16 May 2018

Our Moms Tried Doing Our Makeup | Crash Test Beauties

These moms tried recreating their go-to makeup looks on their daughters! Talent Info: Jennifer Rose https://instagram.com/itsjenniferrose Maya Brown Yoying ...

mom that's a shadow you're not just put

on my eyebrow oh there was definitely no YouTube as in my day definitely a color I would have worn in the 80s this is and I feel excited yet scared about this I'm nervous last time I think you used mascaras or I may use a lot of bright colors and you know the pliner and elated you I have three amazing daughters and Krystal is our middle child I'm in only child we've always been very close usually Asian moms are very strict and like Tiger Monsun but she doesn't have that wall between us it's like a friendship it is a friendship so 18 years old was dating my high school sweetheart a senior in high school getting ready to graduate Oh back then was the eighties and it was fine it was Bananarama and Madonna that she's wearing a purple blazer and it's carrying one of her pieces Oh 35 really you look so young in there are you ready okay the magic begins what I would have started with was filling any eyebrows I would want them in full mom that's I shouted uh-oh the first thing I would do put the patient on beauty blenders we just would

use our fingers Oh sandpaper yes our fingers that's right clean I think we just didn't know about liquid liner whatever but we would use and some eyeliner eyebrow pencil like this no eyebrows and we would light it with a match cuz that was softening no primer that's romantic I don't know why it's just what we do hot but not too hot to burn I would actually just kind of do it like oh and I know this is killing you crystal I'm cringing looks like you're worried about it concealer no concealer before always an idea see in ten days a movie like a circle red a circle here like I try to make them not that obvious Wow but YouTube tutorials I didn't come up in the time of YouTube tutorials a lot well there are makeup artists but they weren't influencer more natural like apple the key here is to have nuts Island there's no ring lights our night was a night from the Ventana in the window wet and wild was everything so purple is your favorite color before I was that age oh yeah that's exactly how I used to do my and then we would just put some little bit of blush oh is that your contour did you have condom I

didn't I didn't know what or was we're done yeah are you sure yeah and this is where the finger comes in place what my mom used to say at least put some lipstick on so you look like you can't you see he's a lot of frost colors no eyelashes and then another thing that I did because I wanted to have a beauty mark Rison lighting up like this I would use actually a black permanent marker so it would stay they wouldn't get embarrassed so I'm gonna give you one too and then we would have that little what we call the McDonald arch right in the middle terminals favorite thing is equipment we suggest it that's latina called it the are we ready for the reveal please give it to me oh it looks good thank you beautiful I love it I like this outfit though super cute she's like I love the beauty work it's so cute it's not something going to ever do but for the 80s and it's like perfect I think her entire look on I just feel very vintage and very secure cases that time efficiently I never do her makeup got to be doing it and how I looked you just look so cute Oh ladies

twinsies Brannick like to do actually with the light turns away the picture like I kind of think you do yeah best mom ever [Music] my the mom where is suitable