20 December 2018


Hey babies, I have been patiently waiting for the launch of this concealer since my girlfriend Tayler told me about it. Heres a review on the NEW CANT STOP ...


so thirsty hey guys welcome back to my channel and we're gonna jump straight into this tutorial you can see that my eyes are halfway done because this is a review video today we are going to be reviewing the next can't stop won't stop concealer contour concealer this little baby came out a little while ago and I was so excited what is going on I was so excited to pick it up one of my railroad close friends works at NYX and she actually told me that they were gonna be dropping a concealer and ever since then I was like Taylor when is it drop and Taylor when I said drop and I need this in my life because I am so obsessed with the foundation that I am assuming that I am going to be obsessed with the concealer fingers crossed that the concealer will not let me down and it'll just be a perfect pair with the foundation I already have primer on I'm using my benefit Porefessional primer the only primer that I've been using for like a couple months now um so I am just going to add my foundation on which is the NYX can't stop loves that foundation and arm honey when I picked up the concealer I also picked up the next professional makeup foundation brush it

just says number 37 on it but this is what the brush looks like I've used it already clearly that's why it's dirty I actually like to brush and I don't use brushes normally I normally just use a Beauty Blender but how I use this is I just buff in the foundation with the brush and then once I get the foundation blended in I go over the top of it with my beauty blender to just give me that airbrushed finish I like it with the brush because I can get like since I already had my baby here is done instead of going on top of my baby ears I can go around my baby hairs so I don't get product in my baby ears on the website the concealer comes in 24 shades do I have I don't know this is too light for me but I have the color beige but let's see what beige is base is real up there so I don't know if we got the right color for me but it's medium it beige is described as medium beige with warm undertones so maybe it's in the description it says play hide-and up with our new can't stop won't stop contour concealer available in 24 highly pigmented hues this lightweight liquid won't transfer and

has three major complexion musk covered you can use our blendable matte formula to camouflage imperfections brighten up your face and contour those features to perfection this creamy multitasker also delivers full coverage with a finish that last up to 24 hours pair our longwear concealer with it's complimentary can't stop won't stop full coverage foundation and powder shades oh and powder foundation shades to put your best face forward this concealer goes for how much it is the concealer is eight dollars and fifty cents on the next websites I got mines from my local NYX store yeah but this is what it looks like it has the dopher applicator on it the color that's good it's a little bit well it's a lot a bit more more yellow more more yellow I know that's not the right way to say it but it's more yellow than my heart-shaped eat my tarts shape tape is a little bit more on the lighter side but I like that this is so golden and yellow I love that when it comes to my concealers a formula first of all it glides on super easily it's super creamy also and I can tell that it is full coverage I don't know how this is going

to dry on my face I don't want it to sit for too long because normally with matte products they tend to dry really really fast so I am just putting the concealer in all the places that I normally highlight and conceal and then we gonna blend this out I'm just gonna blend it out with my Beauty Blender it's damp of course oh but look at how nice it blends out Wow Rover it blends out so smoothly no harsh lines the product is on my face it's not the beauty blenders not picking it up well like this is full coverage Wow well one con that I'm not liking it is already drying my nose well my forehead started to dry first and now my nose is dry oh geez so I'm trying to point it out really really fast but I can see it Oh spray my um sponge with some face look at my forehead you can see the concealer okay so I am just going to take the bottom part of my Beauty Blender and just blend out the edges oh my god my nose is messed up so the only way I know how to fix this is to add more product so I'm going to try that and see if that works and I'm gonna just work with a little bit at a

time I'm gonna put a little bit more on my forehead cuz this right here is not I'm getting real frustrated well let me just relax take a deep breath relax I got the concealer the best way that I could it is super super super fast drying I'm going to set it with some powder to be honest I already feel dry and I really feel like I don't need to set with the powder but since in my everyday routine I set with a powder anyways I am still gonna go ahead and do so but this is the crazy thing is I love Matt dry anything like I like to be Matt as Matt you as mad as I can be but this is like a real different kind of Matt that I've ever experienced this is me up super close clearly excuse me excuse me you can see my skin looks like it's already set with powder and I did not set anything you you can barely see pores it is super super full coverage because you do not see any of my freckles any of my acne scars okay we are back I finished my face off of camera um so now I am just going to add my highlighter since my face is already dry for me setting it with spray I'm just gonna spray my brush real quick and then

highlight like a man well that is a need in your life a need this is the completed look y'all I'm ro sug because when I applied the concealer I was held as scared like you saw my reaction in the video and I just didn't think that it was gonna I thought that it was gonna be super super drying I thought that it was going to make my powder state to the concealer and be super flaky and patchy and just all this bad stuff and it is did not do any of that I love love love the way I look right now I look super flawless super airbrush sort of late but it is 5 o'clock I don't know if you can see dots but it is 5 o'clock so we're gonna see what does baby does this is what we look like hello so we look so good it's so flawless we have no creases everything is covered mama likes so I'm too tired to actually get and I cook up my camera to my computer for me to film the ending of my tutorial for you guys what's not a story about a review I'm just going to show you on my phone I look really because I am ro sleepy but it has been 8 hours now since I've had the concealer

on it still looks I'm not only anywhere I have no creases anywhere I'm full coverage it goes on smoothly it blends out smoothly it blends in perfectly with the foundation only con of this concealer is the only thing that I do not like which is very easy to fix is that it does dry super super fast so with that being said when you do you can see work with it in areas so apply it on one side first blend it out then I apply it on the other side and blend it out and then so on and so forth so you don't get the concealer to dry and then for it to get patchy you watch the full video you will see that it was a little cakey at first but once I kept on blending and whatnot it looked normal but just in order for you to avoid that just do it in sections you know pretty sure I'm gonna add this into my everyday rotation just like I added the can't stop won't stop foundation into my everyday rotation love it and beat it for $8.50 it is a must-have just like the foundation if you have not tried the foundation or the concealer you need to go get it go treat yourself this Christmas by this

foundation and concealer this match this combo amazing I know you see my face this highlighter but we don't end this hair thank you guys so much for watching this review I hope you guys enjoyed it and yeah I'll see you in my next one