20 December 2018

Poor Makeup Guru Beats Her Face

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hey my chocolate be back in the bathroom [Music] today is the 20th two days I said two days before my birthday I can't tell you why but it's gonna be a little odd Saturday we're gonna pop in I'm turning 12 yep you Dana in today's video I'm going to be a guru I messed up poor guru I ain't gonna be no rich guru this is a guru with up to you later hey my gurus so today my makeup I'm gonna be using this people call it a banana but it's not a banana it's like okay it's cool it's many things trust me I have these people call them school but again it's not I also have [Music] [Music] [Music] so this because you don't go supply some of this wet stuff on okay you might something come up - that's what I'm here it is oh my god oh oh my god I am a Muji in my content is to die for oh I'm gonna die okay when I done y'all go see the finishing like picture or something oh let's getting all my eyelid okay bugs

how we go with our makeup you don't squirt struggles Foundation I've never felt so dirty because you know I'm cheap I don't know this is actually way better than Mike using like oh I have like a mask that's like it's about Dookie oh look I miss stood myself actually what is everyday surprise hunty I would date myself father delight this I'm loving this look Geoffrey something change also it's reached a new brown all the clocks touch of makeup from here the look of a face my school under my nose because you my skin okay [Music] my phone oh yeah red honey I think I'm so like people like oh my god it's gonna get off my my foundation might need skin cool it's gonna be all on my lipstick okay let me just rub it mmm this is hmm you don't think that y'all can do makeup kind of my channel you want to see more these little good old boost off come back again if this video I don't know cuz they're harder to I really that many hearts it's edible to that's a good thing leave what you got to make a beauty I don't know what else I said no no we like the ugly duckling

dump dump doubling we're gonna put four discard this is where it is not better now we got switched up Dipper okay turn up without know how to get my wrap I don't know mostly the fleshy part you know what a tomorrow after tomorrow oh my god y'all you lookin lookin good what color my face like I am a artists its eyebrows like downward honey you need to you like your sister [Music] [Music] what was the color that was dating you you like you're not even used to banana yes I even used to be may not be enough open it it's supposed to be open at the bomb site I look beautiful I beat my face Oh Kim Kardashian whoo-hoo I might as well try the lips how much you guys mind I'd [Applause] I'm glad it inward I was not like beyond one beat myself I have photos crown charm those women who took ten minutes and I'm going over over to my talk so I hope y'all watch the time and watch it like that I need a thousand subscribers in one day site can I get two 22 bye