15 May 2018

Prom Makeup Tips ft. SEPHORA COLLECTION | Sephora

Sephora PRO Artist, Jeffrey, tells us his prom makeup tips and tricks! Is your prom just around the corner? Follow along! Would you rock this look for prom?

hey there Jeffrey here from Sephora Pro

and I'm here with Satya so it's prom season it's in full effect and everybody is super jazzed and excited about their formals right absolutely okay cool so this video is all about some tips and tricks on how to achieve a really beautiful prom look and maybe get some inspiration also too we're really going to talk to you about like how some best practices some things that you can do to get ready for prom so it's really important for you to kind of think about what sort of look you want to achieve if you're kind of lost and you don't know how to do your makeup at all you can always stop by Sephora and get a custom makeover at any one of our locations basically you get your makeup done for $50 minimum purchase it's really awesome mm-hmm for sure so if you haven't signed up for that be sure to do so we even put a link below for you to do that okay so together I'm so excited to get started okay so just to kind of give you the rundown of all the things that we've done so far we've prepped sock to your skin with a really great moisturizer this is gonna be key because you want to make sure that your skin stays hydrated all night long so you maintain that do

enos right then also we put a little bit of primer before we put the foundation that's also gonna help with longevity so anytime you're going to in a special event you want to make sure that you're priming your skin okay then we use a long wear foundation we actually support collection 12-hour foundation which is really really awesome it's a kind of like a medium to full coverage that you can really manipulate and utilize to achieve a beautiful flawless finish for the evening okay great alright so I think we're ready to start in with the eyes now so I pulled a palette for you this is actually the Sephora mixology palette it's really gorgeous inside you're gonna get a whole bunch of trio eyeshadows that you can use to kind of customize and play but each trio is really designed to work with each other all the shadows are designed to play really nicely together I think we should go for this purple one kind of here because it's gonna play really nicely with your eyes and your dress awesome so the first shade that I'm going to use is this kind of like topi metallic here I'm gonna use that all over the lid so I'm gonna be applying that with the

number 14 i shadow brow this is kind of like a medium to large I shadow brush which is gonna hug the shape of your eye really nicely I'm gonna take that brush and just load up just the tips if you can see that it's just on the bristles here and I'm gonna start that right on the ball of the eye and I'm gonna use that to kind of Pat and build that color all over the lid now you can see that this is a really neutral metallic color it's kind of like a an antique kind of silver shade so it doesn't really look like you're wearing a ton of shadow it just gives a really beautiful kind of metallic sheen to the eye and then we go into sculpt with that next color it's gonna really bring that out open so you can see it just kind of brightens and opens the eye and gives a little bit of Flash when she blinks so we're gonna do the same thing on the other eye I'm gonna start right over the ball of your eye and just sort of Pat that shadow all across the lid making sure to really make sure that that metallic kind of Sheen is balanced and saturated evenly across the whole lid and this packing motion really prevents any fallout from falling down onto the

cheek so this is really really nice especially if you've already done your complexion so the next step that we're gonna use is this kind of like moggy shadow color here it's kind of like a grey mauve and we're gonna use that softly through the socket line now I'm gonna use the number 42 drawing blending brush and we're gonna start that over the outer corner of the eye so I'm gonna work from the outer corner and sweep my way in because the lashes that we chose for you are a little flared I want to make sure that you're getting most of the drama on this outer corner here so I'm slowly gonna Pat and work that through the socket line have you open your eye now and I can literally sweep that shadow up through the socket and onto the brow bone really softly okay I'm gonna do the same thing on the other eye so again working from the outside corner and slowly pressing that and working that through the socket line working my way towards the middle and Satya do you feel I'm kind of using the point of the brush and really rocking that through the socket line it's almost like where your eye recedes into your brow

