27 November 2018


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hello everyone I want move back to my

Chanel chain to do you something SuperDuper exciting I have changed up with a deck of Scala to create this game [Music] I'm talking about what is Steakhouse Carlo deco Scala is actually a makeup line and also a subscription service you pay 29.95 every other month and receive a new palette which usually includes some eyeshadows some face products and also some lip products sometimes it Chucky and eyeliners a glitters and all types of stuff and you get your pellet every other month the coolest thing about Jack of scarlet is actually that they collaborate a lot of youtubers I've seen bow children who is one of my favorite tubers Clara Duke them before also if you are living in Australia and you know you open the key of joy she also did a palette with deck of scarlet once on a time I'm hoping my dad echo scarlet might came up with many okay sorry so when you purchase from decker scarlet and receive your palette it comes in a little box like this you open it up and this is what the palette looks like it has all their details there and then it also comes with this little slip this

season's palette is actually in collaboration with Kristina X makeup when I searched her up on YouTube I subscribed straight away because I think if she is absolutely beautiful so in this season it comes with the deck of scale palette which we'll be using today and then also comes with this glitter now I believe that this is the first ever dose glitter that a deck assault has come out with I could be wrong I think I'm right though I just wanna say right now at me packaging is gorgeous this glitter is absolutely stunning I'm obviously wearing it on my eye today which you will see in the tutorial makeup look portion so this is the type of scalp color that comes in this beautiful sleeve with information on the back ingredients and so on and so on and then this is what the actual palette looks like love the look of this it looks like a little bulk look I just thought this something I've got the packaging that I absolutely love 2 flex pay compartments so the first one here is the eyeshadows is Susan's palette comes with three eyeshadows and two cheek products one blush one highlight you can definitely use the blush as a

bronzer depending on your skin tone on the other side when you flip this up there's true lip products here as well from the thermal anymore I'm going to show you guys how I created this look and I hope you really enjoy it if you do don't forget to give it a big thumbs up leave some love in the comments below I'm so excited about this video so let's go I love the concept of these I think it's really good they have treatment compartments instead of just one because you never want your patterns to go into the little lip product area so I'm just ruin the pigmentation and B color of whatever the lip color is what I'm going to do I'm going to take this shade right here which is the blush bronzer this is called moonstone and I'm gonna apply that gently in my crease super pigmented that's a really nice color I want it to be like a nice wash I don't want to tweet too crazy just because I am so fitting right now and this is quite a warm turn to go up and then I'm going to take this shake here put it on X and it's just like a matte black and we're going to dust that really close to my lash line so I'm going to take it flat

shade up and I'm just gonna go along the lash line really gently it's smoked this out a little bit then I'm gonna pick up this shape here called tan lines on my finger this is like a really nice kind of muted gold and I'm gonna place that over my lid not directly on top of the black I'm gonna dust away the baking under my hind the reason why I placed this translucent powder under my eyes is if there was any fallout that it would catch it and ruin my foundation there was a little bit of Fallout and nothing that I've never had before definitely quite comment to get FOIA especially when you're working with really nice pigmented shadows again I'm gonna take some of that slack and then just run that lightly up aim it where my lower lashes are and I'm only going to do it only half way and then I'm going to take this Muenster and shade again this one right here I'm going to lightly buff that black on the lower lash line and then for the inner corner for a pop of color a little bit of fun I'm going to take this yellow this is like a vibrant sha Truscott a yellowy green and a little pencil brush I'm going to take this and just place it lightly in the

inner corner I'm just going to quickly apply some lashes and mascara and then we'll move on to the rest of the face so when I use this go glitter liquid eye liner so I'm going to apply that I mean I'm going to do it a little bit up here under my lower lash line I'm going to take a moonstone and attack my brush in there and there's that much better product off I'm going to tap it off and just lightly sweep it on the apples back into my bronzer very lightly you might have to feel it up a little bit this is quite pigmented so I'm going like really a lot handed and buffing now I want to highlight that it's a highlight in Hinkle bad behavior but it seems to be quite a deeper kind of highlight that will run too deep on my complexion so I'm going to show you how I would manipulate this product it is the Anasazi our family fuels highlighter I'm gonna grab some of this and put this on the high points of my cheek I like the rest of my face now I'm going to take the exact same brush and I'm going to place it in bad behavior on the cling side not the side I just use and pick up some of this really gorgeous highlight

I'm gonna dust it really lightly on the apples now lightly wear this and it's just producing such a beautiful Sheen a nice blush top and I say I wish you guys could see like super up-close how nice is genuinely looks like I'm not even lying it's just gorgeous like words gold Sheen to my cheek and it just catches the light so beautifully and up close in a mirror it doesn't even look it doesn't look chunky it doesn't look anything it just looks absolutely stunning it's really done this is the lip liner from bareMinerals in the shade gem nude attitude and I'm so lightly line my lips now picking up koi let me take a really light sauce this is from bareMinerals and i'm gonna go over the top of this so now wait at the end of the video I hope you guys really didn't enjoy it this is what the makeup look looks like all done and completed I hate old days and stuff like that I just want to say now I have a very special link below that will give you guys 30 percent off if you choose to purchase this season this edition pellet which I will link it down below in the description box as well as all of the links to dick of scarlet and in

information or anything like that it will be all linked below I hope you guys really did enjoy this video because you don't get to thumbs up helps me out so much also subscribe if you came here and don't forget to turn the notification valve button on so you get notified every single time and out by the video I like my my first videos here on this frame right now so even ready to watch me even do so I hope you guys have a wonderful day week and you are thank you again so much for watching honestly maybe watch me and I'll see you in my next video Mac I never do that by I don't do that either I'm just gonna cut off my rocker