09 April 2019

Out Of Hand Wedding Makeup Tutorial

Get a gorgeous glow in a few simple steps thanks to Ooh! Beautiful—and learn their pick must-have product of the year! Follow Charleston Weddings Magazine ...

hi everyone i'm melissa with Charlestown

Weddings Magazine and I wanted to welcome you all back to the home village and out of hand where we are going to be doing a fabulous makeover on a gorgeous already woman Mary Katherine vakani who is here with no events and got a lot of little tricks and treats because it's not the easiest thing to get looking what can we say big day ready in the low country when you were faced with all the heat and humidity here so Blair Mathis of oh Beautiful is going to give us a gorgeous look and it'll be melt proof it'll be long lasting and it'll be just that dewy look that everybody's going for right now let's go see outlook absolutely but your background is pretty diverse and pretty interesting thank you for having me I'm excited to be here I was very fortunate to work for Giorgio Armani for 18 years and I did our celebrity shoots we did our training for the staff through the country I also did a lot of the client telling which was my favorite things working with the clients and customizing these perfect looks for these women so this is pretty cool the array of products that you have everything from like RMS that's here in Charleston yes the Maya Chia we're so

fortunate to have these amazing brands that are beautiful and these are clean Beauty which basically just means it takes the bad stuff out the parabens that violates the GMOs and really has the good ingredients but yet gives you that classic look it's not gonna slide off her face in this heat that we all know and for every day but especially for your wedding day to just give you that clean so you actually feel clean and healthy not right when it's applied but six seven eight hours later yes we're ready to go we're going to start today with a little bit of one of my favourite products the illuminating moisturizer from tata harper which again is the clean beauty line it has diamond radiance so it's really gonna help hydrate and give you that perfect glow so we're just gonna dab a little bit kind of on the inside out and work our way out and you can see it actually already gives a little bit of a hue and a glow next we're gonna do one of my favorite products and this is from super goo this is called the unseen sunscreen it's an amazing product year-round but it's also going to help especially for them during the summer months has the

SPF 40 it's actually a primer so it's going to help grip that makeup in place throughout the day and it's odorless weightless colorless clear so this is actually perfect for anyone that has poor issues it's going to help immediately modify your pores but more importantly it's going to give you that SPF of 40 through the day so you don't need to worry about anything else it'll set I love this foundation I love it especially for the summer months it's called cure Weiss it's actually a line from Denmark again clean Beauty line and really gonna help you control i'm the coverage that you want so you're gonna kind of put it on and it's gonna dry kind of in a cream to powder so it's never gonna look shiny or heavy and you can go as sheer as you want she obviously doesn't need that much i'm just kind of touching up where you want any kind of redness addressed and you never want to see foundation the key of makeup is not to see it the best thing people tell my clients or did you go to a spa where have you been what have you done to your skin not what makeup are you wearing you never want to date your wedding pictures you never want to see

foundation you just want that healthy glowing skin if you use a sponge you're really wasting a lot of the product so it's kind of soaking in so I like to just use it it's kind of a touch-up after and then give you that perfect airbrushed look with that and that perfect this is a highlighting concealer and this is actually a Jane Iredale and you kind of click it up and you're gonna put it here and that's gonna take away the blue and her I let the blue in your eye the blue around your eyes sees me and just kind of gives you a little it's instant sleep that's what I call it especially it's great for wedding week when you have you know a lot of cocktails dancing fun and you need a little extra sleep this is it you need that for everyday so we're just gonna get pop this here and on top and just blend I'm a big believer in blending I love this product RMS locally which she's getting international attention Rosemarie Swift I've worked with her several times she's amazing it's great because a lot of these are meant to go two-for-one sir this is actually going to be our lip and cheek that you can use

for your blush and your lips we also have the highlighters that you can use as shadows and highlighters the bronzer again you can use as shadows they're amazing and they're really fun and versatile they're all coconut based so again they're good for you so this I'm going to take a little bit of a brush and we're just going to pop it onto her skin and just give that natural kind of pinched your cheek natural flush and that gorgeous love it and again buildable coverage you wanted to go sheer put a little bit you want more you just put more on and I love this for a blushing bride you want to have that natural and I do like blush for wedding pictures because you do want to show up on camera so you actually sometimes needs a little bit more blush than in real life I'm also we said it was the twofer so I'm gonna use this as a base for her lip I'm gonna put a little bit more on here after but I just want to kind of give her a little bit of a base next I'm just gonna do a little dusting on her eye just to kind of give you a sheer this is actually a Jane Iredale it's just actually an allure it's called allure

it's got a little bit of a rosy gold but it's just gonna give you a healthy and it's gonna pop specially for you with blue eyes it's gonna pop that color in her eye so you really you don't want to again see the makeup you just want to see those features come out next I'm gonna go back with a little bit of embrace just because it's a little bit dressier but just again a healthy glow especially for summertime springtime this is gorgeous because it keeps it light and ethereal but again that weightless look look up it just looks healthy and blushing I love this line this is my achieve Suzanne Norah wets which is created right here on Shem Creek which I love I'm local I want to support all my local people but this is the best stuff I picked up in years you're gonna shake shake shake and dispense that pigment then you're gonna pop here and you're this is what's going to give you that healthy glow that due eNOS in a bottle that everybody wants but especially every bride wants but this is a great product to wear every single day you don't want to wear makeup pop your SPF oh and pop this on top the lipstick and you're out the door so

again a great honeymoon for all you brides it's great this you don't have to pack everything you own pack this pack some mascara and you can see how that just gives her skin that healthy dewy glow doesn't it smell good I love it okay I'm gonna do a little final touch this is a again the cure Weiss then I'm gonna do a little bit deeper on her lip just to give her a little bit of a pop I'm just gonna go through into a tight line which just really just makes your eyes your lashes look really full so you just go right on our lash line this is again that Kyra Weis and the deep brown every bride loves to mascara but I personally love blink for summertime because it's really gonna coat those lashes so when you cry or anything it's emotional there's Sun you start sweating it's not going to come down that just gives her a little bit of a pop wasn't hard this one I really do love in my Chi and I think every person that picks this up the highlight of the day is going to be ecstatic with it and you can reach us at out of hand we are in a beautiful at out of hand and all the products that I use here today on MK you can purchase here

or have a personal consultation with myself or my skin care partner Andy who's fabulous yeah that's great thank you thank you so much