14 October 2018


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hi guys I it's so nice it's like 8:30 in

the morning I woke up at 5:00 two days about but you know was gonna win cheetah will go at it a while they've got I woke up at 5:50 hey did you guys hit like wanted a while karate mamuno igloo and end up like being sleepily paint it again so this is my second attempt not what we doing is about the first time I know what we do need I started at four and then I excitedly with a good time and good luck so i ee not finish recording this video I can review like new products and new as in height up in a camera gear makeup from Sephora like makeup maja from Sephora ok slowly no energising citrus miss from Korra organics me Miranda Kerr when you're brought up in your brand it doesn't really say anything I'm like ok go to Sephora cherry miss dear I like this nucleon that one up again ty w miss and read the description it has words at the meaning yeah my job oh it will heal your soul you'll be like you know like all those would say like like what does it do what is it dude it doesn't see what it does so this is just like expensive water in a bottle UN created by Miranda Kerr much I'm its

Korra split split with this is why Korra this is why Cora that the mi this is what occurred at the mi much I did the entire okay Kyra Kyra yeah because I like to on friends my name is Ellis try this I've tried this but I can assure you on camera so I would is you know what I think I believe reviews karai because I have tried this I have to work this so I will let you know anyways this is I mean like it smells nice so oh boy do you need is no jungle buzzy to you please this is expensive what in about Turkey okay for Scalia I will use this primer from Laura Mercier this is the foundation primary young original furniture by mail they have fun in met all the ingredients and yam basic mignon you I've tried this a few years ago and I really like it it's very moisturizing give my father a stick better to my skin at that hour maybe it's just me but I feel like this primer idea what my Maker last longer and my furnishing stick better whose it dries a bit sticky so we'll talk if I should do much alike stick for home that ok I'm gonna use this vanishing time this Laura Mercier merci merci merci beaucoup kind of glow

soft luminous Phoenicians who I wanted me it's not full coverage definitely but you can build it up okay so if you look at this one a year you could have an extra kind of which always I will call a there's no makeup nothing to power to make up though but I need more coverage another to pump if we don't cut I do like texture or much of bums by ever net veins ma mère a stick it out so I need to cover everything because I'm a pic Beach so I can stem because I guess if I stamp it with them it gives better coverage top aerosol I might be wrong normally I love this concealer it is constant from Laura Mercier flawless fusion ultra long web console Omega I think Jana tell you could you get that up with you improv initiation by God willing I'm with lender because we go cuckoo you can scrape definition okay life tip makeup tip I didn't buy for this is like the best concealer I've tried Yamaha and after a lot of concealer so a car that's correct okay car window 20 blended it melts into the skin get me a photo another bottle boy hmm which is that

said undiluted you can get along with me along Troost actually no I'm gonna end of life one thing you should get from her was there it's the concealer cake get the concealer is so good Nisha approve and the first ever video knee I would okay this is this way is from your machine iam bar opening at a glow its transfer somebody at a blue water so it's very glowy hence the name and I'm item and estimate the glow business side of that on my face so all of my if it is even cool so I think better channel pocket is all of your face pocket is Erica if we need cheek they're coming in a highlight this this is a little highlighting powder okay to be honest like if you poke areas all over your face is gonna make your face looks go okay you will look like a gold statue you get to good girl what about you putting on a new ghost at you but you found a messiah use it on your cheek so I'm not gonna use this on my face on my face so what I'm gonna do is okay I can't I there isn't a balcony on cam because I hate this like I don't know how how do I use your kidney Becca you know like any young if you park at this on your skin

he's going to what it's gonna like it's gonna melt your skin names young why you call Hydra miss any fresh powder so I owe it to her to pocket is I think what it is all my physical there's so much like it doesn't really say like it doesn't it does nothing oh my face feels so small oh I have enough cap on this party because I hate this powder but you know who does I might like this powder this time okay now I'm gonna backpack I this oh no no I don't want job job okay so this is the hula lie and so much I'm like it does nothing to my skin because the my job is not that dark but I'm so gonna pack ideas because I am sergeant Ibaka all right it does like little three there's nothing because it's too like I think lambda if you pack it on my show up on the skin but it doesn't know elements all easily oh my god I'm so pretentious Coco you don't but I have peace about at a polluted you do okay I'm gonna show you how I forget is get the brush okay so I'm not gonna real tight here because he had a porous because bullying goal goes until I can accentuate reacted when now lucky for us you so you're cutting it up okay

