27 February 2013

Purity Mineral Makeup Review

Sorry everyone! I thought I would be able to film the makeup tutorial and review together, but it ended up being too long so I will upload the tutorial a little later!

hey everyone today I'm going to be

showing you a really beautiful prom makeup tutorial it's really soft natural-looking you but you can totally amp it up and make it more dramatic I will be using false lashes today I'm gonna kind of do like a review of the products but I just absolutely love this and they're all makeup it just it's just like so illuminating it really looks really light like really natural um and it's it's just like so subtle but like it has good coverage I feel like and it's just beautiful like a prom makeup and so overall this looks gonna be pretty soft and natural but you can totally amp it up and change it and do anything that you want so when I ordered this online I was like I'm not I don't really have only ordered like a few things online and it was a free trial I just had to pay for shipping and so I was like you know what let's try it out so I finally got it I was hoping that I wouldn't be one of those like spam things or whatever but um I try it out came in I was like oh I don't know how how good this is gonna be because not first of all I've never heard of this

brand before but it was free makeup and I wanted to try out and so anyways it came in a box like this I was like that little thing it's the purity mineral science you open it up and it comes with three three foundation colors there's like a darker a medium and a light run and then it comes with one blush it also comes with a foundation brush the radiance brush and a concealer brush obviously these were all these are all individually packaged but um I took them out in in an in the center um Saints there was a makeup bag and but I've already taken that to work so that's not in the video I'm going to come with a free makeup bag Oh for foundation shades the lightest one is actually called it actually called medium you can see that there's actually quite a good amount of product in each container and they had a sticker on it and everything I just have popped that off because I've used it once before and then the second shade is buff and it's like a darker like it almost it has actually like some shimmer in it also um but it's almost like a tannish color so if you have like a tan that would be really nice a nice color

for you but I'm actually really white rhinoceros but so I use the medium shade and then the darkest one is called cream and then the blush is called glow it's almost like a deep rose color and it's just absolutely beautiful I actually don't like it on my skin because I already have a lot of redness in my in my cheeks in my cheek area um and so I don't really like this color it's a little bit too dark but um it is a really good blush as far as like the application and everything so these are all three of the foundations like together the color white this very whoops this one is the darkest lightest medium one the brushes are actually they're pretty decent quality I mean these aren't the best brushes but they actually say too little name on the on the brush handle off um but you know I mean this one's actually pretty nice the concealer what they are the worst quality but they aren't the best quality so but it is just nice to get like some free brushes so I haven't tried a lot of mineral products I don't usually like mineral makeup um I guess just because I haven't really tried a lot of them but I'm really the only thing I have that's

like a mineral would be like kind of like pigments I have pigments and I this is like one of the only other things I have that's mineral and it's the Physicians Formula mineral blush that's pretty much it as far as my extent of my mineral makeup goes but I really am loving these samples and so I'm definitely going to order like more of their products online because I really really do love it it's just like it just fills in your whole face and it just looks so like smooth and like ah like flawless but like it doesn't look cakey alcohol it just almost looks like I don't really know you just look like you have like glowing skin it just looks so amazing and so I've been wearing this to work like this whole week anyways the products are really good I'm definitely going to be buying more of their products this was the free trial but there's actually a lot of product in this I might not even have to buy more of their stuff but I just kind of want to go online and see like what other things that they have definitely recommend the parody mineral science makeup um it's

really great and I love it another great thing about this makeup is that it's really great for photos I feel like it'll give you I mean just gives really natural you know lighting and also you know it almost like does it's like almost like a built-in highlighter like something about it it just looks amazing but it's really great for um photos it reflects the light really nicely and so like you're going to taking up tons of pictures at prom so this is a really great makeup and you're gonna be sweating like crazy you know dancing all night everything it's not taking whatsoever so it's not as like dripping on your face and you're not gonna have like spaces where there is a makeup and this is also really small so you can put this in like a clutch or purse and you can take it with you on line to do touch-ups you can take this with you and put it your clutch small little touch-ups it's great