23 September 2018

POP CRAFT DIY Makeup Hacks! Makeup Tutorial with 10 DIY Makeup Life Hacks for Beginners

POP CRAFT DIY Makeup Hacks! Makeup Tutorial with 10 DIY Makeup Life Hacks for Beginners. #POPCraft #POPCrafts #POPCraftLifeHack #POPCraftChannel ...


she loves I hope you're ready to step up your makeup game because today I'll be showing you 10 amazing makeup live hacks and DIYs that will change your life forever big things too epidemic sounds for making this video possible and make sure to stick till the end to discover how I edit my videos and where I get the perfect music okay it's time for a major glow up so let's decide it we all know how much I love glitter but I hate how messy it is whenever I use it it just flies everywhere and even days later I end up finding it all over the apartment so annoying luckily I learned how to press my glitters which makes them so easy to use and not messy at all first you have to choose a glitter that you want to press I'm going for this beautiful dark blue besides glitter you will also need a bit of rubbing alcohol glycerin and aloe vera gel take the glitter pour it in an eyeshadow tin or pot and distribute it evenly suck some alcohol into a syringe and squeeze it in the glitter pot you should have enough alcohol to cover the entire container and don't worry if you put in too much because alcohol will evaporate

eventually next you want to add five to six drops of glycerine I'm using a dropper to do that put syringe or a simple spoon should do the trick lastly we need to add a bit of aloe vera gel and mix it well to distribute evenly around the container if the alcohol to evaporate completely which can take up to a day once the product is all dry or left with the amazing press glitter which is so much more practical and easy to apply than the usual loose version you can use your press glitters exactly like eyeshadows they are not messy at all but smooth to apply and great for travel I also made one in yellow and I seriously want to press all the other details that I own they're so convenient nothing is better than a cool glitter eye makeup and now I can make it way more often because I know I won't have to deal with all the glitter mess afterwards how amazing are these glitter eyes right there's so many other color combos I want to try so I better start pressing more oh my glitters right away maybe help you fail at the hairdresser's we've probably all been there before right if you want to give your hair some funky color transformation but aren't

sure how it will look on you a great idea is to die temporarily first and guess what to do that you can use your regular eyeshadows I know it's hard to believe that you can dye your hair with eyeshadows but trust me they work like a dream grab an eyeshadow of your choice I went for blue because you know it's my favorite color take a hair strand press the eyeshadow against it like this and start moving down towards the hair tips look at this color payoff isn't it completely mind-blowing let's try it with purple as well grab a strand and press the purple shadow towards it pull the eyeshadow down and check this out wash of hair sprays are super expensive and hair chalk is quite hard to find but we all have eyes shadows at home already and they're so affordable this life hack is perfect for parties festivals carnivals Halloween or just every day when you wash your hair the color will get right off it's great if you want to switch off the color of your hair but I'm not sure which shade will look the best on you in the worries this totally works on darker hair too just make sure to use very pigmented eyeshadows go grab some eyeshadows and

let the fun begin glitter lips have been a huge trend lately I saw them on the runways in music videos and all over the internet creating a beautiful sparkly lip by pairing the glitter on can be quite time-consuming so instead let's make some gorgeous glitter lipsticks make a double boiler by pouring some water into a pan then place in smaller heat proof pot I'm making three different lipsticks though three pots for me now grab some coconut oil and put about half a teaspoon in each of the pot since coconut oil is very soft we also need to add two to three pieces of beeswax in each of the containers this is how we make a lipstick from scratch however if you don't have coconut oil or beeswax feel free to simply melt a plain lip balm evil girls just as great alright it's time to add that beautiful sparkly gorgeousness aka glitter I'm gonna make green pink and silver glitter lipsticks pour a generous amount of glitter into each of the bowls and stir the mixture so that all the ingredients incorporate evenly how stunning to this look already absolutely magical how I gotta do now is for this glitter liquid in some lipstick

containers or lip balm pots and leave them to cool down completely it shouldn't take long at all about three to five minutes but if you want to speed up the cooling process pop your lipsticks in the fridge and you're ready to use them in no time check out how gorgeous they are I honestly love them so much the pink one turned out to be super wearable while the silver lipstick makes your lips look like an epic disco ball pretty cool for a party or some special festivities the key to achieving those gorgeous of a glitter lips is to use a lot of glitter in your lipsticks I also made some multicolored lipsticks where I alternated between all the three colors while pouring in the mixture it's very important that you're using non-toxic glitter or even better edible glitter all in all this glitter lipsticks were so easy and affordable to make yes they turned out fantastic love them you can even pour the mixtures in a lip balm pot and get a gorgeous glittery lipstick will how cool right [Music] looks familiar right when you are in a desperate need of an eyeliner you run

