30 October 2018

One Eyeshadow Makeup Tutorial |GladysNicole

here so moisturize my face with the ANZ

pointment and now what's the primer paste with the 50 Beauty primer oh I look so righteous so the foundation I'm gonna use it's a born this I'm gonna use my bro technique a buffing brush with some Mario Badescu let me use cool to him you Summa faced with the laura mercier you with my converse bronzer shave and I'm gonna use these too you I've been wanting to try this for a minute couch but this is look like I don't know this is the the sole focus finishing powder and milk chocolate I wanted to use this as we're gonna put it on now I'm just to see oh definitely deepens it up a little bit I am breathing highlighter and we want forgot face with some we're gonna go into the beach because money doesn't pretty sure a lot of people have this and we're just gonna take this red color right here right there and we're just gonna like let the brush

do what it do no we won't put into the crease Bartis I just want my hair to breathe a little bit farther back on fine stuff and I have to put some oil in it before I do my hair so I need it to like before I make my next video which I should go watch it and now just like once it lit now so like when you pack it on I don't have to see it on you packing on it gives it a different look then just blend it using a brown pencil I'm gonna go I'm gonna let the color see girls you see through and honey wanna buy anyway it's a lingerie the clothesline this is the finished look I hope you guys enjoyed this easy one color lid and I will see you guys in my next video bye guys