10 May 2017


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hey guys welcome to today's video we're

going to be testing out something that is really strange that I am Not sure I have a lot of faith in to be honest this is paper makeup I ordered this and they literally have paper makeup foundation they have highlighter blush bronzer and it's something that is supposed to be really convenient you can toss in your purse and kind of use for touch-ups but they also say you can just use it on bare skin so of course you guys know the makeup investigator I want to try out the paper foundation on my very bare face so I think that's the first thing to do I'm going to cut you guys a little bit closer I have two different shades to try out I haven't even like touched or opened or anything with these it's just a weirdest thing ever I have nude glow and golden glow you get 50 sheets in here and it's $18 so this is a little bit up there and price for what you get and you don't get a ton but you know wouldn't it be cool to have foundation in the form of paper and your purse just in case you have an unexpected need for a makeup and you're out and about alright let's test this out okay I kind of went crazy with the curls today let's pull the hair back I'm

actually going to use a legit clip I'm so professional today I know you guys are proud of me I'm not using to makeup brush to pull my hair back we are going to try out some paper makeup I have two shades here I have golden glow look at this it's not just kind of weird I mean you could do your makeup and write a love note it's just like a two-in-one I also have nude glow now this is a medium shade this is the dark shade believe it or not fair glow is the lightest shade that's even lighter than these two so if you have any kind of a tan I just don't think this products don't work for you I just really really don't I'm going to start by trying the new glow and if I need to go darker which I probably won't if I need to go darker I will but what it says is to take the sheet out of the booklet which it tears out really nicely and you just kind of press the product everywhere press press press it says one sheet should do your whole face I'm going to just do half my face so we can see if there's like a dramatic before and after and it says to take the paper and like rub it blend it in okay well that did not do a lot oh wow that's kind of shiny too oddly

enough I'm going to take another paper what am I wasting my money on this week what I mean really oh my god that is horrible I would never go out in public like this I would never qualify okay you guys see me blending I am blending just for kicks I'm going to go in with the blush on bare skin I am going to try this on top of makeup too because I really I want to give it a fair shot let me just open up support and I haven't opened any of these and I'm going to open them right now because I feel like I'm making too much this noise to the camera you know that is a beautiful color I will give it that we're going to try this one more time on the back it says to gently rub the colored side paper in a semi circular motion on the apples of the cheeks for more color repeat with more pressure I don't have a lot of faith right now guys because that powder foundation looks really streaky cakey and weird and bad and I don't think I would even use that to blot my face okay frosting a lot kind of worked okay the blush might not be the worst thing ever because that did give me like a nice like look at that compared to

this side here to here here to here they get to give me a nice little blush not really the most blended thing in the universe they do also say you can take your blush brush and take it directly off the paper but in my mind I'm like well then why wouldn't I just use a blush compact like what's the point you know like the magic is the fact that it's paper alright let's do some bronzer oh my god this company is going to flippin hate me I'm going to be on like a black list forever they're going to come for my family this I am NOT even putting it on top of other makeups because this is horrible it says oil blotting bronzing paper so this is going to absorb oil and bronzy oh but it is so do you see how I need that is no I'm so sorry try another color so we have the Uptown blush now this is more like a plum blush I'm going to put it on the side of my face with no makeup on kind of like see what happens because I have all this in front of me and I don't really know why I bought it all but I did know what way this is just asking for a disaster if you want to look unblended then by all means like use your paper makeup but

what I would reserve this kind of technology like blotting paper for its actual blotting that might just be me but this is just expensive because you throw these away I think if you're repurchasing these every single month - because 50 sheets like let's face it you're probably going to screw up a few times or need to you know touch up throughout the day a couple of times let's say 50 sheets gets you maybe a month five weeks your repurchasing this and throwing it away every single month I think that's kind of bad for the environment I mean like a blush pan you're going to be able to use for like six to eight months I don't hit pan on products very easily and I'm talking like pre-youtube even before I had this huge collection from reviewing products because you guys wholeheartedly I don't think we all need these expansive collections it's not necessary and that's why I hope that my reviews help guide you on maybe what to selectively add into your collection but this is just not making any sense to me I really thought that there would be one item here from my couture that I would enjoy but I'm just not I am not feeling this

last but not least we have the highlight paper oh my god that's just a mess see you know they say take it off with a brush and maybe that would work I mean I guess that works but I'm just so lost on this you guys like I'm so lost so what I'm going to do now is an extreme close-up yes I am I'm going to do an extreme close-up and then that's it I will put on my foundation and powder and concealer and maybe we'll try the blush and highlight that bronzer is not going anywhere near my face it's not happening the powder foundation is not going anywhere near my face that's not happening either but I will try the blush and highlight on top of my other makeup because those are kind of a little bit on the fence and maybe just maybe if you are someone that absolutely needs an on-the-go solution this could be good for you but I don't really see this being very different from other makeup aside from the fact that it's paper and you can throw it in your purse but really who cares I don't think my pores have ever looked worth you guys the foundation the bronzer the blush and highlight all have so much of a sheen you kind of can't tell what is what you

know I put the highlight really strongly right here the bronzer up here foundation over here and then I didn't do the other side of my face the blush was maybe the only thing that I liked but even that was a little bit blotchy when I looked close up in the mirror like it's just not James Westbrook James is helping me focus the camera and he votes for it looking prints oh my god it's really bad your blush actually looks like a really horrible foundation bronzer and he's like Orangina awful I feel bad this company is going to really hate me but look at the other side of my face you can see there's not all of that weird shine and this just did not do me any favours at all okay there is you're uncomfortable close-up of every single pore on my face let's get the camera back out and after seeing the close-up footage I have decided that it is not even worth me putting on foundation and ruining at my makeup by using these paper makeups on top of my makeup makeup makeup makeup I thought maybe I would at least like the highlighter that it could be kind of cool like daca a DAB blah blah blah you know on the go makeup cool sweet like the whole idea that sounds

too good to be true and guess what folks it is too good to be true save your cash I do not think this is worth $15 $18 it's just not good everything is just too shiny too and I just don't really get it I don't get it do any of you guys understand this have you used this has it worked let me know I just want to throw it out there we all have our own opinion about makeup things work differently for everyone but I just I don't know who it would actually really really love using this because it's really just not good I got refund I rarely say that but I want a refund I keep thinking in my brain did I do this wrong press and sweep paper buff and smooth powder so I'm doing this press press press press and sweet terrible look all right so I am starting my day by washing my face and redoing the makeup this was not a good thing for me obviously I've just been sitting here moaning and groaning about how much I don't like the product but if you were curious about this press on makeup in the form of a piece of paper I would say pass skip buy some items for an

on-the-go makeup kit and you're going to be better off with one brush and a couple of small pans of makeup and just you know doing your face up on the go like that so that is where I'm leaving it I am shutting this video down I love you guys so much and I will be back tomorrow with such a huge haul of new makeup that you guys are absolutely going to want to see it's all new affordable makeup so come back for that I love you and I will see you in tomorrow's video [Music]