14 January 2019

Prism Eyes / Palette Profusion Cosmetics( Make Up Look ) SUPER RP

ProfusionCosmetics #Crazylook #Filipino I would like to say thank you to Kyle for this Profusion eyeshadow palette i really like it. Thanknyou guys for your time to ...

hello guys welcome to my channel super

rpm today's video I am going to do another makeup of videos and also as you can see I had foundation on I had eyebrows on and also I have contour on and also guys if you wanted to know what kind of foundation I used today I used this Dewey smooth and also matte poreless foundation I mix them together because my skin is really really dry and I'm sick today so that's the reason why I mix them I will as always I mix my foundation and also for my loose powder I use this covergirl and for my eyebrows I use this L'Oreal eyeliner temped yes as always and I use this eye brows attempt by alien Tracy now I know the brand of this alien Tracy it's really worked for me it's really good and also for my contour i use this nyx contour kit and also guys if you wanted to see what kind of look i am going to create today then keep on watching and let's go alright guys for my eyeshadow today I am using this propulsion cosmetics and I am going to show you guys what's inside and this is what it looks like I really like the color and I'm so excited to try this and thank you so much for my sponsor for this Kyle and I'm going to put his photo somewhere in this screen and thank you

so much first up I am going to use this eyeshadow right here this color right here in the name flurry and we are going to put this all over my lid Eileen [Music] and now I am going to use this blue or this blue eyeshadow right here in the name addictive yes and we are going to pack this in here in to our inner corner right here [Music] and guys as you can see there's a fallouts in here so we are going to years I have to brush it off and I am going to use this pattern to catch all of that fall outs right there I put that here that sooner or later we can brush it off okay [Music] we are moving on to this green right here a name riptide we are going to use this riptide right here and then we have to pack this next to the blue all the way half through here like you have to do it like slowly [Music] and now I am going to use this gold right here named shimmy yes she so and I'm going to use this next to the green

[Music] I'm going to grab this small brush right here and I'm going to use this black eyeshadow like dark eyeshadow named onyx I'm going to put this into the inner corner right here so we have to grab the green one again all over here so this is gonna be the smoke effect and also guys we have to grab our brush again the big brush just swept it up oh the excess so now guys I am going to use this eyeliner and we have to do our winged liner [Music] all right I'm so happy about it right now and let's go and curl my lashes for today's eyelashes I am going to use this eyelashes from kiss [Music] all right eyelashes on and I am go ahead and try to use this mascara from a read Rev lon [Music] alright guys for my blush I am using this Vlad in the shade 0:02 and I can approach the name [Music] right I'm good with that and also I am going to use this mix highlighter right here into my brow bone right here

[Music] [Music] my highlighter as always I am using this a revolution highlighter and I am going to mix this one this gold right here and also there's a white right here I mix both of them [Music] [Laughter] [Music] alright guys as you can see everything is done aside from my lips since I'm using I use the proportion I shadow I am going to use this proportion liquid lipstick kit all right so let me line my lips first with this lip liner [Music] and now I am using this proportion lip liquid lipstick [Music] and last but not the least this proportion bleep topper there's a little bit of glitter in here [Music] [Music] alright guys and this is my crazy look that I created I was enjoying her eating this and I hope that you guys enjoy it and also guys if you like this video

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