27 November 2018


In this video my friends and i decided to see if the boys could do our makeup! i hope you enjoy and if you do please click the thumbs up and subscribe if you all ...

wait hey guys it's Kate so today I'm

joined here by Landon Logan we just decided that we're gonna get our makeup done by these mu A's lands doing my makeup look it's doing Callie's makeup and you're not doing anything he's doing your makeup well I don't know what I'm getting myself into okay well if you guys want to see them any more makeup thing keep on watching they're just talking about how good they're gonna watch you shouldn't watch my tutorial I got a dog oh don't I never got somewhere else you have to blend it everywhere get the rub it in Jesus I have to be in frame you have to do an extra step instead of like looking doesn't have to do an extra step that you have to do which is nice I just gotta be gentle subtle and like get weird spots you know I'm saying like I just got this is hilarious alright the next is a pore filling primer oh my god that's it that's it a whole cheese you know yeah for one cheek this much doesn't look that that's for one tiny cheek bit no I mean kerb do it that doesn't make sense that it ever wipe this on my face on your cheek yeah you have to be oh come down you good but this I would already

be done by now how much covering all my acne scars you're supposed to use your finger to blend it out by tapping it what does that sound of her I heard that I think someone's phone was drinking over there where's the dog oh he was barking to go oh yeah it's kind of looks like a desert I know this is so dude I feel like so much better than me because Logan's like studying right now this is supposed to be fast my bad bro I'm not fucking mr. makeup speed racer over here I am I get my full face done in five minutes oh well what I just said so drive over there now I don't know what that is yeah you were supposed to get studied in my air no it isn't you know is go take a little basketball bro so you think this is blending yeah next yes so give me it this I look dirty your clothes my eyes I know you don't have to get that it oh no bro I'm not good at this it's not blending but like I just gave you a whole hand even take don't really have to use employ yeah this next part some difficulties um I ran out of my setting powder so he's gonna be using the Kat Von D middle shade to set underneath my

eyes oh and then you guys are gonna do the full base and then we're gonna go back and then that's when we're gonna start the eyebrows in the eyes and then you guys are gonna do that rather nice okay all right just because people need breaks comes our under cheekbone we're changing yeah yeah now we're this was just like the blank sheet of paper now it's like dimension and shit all right I think that's enough that's enough all right what's next oh no no you didn't finish my god get over here you still have to finish my forehead and do my highlighter hilar forehead I don't know how to shadow a forehead on the perimeters outline it this bitch like up here is that a forehead all right now what's what is the highlighter reach it will open shit look at shit colder warmer no not warm at all yo calm down warmer no warmth where ooh that was hot no hold our cold or warmer warmer warmer warmer there all right you're done now god no it's little game and Cally's turn alright I just want to show what landing pins you're in the light Callie this is what

what it did to me so far let's watch a little getting calories like that wait do you put concealer on first no that's only for me okay I'm lovin this go rub in there [Music] don't do it all the way to the mouth you can do it all the way to my like hairline though I like up there okay and then the top of the forehead right yeah like temple all right does it blend it out yeah this is some highlight on top of cheekbones apply the tiny gold handle all right okay now we stop we're done so now now we start with eyebrows make them look like how I do it yes cos these are good look okay look okay now you have to go home the next step is it showing out why are you putting it on my cheek trust room what do you do he cries stop other side this time look oh so you want to complete with this you want to compete with this shit wait back what are you gonna do oh no what's next listen this is your options for your next step ready eyeliner eyeliner glitter I'm undoing living some cool design liquid eyeliner

so you want to be done yeah [Laughter] do you know what a wing looks like no google it this is your completed look for the eyeliner okay this is my face look now onto Logan and Kelly you really just yes okay he's doing my but I just line it right Lana's line yeah do you like the I want McDonald's no yeah no I had one of my guy friends [Music] hey team nine Yanagi I just put that on my make up account where all my family's gonna see I feel disgusting why are you so silent I have no idea I think lemons concentrated he's concentrating what might look like a whole fucking beat it I'm so shaky I can't anticipate oh my god no big thing okay keep going okay I got a seven over here i right there look at these drones sue the asha charlie wow this is sucks who do you think was better can I would see yourself I think lay my does Ben know I think yours is better look at my eyebrow okay well thank you guys so much for watching please make sure to give it a

big thumbs up post comment one think is better um turn on my post notification belt know what I'm gonna upload subscribe be my friend giving you friends and I'll see you next time peace