Seanie we do me so this is how I use the powered okay young me from Laura Mercier call it infusion in a shape Rose named sudah my peepee yeah since this vid is very Maha Maha Maha firstly start again D or alcohol to pull my heart Smith senior out less yeah I mean it's to Kali here oh do it is very like look at me glory Maha Maha I'm new to saying hi little multi ronita blinding that okay so whatever look at me I'm expensive I don't need to show you she's because you fear so much portal highlight the wrong key high demand around the pay up Edgar Ramirez any Becca we have to try one for ski this is moonstone me and upon sample cheap travel back now and we'll have biscuit guys if you apply that you might get a travel size Mia because her till about happiest if you bleed the pen we must act at hubs a mom posted by you bukhara guru buying mukotsu mutakabbir so get it have a packing again me I have liked for two years already interwebs like a okay so in this is moonstone back from my long cuz I was supposed to work at nine like I work at five instead and then I

do the dot that kick you boy okay my god this double check over I'm so kawaii oh my god so cute why am i so cute to say okay this is actually a primer white dodo what I budgeted a Connecticut you can use it like to set your makeup as a settings free so I'm going to use this as that hey my buddy so either what my brows I think if a second boyfriend I ready they were mojito so I'm so much Ida to cook prime so like we're not gonna use any primer so I - up I'm going B the Quran take on makeup way you can imagine pink eyeshadow with rubbish you peeing but daddy so I'm gonna make you wear a but I said I can make up to that I'm Park Ji sang again okay color P photo shoot look I gotta take a disobey that is ID not pink eyeshadow I think I get there I thought out much like the I can infection okay so I get to judge you my channel capping eyeshadow a thump about my to you much I've been in fact shin gave an appellate hood up with the Rose blue affair and the new one as Indira but the formulation I think so okay this is the Rose weapon and I I have duper I the desert

and this and honestly I prefer this one I can walk Amata ascertain in your dorm okay this color here is like a muted pink so I kappa kinda like this fluffy brush just blend it out okay I'm in the same brush near Christo I come with this color here okay uh Hannah number name is Callie here the cicchitto journey and know who to make it a custom they attacked I baked Tyrese and I guess them seek a breast MRI Terry and then I mean a birthday party card etiquette I not good enough to get that doesn't he and I need a is this fight ever okay you know before I can do my undereyes loss so I take this essence brush guys piggy truck so I'm a sense mini brush with the Mora Mora whatever goes so I come like the MU and Chanukah job hoodie - Callie oh okay okay okay now cannot watch omega-e i infection that's our job okay then I make my tongue and my daddy hear about any pink diamond pink diamond here I can be ready I so I do kateri I'm Janine apart honey okay and then I just I'm a pig opinion about no but up because chanting he Luna mom put in okay nobody so nice and so easy okay so I can be take some more and

this time yeah and then I can stay back at the Capri sake because I also do not create the moon which I did one pose okay nobody I gotta cut this and cut - cut - cut - cut the garden ha oh look so nice game oh my god what is that is that pink diamond yes it is because the name is Finn diamond since the monkey makes up shouldn't be so completed I makeup eyeshadow makeup you know okay just loose your pad it doesn't mean you have to use like five colors ten colors just a matter gay I put it aside - booty get ecology okay you topple ooh generous which I'm I couldn't a cocoon to Professor for awkward makeup so I could pack up I know Carly okay I'm going to come out there eautiful okay you know impressive for you know if you know proofed us up again if you wanna make up my make up a lot like you don't have to like packs video would assume Ocala dude you got your look I find make up ok calm down like don't feel pressure to use like screw can look up one two you use three colors vocalist to capture if we need to while you're happy

I've been happy so sup akuto i come back i got a new plan power don't move I burger Rodney Tyler I know my hottest for a young boy with Carla can this one from a bling so the effect it like Tyson to align new Mahajan Indian Brickell a comedian my Sunil I can put this may be her mom I can well I just a small wing and by small I mean big ok company I kappa guy this funny what are you mascara Mustapha benefit the roller lash I can't bear this bubbly in a pan late we joining Bob Guiney I got a dreamer job in a shape brush yeah get her signature sword again I mean yeah look for today oh my god I look so good faucet from gravity this is Samantha color goofy identical Arab Africa Millikan I falsies from hood every T in the cool Samantha how I suck on Apogee learning the beaten by Adobe bit again so blue the beauty of this year I can so do wrong Millikan tiny because I am obsessed with this yeah here below very techie which I know pakka ok ok so I'd uh cept I'm make ice mu down so to JB I can eat me and then carbon alpha I boy don't look at my eye makeup no butter I make I know but I

know but then again ok ok you can do Park I I should do ping before making it much leaner infection might the game if there's a will there's a way so I really really hope that you like this video colony and be really move on to you in to tear apart a shadow on baby and thank you so much for watching before they owe me what you did idea me since I pick up thing I certainly matched daddy say so before I throw crumble on a video idea I know sort of or am I not mean that something and you're selling item thoughtful Urinetown de I not mean couple I named it a kana subscribe to my channel kickin up okay i physics kidnap woken up and subscribe to my chanel i Tsuru Tsuru Tsuru Tsuru i pseudo okay color i towel on my room ahora I kept figgy's Karen II grew Quran go and chop him to cut up into pseudo color subscribe Sarah okay they must highlight a bully who's gonna buy their own pose so please subscribe hey you knock a good girl room are you Carlton I do the Roma eating on my love pass the Quran subscribe bicyclist Cara so I could God my mom I love gay Peter I go to my you you that I can show you don't you eatin I catch all you t do subscribe

car ok subscribe skaara okay bye guys leave you