18 July 2017

OMG! Alia Bhatt's Beauty Secrets, Skin Care Routine, Tips for Glowing Flawless Skin, & Puffy Face

Today we are going to talk all about Alia Bhatt's skin care routine, her skin care secrets, and beauty tips! Alia Bhatt is a beautiful bollywood actress who has ...


hi guys welcome back to my channel in hello if your new mission is to subscribe if you haven't already because I do upload twice a week and make sure you hit the little bell button because YouTube is doing this crazy new changes and if you don't click on the build button you might not get notified every time I upload a video and I promise you guys do not want to miss out I have a bunch of fun videos coming out for you guys so today's video is going to be beauty hacks and skincare hacks of alia puss now she is a Bollywood actress her skin is always so beautiful and flawless and she never has that much makeup on so if you guys are interested and then keep on watching so a beauty secret number one is that alia pot likes to drink a lot of water now if you guys are like me water is not something that you reach for a lot and what I like to do is also kind of trip my mind I get a cute fun like glass or water bottle or tumblr or something that holds my water so that I will reach for it more so I'm kind of manipulating my mind to think water is fun so I will grab for it more and this actually really helps if you guys are kind of struggling with drinking water

and try that trick it really does help so I have here I have a bunch of these in different colors because has been following me on my channel you guys have seen a bunch of these in different colors in my videos I got these from rock they were like $2.99 each and I got all the colors and so I just like to put my water in here and sometimes I like to infuse it with cucumbers or lemons and I will drink it throughout the day and this has helped me so much drinking water and I've seen such an improvement in my skin in my hair and I'll be applause really believe that your skin is a reflection of what you put into your body and I really agree with her see I figure a number two is that if alia plus wakes up with a puffy face she will reach for an ice cube and she will rub it onto her face and what that does it really helps to bring down all the inflammation and the swelling and the puffiness on your face now what I like to do is I like to cut up aloe vera into cubes and I like to free ever I wake up with a puffy face or like I just want to shrink the size of my pores before I put makeup on I just take an aloe vera cube and I will

rub that onto my face and this really really helps not only because the coldness shrinks and constricts your pores but it also gets rid of all the inflammation and you get the benefits of the aloe vera onto your skin - so it's like a bunch of good stuff for your skin in one little ice cube and if you guys are interested I do have a video on how I made these so I will link that down below beauty secret number three so alia pot doesn't really wear too much makeup but one makeup item that she really believes in is concealed you believe that one thing that you should always do is conceal your under eyes and I agree with her that's really important because the walk out the door was just concealer on and you could be perfectly fine the two of my favorite consumers are the Kat Von D locket concealer cream this one I love this one it does not crease throughout the day it hides every little flaw on your face and the second concealer that I love which is more affordable is the Revlon Photoready concealer and I am in the color 0:04 medium and then in the Kat Von D I'm in warm m17 so these are two of my favorite they do the job they're affordable this

one is who are horrible does this one and I love them beauty secret number four from alia puffs is that she likes to take off her makeup every day and she likes to use herbal facial wipes micellar water or even a light face wash the point is to take your makeup off now I don't have horrible facial wigs but I like to use baby wipes for the job just as well and if you have like end users if you have water from concealer on or waterproof eye makeup I just rub that with coconut oil and then I go over it with the baby wipes and these are ones that I just got from the dollar store so you get seventy two for a dollar and it does the job just as well and beauty secret number five is actually mentality that she has and that is beauty to her means keeping it simple if you guys look at her in her interviews or in her movies she is usually not glammed up and that's because she doesn't really like to be browned up she likes to keep her makeup and her outfits and everything simple we believe is it feeling beautiful and has to come from within and what you feel from with it is what reflects on your skin is on your face and I totally agree with her these

are five beauty secrets skincare secrets of alia plus I hope you guys enjoyed this video make sure to check out my other videos I have a bunch of other videos of celebrity skincare hacks and makeup packs beauty hacks hair hat I have everything for you guys I will link the playlist down below thank you so much for watching I hope you guys enjoyed and I'll have to give in my next one