19 March 2017

NYX Professional Makeup FACE AWARDS Switzerland 2017 // ENTRY

My very first video, inspired by the spring colors and everything blooming. This video is also my registration for the NYX Face Awards Switzerland 2017! All the ...


hi guys and welcome to my channel so as the first thing I need to cover the situation right here and I'll be using the NYX color correcting concealer palette since green is cancelling out red I'll be using that color to cover all my red dots and blending it all out with a brush for my under eye area I'll be using the peachy color of the same palette and also blending it in next I will be adding some concealer and blending everything in with a Beauty Blender I'm using a concealer to prime my eyelids it covers very well and it's a great base for color in the next step I'm using a white face paint I really wanted to achieve a very bright look in the middle of the face while it's a bit darker on the outer edges [Music] next I'm using the Loreal infallible total cover foundation only adding it on the outer part of my face since I really wanted to keep the middle bright and white guys it's so much blending I can promise you that so just make sure everything is very well blended now let's play with some color and I'll be using the morphe 35c

palette for that first off I'll be going in with a very bright pink shade on the inner corner of my eyes then I'm gonna take the next darker pink shade and edit just slightly next to it [Music] for the colour-pop I chose yellow I think it goes very nicely with pink and I'm keeping it low on my eyelid not blending it upwards [Music] next to the yellow I'm going in with blue because of the Swedish flag hot no not really I'm just going in with blue and adding actually purple and blending it out [Music] did I say blend yeah blend I just actually keep going in with purple and pink and make sure everything is nice and smooth now I'll start with the brightest pink to actually go under my eye area [Music] now I'm gonna start to take down the pink color all the way to my cheek I really wanted to go low with this because it should have the effect of Tears kind of

[Music] to create more depth I'm going in with the magenta color and actually I'm using it only in my crease and of course blending it again some purple again and blending it downwards so the blue disappeared and I'm just gonna go in with it again so we really distinguish between blue and purple and I'll be also dragging the color downwards that will be my next shade that I drag slightly closer to the middle of the face than the pink one was [Music] and for the third shade I'm going in with the green one also blending it downwards again and same thing on the other eye [Music] I'll be using the yellow color again on their lower lashline to warm and everything up and also go over the upper lid just to make the color pop a little bit more I'm adding some red color into my inner part of my crease and blending it upwards towards my eyebrow since I'm going for a messy eyebrow look I'm blending the red color all the way into my eyebrows [Music]

with a flat brush I'm going in with a very dark blue color and just add it on my outer V of the eye and of course we will be blending it in same thing for the other eye and I'm keeping this one very low I'm not taking it upwards I'm also going to add some black to achieve even more depth and make the colors really pop [Music] let's move on to eyebrows I'll be brushing them upwards and using the anastasia dipbrow to outline the lower line of my eyebrow I'm leaving out the upper line of the brow since I really wanted to have the messy brow look so I'm just doing it on the lower part of it the next product is awesome it's the Bobbi Brown natural brow shaper I'm brushing the eyebrows upwards so to achieve this really messy look and I promise you with this product they will just stay put where they are time to wing it out and I'm gonna be using the NYX mate liquid liner for that I promise you you guys this is my absolute rider die eyeliner it's amazing it's waterproof it doesn't move I cannot live without it [Music]

even though I'm gonna be popping on some lashes I really like to use some mascara on my own to get them nice and black for this look I chose the lower lashes in see-through they're very much drama drama just perfect for this look now I will be adding as a last step some dark color on the lower lash line and blending it out and of course adding some black liner on my waterline time to contour and I'll be doing that with the Mac shades there I'll be adding the color just under my cheekbone and blending it upwards and same thing on the other side for blush I will be using the morphe 9b palette I'm going in with one of the darker colors to emphasize the cheekbones even more and blending it all upwards [Music] don't forget to add some color to your temples as this final step I take a warmer color and use it as the blush on my cheekbones with that same shade I'll be going in on my jawline and on my chin just to give the face a little bit more depth for the counter of my nose I'm using the Anastasia Beverly Hills contouring palette and now the hero of this look it's the

NYX white liquid liner in white obviously I'm adding some dots under the eye to create this abstract look of tears and I added some dots on my upper lid because why not have fun guys I'm popping on the same white color as an extension of my eyeliner just on the inner corners since we're done with the white we can now add some mascara on the lower lash line I'm gonna double wing the liner by just adding the white one under the black we already created earlier to prep the lips for this look I'll be adding some concealer on my Beauty Blender and blending it all right I'm using candy yum-yum by Mac and adding it with a brush just on the inner part of my lips and blending it a bit more with the fingers I'm using the same white face paint I used in the beginning and I'm adding it on the outer part of my lips with a small angled brush I'm going in to achieve contour around the white outline I'm going in with the same pink shade and adding it all around it and blending it outwards [Music] and now I'm using the same eyeshadow I used in the beginning two pink one and

adding it all around the lips [Music] as a final step I'm outlining my lips with the NYX white liquid liner for highlight I'm using the sleek solstice palette and a shade hemisphere it's a purpley shade and it complements to look very nicely using it to highlight my cheekbone and just above my eyebrow [Music] I'll add just a little bit of highlight on to the tip of my nose and dragging towards the bridge and a little bit on my chin and that completes the look for the NYX face awards Switzerland I hope you liked it and see you guys soon bye [Music] [Applause] you [Music]