out of it well don't stress out girl because I got your back instead of liquid eyeliners you can use liquid lipsticks the best part is that they come in a ton of fun shapes so I decided to try out a multicolored eyeliner loop starting with a hot pink take an eyeliner brush loaded with some product and you can draw your cat line as usual I applied it on the outer part of my eye liquid lipsticks are long lasting don't smudge and they're easy to apply which makes them perfect to use as eyeliners if you want to make a classic black cat eye you can simply dip your brush into mascara but if you want to create a funky colored line then liquid lipsticks are absolutely amazing I mean look at this epic colors besides hot pink I also use blue purple and light pink I love how they look together who would have thought right experimenting with makeup is seriously the best thing ever you can stick with one lipstick shade and make a solid bright colored eyeliner loop which is very wearable but still looks very cool or you can go all out making a multi-coloured bright liner this one is perfect for a night out with friends

festival birthday celebrations or other fun events and of course there's no limit in makeup you can wear whatever you like and whenever you like rock this cool eyeliner tidying up your house or gardening because who says you can't [Music] I know why we're playing lipstick when you can rock this epic polka dot lips they're super simple to make and they look amazing grab any lipstick of your choice and apply it on the lips as usual I went for classic Reds but literally any color will work to make the white dots I'm gonna use a white liquid eyeliner take a bobby pin and dip its tip in the liquid eyeliner now you can easily make the perfect white dots all over your lips bobby pin works like a stamp what a great trick right if you don't have a white liquid eyeliner you can just use a black one or even the usual pencil liners just have fun experimenting and see what works best I like the liquid eyeliners because they're very opaque and make the toast really vibrant this polka dot lips look so retro and pinup inspired to me knowledge they could ever make your lips so extra and cool this simple lip art is

perfect for a party carnival or Halloween but you can have so much fun trying different makeup looks every day I mean who doesn't like playing dress-up all year around right [Music] story me trying to pack too many things into a suitcase it happens every single time luckily there's a great traveling hack that will make our life so much easier you can turn straws into cute little packages that will store all your skincare and beauty necessities to make this grab a straw I went for a pink one and cut it in half take a bobby pin and slide it on a straw leaving a bit of space between the straw end and the pin next slide a candle bring the straw close to the candle flame and move it slowly back and forth to melt the straw edge the heat melts the plastic and seals the opening together making our straw package completely waterproof it's time to grab lotions moisturizers shampoos etc and fill up the little containers now we have to repeat the sealing technique on the other side as well melt the opening using a candle and your waterproof pockets are ready to

travel the world with a good idea is also to write what's inside on the package so you don't mess up and end up washing your teeth with a moisturizer or something like that this is seriously ingenious traveling hat especially when you're going away for just a few days and you don't want to bring all the bulky beauty and skincare products with you an old man once told me at the airport if he could go back in time the only thing he would change in his life is to travel more and travel lighter this life hack makes it possible to travel light even for us girls that need a bunch of beauty products to survive every day [Music] oh it's so pretty oh I'm so happy I got me a lip gloss treaty oh yeah its transparent but don't worry we can fix it pretty that's right you can always pimp up your transparent or poorly pigmented glasses I'm gonna transform mine into a gorgeous sparkly lip magic all you need is non-toxic glitter of your choice and a clear lip gloss to make the mixing part easier you can DIY a little paper panel and place it in the glass opening it's time to have fun

choosing the glitter color this always takes ages because they're all so pretty in the end I decided to go for this amazing silver the changes colors depending on how the light hits it you can see everything from pink purple green and blue reflections so gorgeous all right let's put the glitter in the lip gloss container put a little plastic lid in the opening and your little lip gloss is all done you may need to shake it a bit so that the glitter distributes evenly throughout the container and this is how the finished product looks like you can wear it on its own or you can apply it over a lipstick of any color since this gloss is transparent it won't affect the color of the lipstick it will just add a beautiful shine and sparkle to the lips let's make another glitter lip gloss which besides giving sparkles to the lips also adds color rabbit transparently plus some glitter and an old eyeshadow this time I decided to make a pinky glitter gloss so I chose pink later you guys made fun of me in the comments of last video saying that I have an obsession with glitter in galaxy and you're right I do have a problem it's serious just as we did before we

have to pour glitter into the tube to give our gloss a nice pink pigmentation we need an old pink eyeshadow or loose pigment scrape some of the eyeshadow on a piece of paper and the more shadow you use the more pigmented your lip gloss will be that's enough for me so let's pour it into our lip gloss container if your shadow gets tucked in the final like mine a toothpick comes in very handy there we go place on the little cap mix ingredients together and you're ready to use your new lip gloss besides the beautiful sparkly glitter and shine this one will also give your lips a pretty rosy color I'm in love with both of these lip glosses and I'm gonna lie I literally wanna make one using every single theater colour that I own here you can see the swatches our finger gloss gives Sparkle and rosy color while the silver one gives just the sparkle this makes it perfect for layering on top of any kind of lipstick with this lip gloss you will innovate double your lipstick collection because for every lipstick color that you own you will now have a sparkly Stardust version as well how brilliant is that and I wanted this for years so

