27 November 2018

Part 2 makeupđź’„tutorial

hello people my name is Haley this is my

channel and we're going to do a part two of the makeup tutorial that I posted so this is a number part two and I finished the blush on this side now I need to finish the blush on this side excuse me but my phone is not working or is the thing that's holding it up mmm so now I could open it this is your blush and brush see it even has a bee on it mm-hmm but yeah that's just a company so gonna take your powder your blush and you're gonna tap it then you're gonna go down the side from the ear order cost if you see me looking at behind it that is a mirror behind there and take some more if you need some okay once you're done using the blush and you go down from each side on there you put it back in your bag wait excuse me let me go close the door because you could hear all that interruption stuff okay now once you're done with the blush you're gonna do with shall we we're gonna do a little something called eyeshadow so you're gonna find you're first gonna hydrate with us spray you're gonna go far away bronzing powder I got a red and a brown come on well my next thing should be a base

I'm trying to open up my base well I'll do that later take some new concealer I use the white one right here not the white it's kind of beige powder okay just will work I have an angle brush oh I'm probably not doing this right I like contour powder better this is probably not the right brush either [Music] comes work kind of want to use your finger in contouring gonna go the same place that you did this place let's place this place over here in order to go here too then I have a highlighter that is really cool I have a contouring powder brush this but that's contouring powder I have an actual like liquidy kind of that's great okay and you're gonna put anything back and then you're gonna go pick up the lid cuz someone dropped it purple eyeshadow black and beige I think we're gonna use the beige and kind of brush it cuz this is kind of dark put in the comments where you think a base means for makeup so my hair is a mess but like messy hair don't care [Music] now I'm gonna go on to the highway

[Music] and this is especially for blue eyes right there and some glitter right now clean hi that's a lot as you could see you could see this in the corner and that on my nose okay so I have all my four blue eyes [Music] that's my highlighter got some down here it's not good come on if my highlighting looks bad don't you call me Emily you're ever feeling you are also comment on my next video Shelby paint onto the eyeshadow don't that down okay so and comment which one I shouldn't use this one or this brush fry shop I'm gonna use this brush so we're gonna use some Clinique eyeshadow and we're gonna go on the lid so the eye right remove it tad dark a tad like its had I'm gonna use in the page going like that Oh leave it like that [Applause] so harder remedies how much came off gonna take off and do anything last night but here come on come on okay so you might need that later okay so then

you're gonna take this one [Music] okay after you look amazing you put your makeup away and you put some lipstick on you're gonna apply your lipstick I'm gonna put your brushes in your tote [Music] lipstick let me go get my now I'm gonna take a non-glossy [Music] and that's your lip color then you're gonna take a gloss just a clear gloss which I have in my back so you're gonna take you get clear glass you're gonna go over it see how it's like a pinkish purple that's good you're gonna go if you want to it's fine like this but it looks better with the glass good night you go there's your makeup tutorial um yeah I only like to put the highlighting in there and right there cuz it looks a lot better and this is a good hair whatever okay see you later peace have a nice day have a nice Thanksgiving with all your food you think well for that