23 May 2012

PIcasso Nail Art Tips

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hi this is Robin Moses and I'm going to

be doing a neon Picasso French manicure so I started with Sally Hansen high intensity nail color and it is uh I don't know what this I don't know and then I made this color out of soap pigments and this is a Claire's orange neon and you can get most of these neons at Claire's I mixed a neon green with the Sally insta-dry fast nail color in lickety-split lime which I love very much but it gets really thick really fast so what's really cool about this is that when you mix neon line with with these really one coat coverage limes it makes it for a really good Union so it covers over other stuff so I'm just going over putting limes bring colors here and there and just really making them as bright as possible okay okay now with them a beautiful like teal blue I'm going in and putting in just some really pretty light colors like that and then with purples I might I might go lighter with purples I'm not sure but with purples I'm just gonna go into the red areas like that just to add and make them like a little bit more rainbow neon nothing wrong with that there's that and I don't know I don't know I'm just gonna go in like that but

but that's why I'm gonna build my colors okay now on each nail I got my black paint on my regular tiny tiny brush and I'm gonna go around and put in little designs some animal print some Picasso faces some neon some black but I'm staying mmm gosh am i I try to keep in my head one word when I'm working on certain designs and right here I just keep thinking neon Picasso neon Picasso I want it to be really abstract but really fun in a girl way like no balls like not that Picasso yeah okay and then you'll see that's what the black lines in it add some more print here okay now um oh crap I'm gonna go in with pinking just I went into the eyes and I put the whites for the eyes and I'm going in with pink and uh I didn't do a lot of lips on this one I think these are the only lips right here do you see any more you football yet did I forgot I think I just had mom lips and yeah just one lips uh-huh okay so here's the end right there now I'm gonna put the eyeballs in and all different colors blue green whatever then I will talk to and show you the end result okay and I am back with the finished Picasso nails

I've done Picasso nails on the full nail and this is going to be like a French manicure and it's done a little bit differently so I hope you enjoyed it I hope you pass it out please Pinterest them tumble them Facebook if you try them show me at Robin Moses fan page at Facebook and if you have any questions please go to my frequently asked questions playlist on the front page of my youtube Robin Moses nail art or go to the Robin Moses comm that'll take you right to everything and thank you all for watching I am so happy that you guys are watching and sharing and everything like that it's really really just awesome how this is just going for for me for everyone there's so many girls going to school and I just want to thank everyone so um please just pass this out and I will see you back with more bye