23 September 2018


Eyeshadow tutorial using the Pretty Vulgar Nightingale Palette from Boxycharm. Make sure you are subscribed to my channel and give this video a thumbs up!


[Music] [Music] hey y'all it's jessalyn Summerville Cain and welcome to my channel if you're new here go ahead and click that subscribe button I feel like my voice just kind of tried to go out anyways and click the bail so you can always be notified whenever I upload a video and if you are returning thank you so much for your support it means everything to me if you haven't yet make sure you have checked out my previous video of my husband doing my makeup we had so much fun filming it and we look forward to doing more I'll link it at the end of this video as you can tell from the title today's video is gonna be doing a look using the nightingale palette from pretty vulgar this was in this meit's boxycharm and one of my really really good friends from high school requested this so I told her I'd do a video on it and I'm very excited to do this for her and as far as the rest of my makeup I will have everything linked down below as to what I'm wearing on my face just in case you're curious I'm actually gonna go in with this alum or I guess I'm not I'm guessing that's how I

pronounce it I don't know but anyways this blending brush that was actually or that came in the box a charm as well actually I'm gonna go in with just this brush and go in with nocturnal and make sure my eye is good and set yeah my husband used this in his hour video together and bless his heart that was so much fun alright now I'm gonna go with that blending brush and I'm gonna go in very lightly with hide and sink since I'm not sure how pigmented it is I don't want to go in too dark and I'm gonna throw that in my crease pretty vulgar always has such cute packaging I'm really liking this brushes you know okay for those of you that watched the video with me and my husband I'm gonna try to do the opposite of what he did and if you watched it then you understand and if you haven't watched it then you need to because it's so freakin hilarious y'all I was literally crying during filming because that was he had me laughing so hard now I'm just gonna go in with this brush for my BH Cosmetics set it's like an angled fluffy type brush but it's a little dance but not too bad and i'ma go

in was still worse today and I'm gonna put that in my outer corner where I wish he would have put it this brush is good for darker colors for me because it's dense but it's not tuning it so you can build it up and I'm just packing that I'm not I'll go through and blend it in just a minute so I'm not really worried about it I think it's messy I'll clean it up or whatever all right going in with my big fluffy morphe a 504 brush I just love this one for blending out my edges are blend out then just at my eye shadow I'm so excited I have my hair color I'm very nervous about the one I picked out but I'm also so excited I'm gonna go in with this little dense brush from o another BH Cosmetics set and I'm gonna go in with a break free and I'm gonna go in and highlight my brow bone with that and I'm just using that morphe 5 of morphine am a 504 brush to blend now I'm gonna go in with my finger with pillow-talk no one that is so pigmented which I am using my finger but come on now it's just easier I've just been doing that hair lightly and rolling with it alright I'm gonna take that morphe in a 504 brush make sure

everything's just nice and blended together we're go ahead and pack a little bit more silver spoon down here I'm gonna go back on that morphe brush and kind of play in just a little bit alright now I'm gonna finish it the rest of my makeup off camera and I will be right back alright this is the final book as far as this palette on say I'm really really who else has used this mailing total temptations mascara and just feel like it gets everywhere like it always ends up down here and I'm just feel like I'm always making a mess with it but I wanted to try it again cuz I love love love Maybelline I mean I just don't feel like that mascara works cream does anybody else have that issue if you do comment down below and let me know because I just want to have on the other one I really enjoy this palette the colors are very gorgeous the very pigmented it's a gorgeous palette I really love it I really like this look see I got mascara right there again anyways let me know if that happens to anybody else that is it for today's video I hope you enjoyed it if you did make sure you give it a thumbs up make sure you subscribe to my channel and I

will see you in my next video toodles