do you feel that yeah yeah so for the next steps yeah I'm actually gonna use the liner I'm gonna skip over the shadow for a second okay I'm gonna use the liner next to kind of create almost like a smokey base for me to apply that purple shadow on top of because I want to make sure that that purple shadow has something really kind of almost tacky to adhere to if that makes sense yeah cool so the next products talk to you that we're gonna use on your eye is from Sephora collection it's the contour eye pencil 12-hour wear and it's waterproof so no matter what you plan on doing for this evening it's definitely gonna wear for sure you can jump in the in a fountain everyone yeah right and this is in the shade black lace it's a true true black superjet and since it's a gel formula it's really easy to manipulate it's one of my favorite formulas and I definitely have talked about on this channel before so definitely check it out so what I'm gonna do is actually use the pencil to start by tightlining your lash line so I'm gonna take my finger and softly push in on your eyelid which is gonna flip your lash line out if you can see that

then I'm gonna take the point of the pencil and wiggle it right in between the roots of the lashes now what this is going to do is make sure that the lash line stays really really dark especially since we're going to be using some false lashes so I'm just kind of touching that in between the roots of the lashes and sort of wiggling my way across we're going to use the pencil almost like a sticky base for the eyeliner so what we want to do is take a little bit just on the outer half of the eye so we're actually now pulling the eyeliner outside of the lash line and working really closely right into the roots of the lashes from the top of the lid now and we're gonna go about two-thirds of the way across because we want this to be kind of soft smokey a little romantic not necessarily like full-on glam right right okay cool now we're gonna go in with that beautiful purple shadow okay I'm using the number forty drawing detail brush it's got a really beautiful kind of tight point so we can get that right down into the roots of the lashes which is really nice now notice I'm doing one eye at a time this is by design because

I want to make sure that I'm applying this shadow on top of the liner before it dries it's just going to give that black liner a little bit of sparkle and a little bit of like a a purple flash when you blink so now we're gonna repeat the same thing for a second time on the other eye okay so chin up eyes down again just softly pressing on the lid I like to work from the outer corner of the eye inwards because I find that it's a little bit more comfortable as I'm applying and I do it in kind of three sections okay so I like to do the outer corner and then I come over the center of the eye and then I'll do the inner corner of the eye so just kind of pushing the the pencil through the roots of the lashes and tapering that off as we get to the inner corner and again I'm going to take the pencil and just apply a little bit outside of the lash line about 3/4 of the way across and if this doesn't have to be pretty because we're gonna cover it with that shadow anyway so no stress about this part especially on a night when you're doing it if you're doing your own eye look you want to make sure that you know you're not stressed so now

I'm gonna take that same purple shadow and apply that and stamp it right along the lash line and sort of cover that black liner with the purple it's just a really quick and easy way to smoke out a liner I don't feel like you can wear this looking anywhere so no smokey look is complete without mascara and lashes okay so we're going for a drama for prom right and that's kind of gonna be the star of the show we kept the the eye shadow a little bit on the sills the softer kind of simpler side so that the lashes can really stand out which will be really beautiful okay let's get started now - quick Pro tips when it comes to liner or two lashes and mascara okay really you always want to start with a soft coat of mascara before you apply the lashes so that's gonna help you to see where your natural lashes are so when you apply the false lash you really can see what you're doing another really cool pro tip is is that if you get home and you really don't know how to do the lashes you can always head back to the store and they'll apply them for you we actually have a quick service takes like five to ten minutes and basically you buy them and we apply them

okay so if you get nervous about it and you feel like you can't do it it's not by the store will do it for you so to start we're gonna apply a soft coat of lash craft mascara and this is a big volume version because we want to make sure that your lashes are nice and black and full for when we put those false lashes on we're going to start with the soft coat of mascara so if you can feel how I'm kind of like fluffing it on really softly I want to make sure that I'm slowly building this formula because it is pretty voluminous and very creamy so I want to just kind of take it a step at a time so I'm gonna make sure that I'm applying a little bit of mascara to the lower lash line just because we're doing the false lashes I want to make sure that there's a nice balance to the false lash that's gonna be sitting on top if not your eyes will look a little top-heavy so a great tip is to turn when you're working on the lower lash line is to turn your brush up and down and sort of softly work side to side so next up we're ready to kick up the drama and we're gonna add a lash okay alright so we're gonna be using Sephora

