but I could have it done I'm going in with this tiny little brush this one right here this one doesn't have a name it's from a set in morphe so they don't name their sense but I'm going in at the I'm paying this as close to my lash line my lower lash line as I can get it keeping it right onto the lash line and I'm gonna put the purple under it so I just want to make sure that this stands out a little bit and then I'm going into my Murphy m31 8 or what is this M yeah mm - honey I'm going on with the purple and then just blending it out bender I kind of just made that up right now I should have planned it out probably would have come out a little bit better if I did but though well and I'm just connecting it at the end like so [Music] I contour my face went a little overboard with the or I've gone to worry about whatever it's cool beans we fixed

it and then I highlighted my face using my Laura Geller gilded honey I'm not during my inner corner highlight just because I feel like it wouldn't really look good pick some brown and then Matt honey love right on top of it that's my go-to combo I'll probably die with this crumble on I think I'm gonna go with something a little bit more ping yeah I'm gonna put covergirl current nude right on top of that I'm using these lashes these are from vanity box loved ones then they are in the style who's the boss [Music] [Music] I was I was about to start taking my lashes and my makeup and everything and then I realized atom phones and intro or clothes pretty much it for the tutorial this is how the whole look came out I finished it off with my Urban Decay all nighter setting spray which also matches you know you know if you guys want to see more like colorful looks let me know what other colors want me to do but I'm super down to keep doing them because I really like the way that this one came I think this is like a wearable on tool to be honest if you guys recreate it make

sure you send me the pictures tag me you know the deal I know I'll see you guys next time and thank you for watching bye