27 November 2018

PAAV - Product Review - Makeup Cosmetic Organizer & ANOTHER Giveaway

My getting "SLAYED" routine use to take 45 minutes. However, after purchasing this organizer it changed to 20 minutes!! As a busy Mompreneur, ways to save ...

you guys so here it is a lot of you

asked about the brushes and the makeup organizer that I had in my bathroom from the last 20 minute makeup challenge that I did so I thought I'd do one real quick video just to show you how I use it to show you how how you bow is I did a giveaway for the 20 minute makeup challenge but I am considering doing another giveaway to those who watch this video so in order to be entered you got a watch in so this is the organizer I was telling you guys about it actually comes in this acrylic clear you could also get in black and then I think I also saw a sheer purple one I got it from Amazon I will put the link below for those who just want to just go buy it and not wait for any kind of like giveaway there are actually two separate things so this is one organization kit and that I also purchased this additional one over here because as you can tell I have way more lipsticks than what that one provided but that's because I have lipsticks and lip glosses and then there's another one of these sitting right over here right there so I kind of have mine organized where these are lipsticks I mean you can see some my perfumes there this is all of my

lipsticks I used to be a consultant with Mary Kay and so these are of course why I have a buttload of makeup because I had an inventory so when I closed the business I pretty much just kept the inventory for the ones that I really want it and so these are just kind of all the Mary Kay lipsticks here and then I've got lip glosses here so let me can I walk you through how I'm organizing it I have all my brushes here now you guys these are what are called eco tool brushes and I absolutely love them they're amazingly soft these bristles are just so so soft and they're called eco tools there you go and what I love about these brushes is for us beginners / mompreneurs / people who don't really wear makeup or know what to do it's labeled so it tells you exactly what to use this brush for and in this case this would be the full blush brush and it does that for every single one this is my favorite brush out of all the brushes it is the highlight brush and I love it because of its shape you can see right here it's kind of like a fan so it makes it perfect when I'm highlighting my high cheekbones and when I'm going over my nose so I'm going to

my nose I just go like this and it kind of gets the whole shape which I love so this is one of my favorite ones I do have a compose all their complete sets of brushes okay again I said they're called eco tools that is e c.o t oo LS I will have a link to these brushes and the sets below of this video too and so up here you can see I've got pretty much all the brushes that I need so it keeps it organized and I can tell by looking at the brush which type of brush I need to use then over here in the back is the area that you could use for any kind of confess to another compartment you can use for whatever vote I decide to use it for is to hold my mirror and then these are really cool they came with the Eco tool brushes and each separate kit and what it's great about it is there if I didn't have it upside down there are instructional cards so if you are not that great with makeup Eco tools is a great brush set to get because it gives you these cars telling you how to do certain different looks so this one's unlock your true beauty which is kind of more of your natural look this is your daytime drama this is start the day beautifully so start the day beautifully

it's kind of like your everyday look and then if you're switching to do a night out on the town you'll switch to this one and you can see that it tells you which brushes you want to use so the name that it says where it says even on the brush it will say even where it says angled foundation you'll use the angled foundation brush where says cover use of Russia says cover and so it just makes it so much easier to know which brush you need to use and so they're all like that this one's for Michael blending and as you can see it is a double card so there's makeup instructions on each side so that how that's how it is for all of these cards and so I keep them just to remind myself a different tricks that I could do because what's happening is I get so comfortable in the one look that I do that I don't explore it I want to do that so here again is another compartment where you can use lipsticks from wow there's things there's lip gloss and then there's a big one over here so I use it for my my blender I've got two different types of blenders this blender actually came with eco tools and before I brought all these brush sets I

already had this one and then I also have my micro loose mineral powder foundation right here that I usually put on if I'm doing more of an elegant look and then it's got several drawers so inside here I've got kind of different eyewear stuff so I've got my icicles and kind of liquid eyeshadow and here a mascara a liner I've got my lip balms and lit masks over here and what I really like about these drawers is that they come with this kind of felt material and then this part keeps it from slipping cuz it's more of a like a friction grip so you can kind of see there's the drawer so you can see the depth and the width yes it's a pretty good size if you're gonna compare it to my hand it's just missing like the the tips but it can fit a pretty good amount of stuff so they might seem like they're small but if you're putting small little items like this in there then you have plenty of room for it to move around I'm missing some of my lip balms that I usually have in here so you'll start off with to that size and then you get two that are long like this and as you can see I've got some of my eyeshadow palettes in here

and more thing for my eyes so I've got my mascaras here I've got a blender brush I've got a eyeliner here and so I'm able to fit quite a few things inside this one there's one underneath there in this drawer so again so you can kind of see the depth and the weight so you can fit quite a few things and this one I've got all my eyeliners and then you had two big deep drawers so this one as you can see is holding quite a few of my lipsticks there are about 20 lip glosses here um so I didn't mean to say lipstick OOP hit the camera lip glosses so you can fit quite a bit here so if they don't fit all up here use one of your deep drawers and and put it there that way you can it's clear you can see the colors and just go grab the one that you really want so there are those compartments and then there's more of the same ones that were here as you can see this is where my foundation is this is more lip wear so it's kind of more of a matte look lipstick sit here so you can really decide how to organize it you can put labels on if you want to I wanted to keep a clean look so I didn't do labels but I did kind of categorize everything to where I know where it is

so when I'm doing my makeup routine it saves me a lot of time as I know exactly where everything is when I'm looking for it and then these are all my lip liners down here this is all this stuff for prepping my face this drawer down here so these are my concealers and my color correctors over here and so that's kind of how I decide to organize mine and it works really really really really well the other amazing bonus about this is although you get it as one piece you know not everyone's bathroom counter is the same size and so you might need to put it in different areas so what this does is it comes in separate pieces so this whole top comes off and I can stick that somewhere else with it still being organized same thing with this this it's worn own kind of compartment so they stack on top of each other okay and then this is the second one so I can change the organization if I want I can flip this to where these go on top and I have all the drawers on the bottom so you can see there's still that set of drawers there originally it was separated by these but say I wanted to make it where all the drawers are one way and then I want the

bigger one and then I'll put this back on the top obviously this piece always has to be on the top as you can't stack anything on top of it but it could be separated if you want like if you're putting it inside a shelf or cabinet and your height is only a certain amount you can lay it out going this way or going up vertically or like I said lay it out like it's going horizontally so it's extremely customizable in the order that you want it to go and how you want it to be and then putting this on top so that is my review of this makeup organizer before this everything was just stuck all over my bathroom counter and in my bathroom drawers which did not make the fiance too happy it obviously took me much longer about 45 minutes get my makeup done because I was always looking for my eyeliner or I was looking for my color correctors and now it's just easy for me to know where everything is gonna be so that's how I was able to do the 20 minute makeup challenge it was all completely organized so I knew exactly where to go where to grab my brushes I put on my big brushes here and all my shadow brushes here so it just it's a great organization tool and it's not too

expensive so there you have it