sweetie you're scaring me you know you can tell me everything well I got attitude if you want to get it - - but your mom doesn't let you or you're afraid to commit to it for the rest of your life a great idea is to try a temporary tattoo first I'll show you how you can DIY your own metallic flash - to take a pencil eyeliner you can use a black one colored for metallic one like I did first you need to draw your design on the skin I decided to make a henna inspired the two on my hand I started making some silver dots along my middle finger and up my hand then I took a golden bronze eyeliner and draw a v-shape and so on you can be really creative and make so many different designs and the best part is that if you mess it up simply erase your errors with a makeup remover I also drew some triangles dots and lines to finish up my tattoo when you're happy with the design take a hairspray and spray it all over your tattoo the hairspray will make it way more long-lasting and will prevent smudging how cool is that such metallic the tools have been so popular lately and I think they look stunning especially in the summer with a

bit of a tan if you're attending any music festivals this year they're definitely a must-have accessory you can also make your own tattoos using liquid eyeliners which will make them even more vibrant and long-lasting all in all I think this DIY is a bomb and I'm obsessed with it mom did you find a lip balm and mascara of course I did sweetie here thanks mom what I said a tinted lip balm everybody in school has them digitally but is the same as lipstick you're not allowed to wear it and what is this a transparent mascara this is a job you're too young for makeup I told you many times now do your homework I hate everything your mom doesn't let you wear makeup either guess what I'll show you three different ways to turn a plain and boring transparently bound into a beautiful tinted one the three easiest ways to give color to a lip balm is by using lipstick shavings food coloring and eyeshadow pigment make a double boiler by pouring water into a pan and placing in some smaller heat proof balls grab a plainly bump and pull it out of its container pop the lip on into a double boiler I have three containers as I'll show you three

different versions here I'm taking a piece of my mom's lipstick hoping that she will never notice and popping it into one of the melting pots in the next container I'm adding a bit of eye shadow pigment in the last bowl I'm pouring some food coloring in a dust form because it mixes with oils better than liquid or gel food coloring leave the tinted lip-balm mixtures to melt completely you'll notice how the lipstick pigment and food coloring will start giving a beautiful tint or lip balm give all the three a quick little stir to distribute the color evenly and now you can take them off the heat pour the mixture into a lipstick tube or lip balm pot and leave them to cool down completely I love how they turned out think about how many different colors of tinted lip balms you can make there's a huge variety of food colorings and you can get a shadow pigments in pretty much any possible color too so you can really have a ton of fun creating different tinted lip balms they will make your lips soft and pretty because they contain all the nourishing benefits of a lip balm and since a bit of color never hurt somebody they will

also give your lips a bit of that pretty rosy red or violet Sheen I always gotta have a lip balm with me wherever I go and if it also makes my speedin coloured even better i think the flip bumps look amazing but it's time to fix the clear mascara as well to do that I'm gonna be using yoga steeped glitter open up your transparent mascara and remove the little plastic cap grab a paper funnel and place it in the opening choose your favourite glitter you can go for one solid color or you can totally experiment and mix different glitter shades for fun sparkly colorful explosion in the end I decided to keep it classic and went for silver glitter you guys know the drill simply pour the glitter in the tube the more glitter use more sparkly your lashes will be remove the funnel and place the plastic cap back on grab your mascara wand and you're ready to use these gorgeous sparkly mascara I was quite skeptical when making this DIY because I didn't really know how the mascara will turn out and how the product will apply on the lashes but oMG this DIY is one my favorites because the mascara applies so lovely on the lashes and gives the most

beautiful sparkle to the eyes I was actually surprised how wearable this turned out for me this is perfect for any party a festival and honestly also every day it really does not look over-the-top at all and the glitters aren't super visible they just give those pretty reflective sparkles when they catch the light I love clear mascaras as you can literally make anything out of them they're like a blank canvas and allow you to have so much fun creating something new and epic if you want to make a black mascara simply mix in a bit of black eyeshadow for colored mascaras use colorful eyeshadows or pigments sky's the limit I love my silver glitter mascara and I will wear it loads for sure there are no rules in makeup mix it match it and most of all have a lot of fun with it liquid lipsticks as eyeliners glitter mascaras eyeshadows as hair dye who says you can't do it break out of the established patterns and look at things in a different way there's a whole new world waiting for you on the other side of the ordinary I hope you liked the video and will try these ideas out let me know in the comments which

hack you think is the coolest I must say the eye shadow hair dye hack totally blew me away it works great so is it inexpensive I love it you guys asked me a lot how I edit my videos and today I decided to cover music music first option make music yourself the second option is YouTube library which is nice but quite limited option is the contact music artist directly [Music] therefore one of my favourite music sources is epidemic sound epidemic salt is a music library with over 30,000 high-quality track once you're subscribed to their services you get unlimited access to use their music in your videos and monetize them without fear of getting copyright I really love how easy it is to find the perfect music for my videos through the search bar or by browsing different genres you can find anything from electronic and classical music include comedy sketches in my videos so that's absolutely perfect for me also the prices are really affordable starting from $15 depending on the size of your channel and they even offer a 30-day free trial to all new users epidemic sound has made

editing videos way easier so if you're a youtuber looking for some great music I definitely recommend you to check out their website which is linked in the description bar thank you so much for watching guys I love you and I'll see you soon bye makeup becomes so much fun when you start thinking outside the box always remember that you set your own limits and the moment you this