collection false lashes in fringe so to start gonna apply just a little bit of glue to the actual lash band itself now a really great pro tip about this is now that we've applied glue on this lash I'm actually gonna set that one down and allow it to dry for a few seconds while I load up the glue on the other lash yeah so that way when we go to apply the glue it's gonna adhere really quickly kinda you want a little bit of tackiness so allowing the group glue to dry down just a few seconds will really keep it from kind of moving around too much on the actual eye so I'm gonna have you tilt your head back and look down with your eyes now the easiest thing to do when you're applying false lashes is to take the false lash push your lashes down so if you notice I'm kind of using the lash to push your lashes down and I'm gonna ski the false lash right up your lash line and apply it just right into the roots of the eyelashes so it's really easy to apply the false lash and you have a small window of playtime to kind of adjust them move them around to where they feel comfortable like as you're applying them if they don't feel uncomfortable sometimes it's a good idea

to just take it off and start again but how do they feel for you right now great yeah okay so to finish the look what I want to do is actually keep the skin really glowy and really soft I'm not gonna do a lot of blush it's gonna be a lot of highlight reason being is you're going to be in low lighting situation for most of the time so you want to make sure that your your skin looks really like radiant and gonna catch all of those disco lights right so much fun and then for the lip we're gonna use a waterproof cream lip stain which is really awesome so when you apply it first thing at the beginning of the night you're not gonna have to worry too much about touching it up for the rest of the evening alright I'm good yeah cool so for the cheeks we're gonna use the Sephora collection illuminate palette and i'm gonna use this shade here it's shade six it's kind of like a really pretty like pinky pearl so I'm actually gonna use this is the pro highlight brush number ninety ninety eight I'm gonna pick a little bit of that up on the tips of the bristles and just kind of softly apply that to the top of the

cheekbone here slowly but surely kind of building that color up I don't want to get too much of the product right off the bat because I really want the skin to be like touchable at the same time I don't want people to see your highlighter first and then you I want it the other way around you can take a little bit underneath the brow bone here and for you we're just gonna pop a little bit on the top of the temple here and we can come just a little bit across the bridge of the nose here a little on the Cupid's bow and then again on the top of this cheek here so turn to the side now since this is kind of like a pinky base that sort of mixes in with your natural skin tone and all you really see is a lot of light it's really pretty on the skin okay so also important to remember that when you're doing a highlight and you're really focusing on highlight on the face you need to bring that highlight down into the body as well okay so I'm going to use the same highlighter and bring that down onto the collarbone here on the tops of the shoulders really important you want that glow to be like

continuous throughout the whole face and body okay especially when you're wearing like a halter or strapless or like you know spaghetti straps something like that make sure that you take into account the shoulders okay so to complete the look we're gonna use a little bit of the Sephora collection cream lip stain in the shade marvelous mom now when you go to apply it yourself you can definitely use the doe foot applicator I like to apply with a brush especially on a night out because I like the extra control but if you're applying it on yourself you're tactile you can actually feel the product go on I can't necessarily feel it go on so I'm just gonna slowly start to build that product up on the lip starting in the center this is really important when you're using a liquid lip is to start in the center and slowly work your way out to the lip line so that way you can keep the lip line nice and sharp and again you get the most control that way now we're using marvelous mauve because it's like a soft rosy shade so it's gonna look like your lips have a little bit of color but it's not a focus of the look if that makes sense it's really

important also to when you're wearing a liquid lipstick to make sure that the symmetry is nice and balanced so look at it from multiple angles you can tilt your chin up down left right perfect okay I think we're ready to take a look are you ready so beautiful no problem it's really soft easy it looks really approachable and again I love all of the balance in the look so we're keeping the lip kind of a medium intensity the cheeks are really soft and then the lashes can really stay is kind of like the star of the show that's you're like winking and blinking and flirting those lashes everybody's gonna be in trance I love it perfect so for those of you that hung out with us and checked out this prom look thank you for doing so have so much fun on your prom be sure to be safe take lots of photos and definitely if you have any fun stories drop those in the comment section below I want to hear alright so as always thank you for watching subscribe to the channel and shout for now [Music]