09 April 2019

Pohela Boishakh Makeup Tutorial/Bengali New Year 2019

Hi Everybody, Today in this video i have shared this festive Indian Makeup Look for Poila Baisakh which is known as Bengali New Year.... The products which i ...

hi friends welcome to my channel and I

hope that all of you are doing well today in this video as you can see that I have done this desi makeup look due to the festive occasion which is about to come that is the Bengali New Year which is called in Bengali spoilerboys chef so I wish you all a very happy boiler boy shock to all and I have done my eye makeup look inspired from the outfit which I am wearing which is of mustard reddish color so it's a mixture of lot of bright vibrant colors if you guys are interested to know that how I have achieved this look then please continue watching so at first I have taken this max dropping cream in the shade pink light and doctor frangie O'Meara is a primer I mix in both products together and I will be applying this on to my entire face now this really helps to give a nice fresh if you look to the makeup for my eyebrows I'm using this deep probe who made from a BH and they shade ambani I always tend to reach out for this particular product when there is any kind of important occasion be it a marriage function or any kind of festive look or any important makeup look which

you need to do because this keeps your brows in place you don't have to worry about it at all for my base makeup today I'm using the CC cream from it cosmetics that has SPF 50 plus and UVA and UVB rays this is a full coverage CC cream with a hydrating formula I absolutely love this I think this is going to be a staple of traductor in summer and moreover during the daytime if you're outside you don't have to worry about the sunscreen or the sun rays affecting your skin because this has the protection for the concealer today I'm using a new product from ELF which is there camo concealer and this is eye I think I'm in the shade medium Beach I will be listing down all the products which I am using in this video in my description box so do check that out and I think I have started falling in love with this concealer because this is a great coverage easily get some blend onto your skin and it doesn't crease at all so I really love this affordable good quality concealer I'm also using this on my forehead on my nose and have also used this on my eyelid which will act as a base for my eye shadow next in order to set everything I'm using this

press powder from it cosmetics so I'm mainly concentrating on to my eyelid and a little bit on to the rest of my face where I have applied my concealer so next for the Prancer I am using this dark bronze oh and I'm little bit bronzing it and not too much so I will be using this under my jawline and also on the forehead and a little bit on to my nose as well next for the blush I am using this enchanted paradise blush from L'Oreal and this has got a nice fruity scent to it which I love it and as you can see that this really gives a nice fresh colors onto your cheeks and as always in order to set everything in lock properly I am using the setting spray from cover effects and now for the highlighter I'm using this NYX highlighter and as you can see that this gives such a nice glow onto your face I'm using this on the highest point of my cheekbone under my brow and also a little bit on the forehead on my nose and also on my Cupid's bow and now it's the time for my favorite eyeshadow palette from colour-pop which is called as color pop yes palette and at first I'm taking this brown shade

which is called as a chauffeur and with a medium fluffy brush I'm depositing this color at first onto my crease and then I am mixing this color in a circular motion [Music] now with the same fluffy brush next i'm taking this mad prick color which is called as a louie and i am first placing the color and then i'm blending this just underneath my crease then i've taken this particular reddish color which is called as a butter cake and with another fluffy brush i am depositing this color only onto the end of my eyelid and little bit spreading outside and finally for the center of my eyelid I have taken this shimmer shadow which is called a spoiled and with the help of my ring finger as you can see the pigmentation it's just so beautiful I am placing this only on to the center of my eyelid all the shades in this particular palette are so pigmented and so so beautiful next for the liner I've taken this benefit roller liner and I'm just drawing a little wing with this particular pen [Music]

today I will be using a Karcher pencil and for that I've taken this Kajal pencil from wet-and-wild which is a dark black in color and creamy in texture next with a flat brush I will be blending this Kajal so that it gives a nice smoky effect to the eyes I have taken that matte brown shade which is called a chauffeur and with the same flat brush I'm placing that on my lower waterline then I'm curling my lashes and for the mascara I'm using this number 7 voluminous mascara and I also will be using the same mascara onto my lower lashes as well now with the help of the pencil brush I am using the same NYX highlighter in the inner corner of my eyes and also under the brow bone and finally for the lip shade I'm using this Mac Viva Glam one lip shade which you can see it's a beautiful rich red in color and this is so intensely pigmented [Music] using the cover effect setting spray once again in order to set everything and with the right accessory that is this earrings and some falsies and with a bindi I have completed this makeup look so this is how I have created this

Indian festival oak and I really had fun creating this one I feed that with the right application of the Kajal and by applying a small bindi it brings such a uniqueness into any kind of Indian makeup look do let me know what are your thoughts for this particular makeup look I would love to hear from you all so thank you so much for watching and if you have liked today's video then please hit on the like button and to consider subscribing my channel I'm also very much active on Instagram so I will attach the link on my Instagram account down below so do check that out because I keep on updating everything related to makeup and beauty so till then all of you take care and I'll see you super soon in my next video bye